Nerf Peggle!


Blizzard, I know you are all-powerful, so you need to do something about this.

Peggle needs to be nerfed. Nerfed to the ground, baby.

I. Can’t. Stop. Playing.

When I started my priest I was afraid that I was going to hate having to fly around like the common folk (playing a mage tends to make you lazy like that).

With Peggle, I am actually looking forward to getting on the bird to fly somewhere.

The awesomeness of this needs to be nerfed.

If you have no fucking clue what I’m talking about, head over here and check it out:

This post would be longer, but I also have Peggle on my desktop (WoW version, of course).

5 comments on “Nerf Peggle!

  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    Dont got intentionally standing in the fire so you get 5 minutes Peggle time and free epics!


  2. B Rab says:

    Peggle decided loot system — go


  3. Dark/Soth says:

    Peggle is awesome. I downloaded the WoW Version to my desktop and purchased the Xbox 360 full version as well.


  4. Magejuego says:

    I <3 Peggle


  5. Delerius says:

    Peggle has seriously hurt my levelling speed. I first downloaded the desktop version, and that meant that I would play for several hours (when I meant to play just 1 quick game) and then not even log into wow. Now that I actually have the in-game addon, I am forcing myself to only play on flight-points. I end up taking more flight points than usual, but hey, it’s progress!

    Oh yeah, and the talent points on the in-game addon are full of win. I may not be able to play the desktop version anymore… yeah right. I’ve aced all but Pwnxia and full cleared everything. Still got the Pwnxia achievement left…


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