Haxxorz Suxxorz

Dear Sir or Madam that hacked my guildy’s account:

Please die in a fire. Thank you.

Yours most sincerely,


Saturday morning while our pally/druid was at out work, someone else was at work in his account.

The hacker wiped out the guild bank and discretely left the guild while no one was on.

Blizzard somehow noticed and shut the account down, sending emails to our guildmate notifying him of the breach.

His druid is naked save for a purple shirt.

His DK’s mining pick was sold. But he gained a stack of Northern spices that he can’t even use…

On a positive note, for the first time that I can ever remember, this player now has bag space.

I bet they laughed when they looked at our guild bank.

There are 4 tabs, and they only would have had access to the first two.

The first tab is full of cooking mats from the Outlands and some pre-made foods. There are also a handful of really low-level profession patterns. Stuff that isn’t worth putting on the AH because the deposit is higher than what you can sell it for.

Tab one was left alone.

On tab 2 we had some jewelcrafting stuff from about 40 levels ago… a couple green-quality Outlands gems… some injector kits… a stack of wildvine I think… really exciting stuff.

This tab was just about wiped.

Maybe I should thank the hacker for cleaning out the guild bank. I had been meaning to get around to it for a while, but was never motivated.

They did leave the 11g in the guild bank. Thanks.

The worst part about this is we have no idea how it happened.

He tried setting up a battlenet account the other day, that’s the only new thing he’s done. And that was only because of all the authentication issues lately.

This guy doesn’t click on stupid shit.

He doesn’t go poking around on the internet.

He only uses add ons that are recommended by other people and generally only after one of us researches the URL for him.

He doesn’t share his username or password.

He’s not using Internet Explorer as his browser.

His spyware is up to date and came back clean.

He didn’t fall for the “sign in here to get a spectral tiger mount cheap!”

And he feels horrible about the guild bank being wiped.

So now he’s changing his password at least once a day, waiting for Blizzard to get the authenticators back in stock.

We’re down a healer until Blizz gears his druid back up.

So here’s my little Public Service Announcement:

Get an authenticator.

$6.50 is pretty cheap for not being in a situation where you’re apologizing to your guildmates for someone wiping out the guild bank in your name.

(Blizzard – get off your ass and get more authenticators made!)

If you have an iPhone you can get a free app for it.

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires.

Or something.


13 comments on “Haxxorz Suxxorz

  1. jong says:

    Bummer. Hope he’s up and running soon.


  2. Darkdalamar says:

    We lost like 122g worth of stuff in the GB. Maybe. The only thing valuable was the northrend food that Anna cooked and tossed in there. I was actually eyeing that +sp fish in there for a while. I guess I should of taken it. I’m curious how Blizzard noticed it and shut it down.

    If nothing else though, I know that these people are professionals. They work fast. They disenchanted all his gear, sold everything off, and cleaned everything out really fast. Now I’m definitely a little more wary next time I see someone in trade or on the AH selling high demand items in bulk at 60% of normal value. It could be a hacker who’s trying to move the items before the account owner catches on.

    There was a guy selling Flask of the Frost Wyrm in trade yesterday at 10g each for about 2 hours. He had over 300 at the start. The going rate on those is closer to 17g. I bought some, but I did hesitate for a bit and wonder what the deal was.


  3. Troutwort says:

    We recently had a hacker strike one of our guild mates accounts. The stuff he took was almost laughable. We don’t really allow access to much of our guild tabs except to people with authenticators. The reason is as you stated. I also take screenshots of the guild bank periodically, just in case. Before I had my own authenticator I would take screenshots of all my alts and their banks and sometimes armory pages as well. Just in case. Especially if something awesome had just happened or I got new loot.

    I recommend that authenticator to everyone. I feel much better about my account hackability. Everyone should really have it, it’s the best $7 I ever spent.


  4. some orc says:

    why dont you buy me an authenticator :)


  5. telanarra says:

    join our guild and Ari just may :)


  6. some orc says:

    /create lvl 1 alt
    /w telanarra invite me to guild
    /w arioch hey buy me an authenticator and have it sent to (whisper me for address) :)


  7. Darkdalamar says:

    “Tel (sometimes) heals me in repayment for his.”

    You bought one for Tel?

    When do I get mine?

    I demand authenticator or I leave to join Zug’s guild. =p


  8. some orc says:

    i bring u along into guild naxx so u can test ur fire spec
    i tank for u and keep u alive
    i coming this tues to help u and ur hunter
    me thinks that i should get one :)


  9. Tay says:

    Whats Tuesday?


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