Taunt the mob!!!

That was the most commonly said phrase in our two guild heroic runs last night.

And it wasn’t from me.

I was usually screaming through clenched teeth, “Oh my fucking god, how do I fucking have aggro already?”

The hunter once said, “My kitty wishes to levitate,” which I found to be very amusing for some reason.

We did Heroic Violet Hold to start.

The DPS DK ended up off-tanking every group pull.

First we get the ethereal boss.

Tank starts kiting him up the ramp and around… but not fast enough so the balls are catching up. He gets disoriented (I guess) and turns around and heads back the way we came up.

Tank dies.

DK dies.

Hunter dies.

Priest continues to kite him as I run across the floor and back up the ramp to finish him off from behind.

Next boss is the core hound.

We always tank him right in front of his gate, with the casters up on the stairs.

I run up to my place on the stairs.

The tank doesn’t move from the last portal position. All the way across the room.

I’m getting nervous.

The hound exits his cubby and advances towards the center of the room.

The tank still has not moved.

I’m toast.

A party members asks the tank what the hell he was doing.

Apparently he was waiting for the boss to come to him.


We ran Heroic UK.

Tank casts Taunt.

/cast Fireball

Fuck me.

/cast Invisibility

The DK asks the tank to NOT pull with taunt. Again.

Seriously, we have to ask him to not do that every time we run with him.

He taunts, somehow doesn’t build any aggro, taunt wears off, mob runs for someone, taunt is on cool down.

The group broke up after the second run.

I don’t know if I was more frustrated with my spec or my tank.

But tonight I should be running Naxx 10 with that second alliance guild of ours. I hope some orc is tanking it.

I’ve been told that we *should* have a shadow priest in the mix. I was able to swap 4 gems and two pieces of gear and get to within 4 points of being hit capped with the spriest.

To get the full 446-7 points needed without the spriest or boomkin, I would need to replace almost every single gem I have.

If I decide to keep fire as a raiding spec, I think I’m going to  start collecting two gear sets – one for fire and one for arcane.

Arcane is just so much more flexible for smaller content. Not to mention, until I can get all that hit, if there isn’t a spriest or boomkin, I’m going to be 3% short on hit.

I’m sort of nervous about the run.

I know my gear is just as good as my mage buddy’s so I know that won’t be a factor. (He made the switch from frost to fire but would go back in a heartbeat if frost were to be more competitive.)

I know the fights.

I should have a tank I can trust with my squishy little life and a couple of healers that will keep me somewhere towards the top of the healing priority list. (I know you have one, don’t lie.)

So it’s going to boil down to me not being a spaz.


12 comments on “Taunt the mob!!!

  1. Delerius says:

    Good luck on the nax run! A good, long boss fight should show you the true power of fire. Mwahahaha!


  2. Millea says:

    You dont have any talents that lower your hit need? I know I misunderstood the affliction hit cap and I was at 446 forever until I found out that I was 64 hit points over cap and only had to be at 368.

    Apparently the % that shows up in your stats does not account for the talent.


  3. Magejuego says:

    Get the Titan-Forged Slippers of Dominance from WG, they have a TON of hit. With a +16 hit gem in those they’re like 2.5% hit.


  4. Millea says:

    You might want to change your enchants around a bit.

    For example – Icewalker on your boots – +12 hit (i think)
    Precision on your gloves (+20 hit)

    Because I needed so much hit on my lock, I went with the accuracy enchant on my dagger, which gives +25 hit and +25 crit

    Sometimes that will help, even if you have to take a little ding on your sp.


  5. jong says:

    Have fun with new spec!


  6. Darkdalamar says:


    Let me address the fail you have made in these comments. It is astounding. I feel pain for any raid that brings you along.

    Fail Point #1 (Millea) – You dont have any talents that lower your hit need? I know I misunderstood the affliction hit cap…

    Arioch is specced Fire/Totw. There aren’t any talents that boost hit rating with this spec. Do your research next time.

    Fail Point #2 (Magejuego) – Get the Titan-Forged Slippers of Dominance…

    These waste precious item budget on resilence. Its a DPS LOSS to give up any ilvl213 caster boots for these. I could make a case for a few ilvl 200 boots as well. Do your research next time.

    Fail Point #3 (Millea) – You might want to change your enchants around a bit…

    Pretty much everything you said here is wrong. I’ll let the Icewalker part slide because this is overwhelmingly the enchant of choice for boots. Tuskarr’s Vitality is arguably more valuable DPS-wise in a raid, but its encounter specific. If you are taking Accuracy on your weapon, you are costing yourself dps. +63 spellpower is the best DPS chant for your 1h weapon. Anything else is LOWER DPS. The Precision glove enchant is debatable depending on gear level and just how low your hit rating is. Unless you are in blues or a combination of heroic/Naxx 10 epics and blues, the +spellpower glove enchant is probably more dps. Do your research next time.


  7. Millea says:

    @dark wow damn dude! did someone piss in your cheerios this morning? damn. I think my hair is still smoking.

    I dont have a high level mage, that is why I asked. I didnt realize asking a simple question while attempting to try to help someone required I do extensive research.

    I know that +63 spellpower is better, but if you are that gimped with getting your hit cap up, it MIGHT be worth it. All I was doing was giving alternates to enchants that could boost up her hit cap.




  8. Darkdalamar says:


    No one is asking that you do extensive research to ask a simple question about hit rating talents. Arioch is a smart gal, when it comes to talent builds, she knows her stuff. Its safe to assume the spec she chooses is one of the best, if not the top, available.

    The rest of your recommendations are simply wrong. I could of said it as plainly as that, but would that have helped you at all?

    I’ll try.

    Let me say everything in a less mean way: All of your enchant recommendations are wrong and will lower Arioch’s dps. I highly recommend that no one listen to those recommendations. If you want to know more, information is available all over the web. Gimping your dps through incorrect information hurts your raid.

    I hope this helps.


  9. some orc says:

    if we can find a tank ill be healing on my sham if not ill have to tank T_T

    and the tank u were talkin about… maybe some info will help you adapt to these tanks :) taunt brings the tanks threat above the top persons threat and the monster attack the tank for a few seconds. if you pop ur fireball right after that the monster will come eat you ‘;..;’

    i sometimes pull with taunt but i use heroic throw right after. heroic throw just gives me a lil bit more threat so the monster doesnt go eat you after you fireball it in the face. something you could suggest to tanks that like to pull with taunt. and bloodrage(generate rage) cause generating rage give a tiny bit of (aoe) threat.


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