Warming Up

Short post since I didn’t do a whole lot of WoW this weekend… I worked on clearing out some quests in Outlands towards some achievements and getting quest items out of storage. Many of those quests involved me being something else.

I get disguised as a courier. Apparently, this means blond. And sandals. But I got to do some incredible acting and pulled off the mission flawlessly.

Letting my hair down

Letting my hair down

Accidently release a great evil into the land, blah, blah, blah… Looks like I also stole my priest’s staff.

Teron Gorefiend

Later I get a disguise to turn me into… a blood elf. Last I checked, I was a blood elf. Why is the disguise necessary?


Then I started on the Netherwing dailies (yeah, I’m a little behind on that) and get yet another disguise.

Orc as mage

Orcs look goofy as mages.

I’m not feeling quite so panicky with fire anymore. I’ve got the timing on the alerts just right for responding to Living Bomb and Scorch.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not real keen on target dummies. It’s purely psychological, but I get no feeling of accomplishment from beating on one to perfect a “rotation.”

My replacement?

The champions at the Argent Tournament!

If you didn’t know… while someone is jousting, you can help them from the ground with your normal arsenal of spells and abilities. So long as they have shields up, you’ll do crap damage, but every bit helps.

So in my guild, we usually get 3-5 people together and blow up the jousting field with our crazy pyrotechnics. It goes crazy fast and then we troop around the zone to do the same with scourge, Chillmaw and the jousting at the gate.

The champions can be taunted, but other than that have no real aggro table towards anyone other than the person that challenged them. This allows me to treat them as a mobile target dummy that dies. Much more satisfying.

So what did I learn about fire this weekend?

It sucks for PvP. Not having Arcane Barrage made me a very sad panda. It also made me a very dead mage.

Living Bomb has one of the slickest animations when it detonates. Now that I’m not hyperventilating, I can watch more of what’s going on and appreciate the little things like that.

Arcane Blast is still a cooler animation than Fireball.

A lot of shit in Shadowmoon Valley is immune to fire. >.<

Questing solo I was seeing some 10k crits, but I never went back into the combat log to figure out from what.

I need to respond faster to Hot Streak. Probably need to add a stop cast to my Pyroblast.

The RNG factor of fire still bothers me. There are very long periods where I get no Hot Streaks and then I finally get one when everything around me is dead. It mocks me.

I have fewer buttons to push and I still feel like the playstyle for fire is more reactionary than arcane. With arcane, I had to plan my mana consumption ahead of time and work out where in the fight it will be safest to use evocates. I had to look at my mana and make decisions about how far to push my damage. With fire I feel like I’m just waiting for words to pop up on the screen and then press the appropriate button. I don’t feel like I have control.

My hatred of fire has died down from an Armageddon-level blaze to a small bonfire, but I’m still not having fun yet.

We’ll see what happens when I can finally get into a Naxx 10 after the reset.


7 comments on “Warming Up

  1. Delerius says:

    I’ve been frost from day one, levelled all the way to 80 and then got dual spec for either arcane or fire, I switch about once a week.
    I absolutely can’t stand arcane, it’s just too boring for me. 3 blasts, barrage, 3 blasts, missiles, whatever the current best rotation is, UGH! The only remotely interesting decision was whether or not I could afford to Evocate or if I had to make do with a mana gem. =(
    Fire however, is a pyro-BLAST. The priority system of keeping up Living Bomb, then Improved Scorch, then insta-nuking Pyroblast whenever possible was a ton of fun for me. I just wasn’t geared enough for it to work.
    I went arcane just because it got me hit-capped for heroics. I’m still not hit capped for any raid, and I have no where near enough crit for fire to “work.” I get in whatever pugs I can in the hopes that one day I will be geared enough to go back to fire =)


  2. Heps says:

    Teron Gorfiend. You should go into BT and get your staff back. I will warn you though, he does not like to give up his weapons. 2 months of farming for his dumb axe back in T6 BC days….finally got my Archimonde sword instead.

    Anyways, glad you have a BE disguise now!


  3. Ten'nen says:

    Frost is quite similar (yes, I’m still obsessed with Frost dps) in terms of just waiting for things to pop up. What add-on do you have that lets you know when things pop up, though? I usually have to stare at my buff list for Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze, but it would be nice to have something that shows up in the middle of my screen, or slightly bigger than my buff icons (which are incredibly tiny since in raids I usually have tons).

    Hows your gear set for fire? It may be more exciting if you had the bigger numbers popping up more often from the huge crits…


  4. Darkdalamar says:

    @ Ten’nen

    The maximum dps frost spec doesnt even utilize brain freeze and fingers of frost procs are just used with frostbolt. There is nothing to watch for. Use your elemental, icy veins, and spam frostbolt. That’s it. If you are casting fireball on brain freeze procs or ice lance on FoF procs you are doing it wrong.


  5. gnomeaggedon says:

    “A lot of shit in Shadowmoon Valley is immune to fire. >.<"

    ^^ That ^^ and there are a few more places too… one of the Isle dailies has you fighting green fire elemental (Green?!?). I died twice before I twigged… Doh!

    "The RNG factor of fire still bothers me. There are very long periods where I get no Hot Streaks and then I finally get one when everything around me is dead. It mocks me."

    ^^That also^^ Still, it adds to the whole aura of "you can't really control the power of fire"…

    I don't bother with a stop cast for my Pyros.. the Pyro will wait, don't waste 2 seconds of a cast just to pop it.

    If Living Bomb is ready for a refresh I always refresh that 1st, or at least wait a split second after casting the previous spell.. you don't want your instant PyroCrit to gobble your Fireball Crit.

    Timers… TellMeWhen or Power Auras Classic… I have a "mini post" about them coming up tomorrow.


  6. some orc says:

    wed naxx 10. i think ur invited ;)


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