I am the champion

No time for losers

‘Cause I am the champion of the world


I finally managed to beat my guildmate for top achievement points in the guild.

This will be a short-lived victory, I’m sure, as he *ahem* has more time to devote to garnering achievement points – or as we jokingly refer to them: “virgin points.”

When the dust died down from the hacking incident over the weekend, I ended up running around and doing a bunch of random things on my mage.

Headed out to Sholozar Basin and finally started questing in earnest out there. I had picked up a few quests here and there, just enough to start doing Frenzyheart dailies (which are really more like monthlies for me) and a few oddballs from Freya.

LuckyI’m thinking he’s named Lucky in the same way that you name the 3-legged dog with no tail and 1 eye “Lucky.” It probably only took me 2-3 shots to get the apple, but the DK I was running with took a few more.

Into the BasinFinished up the Basin quests (only have one left in my log, I’ll finish it later, I swear) and that concluded all the animal slaughtering for Hemet.

Hail to the ChefWorking on the Hemet quest line allowed me to get the recipe for Kungaloosh, the last one I needed for The Northrend Gourmet.

I had the recipe for Rumsey’s sitting around so finally made it and dropped my last feasts in Arathi Basin (won) and Strand of the Ancients (won).

All that netted me my spiffy new title “Chef.”

Of course, that was my first time in SotA.

Strand of the AncientsI likes to blow shit up with a turret.

I had no fucking clue what I was doing, but manning a turret and blowing things up as they approach your gate is never a bad idea.

When we switched to the offensive I hopped in a vehicle as a passenger and did my damnedest to keep us alive. Since we had no other vehicle support (um, they all went to the other gate, why are we going this way?) it didn’t last too long.

But we did get a gate down and I managed to tie up 5-6 Alliance players for almost a minute. I have no idea why they couldn’t kill me, but they completely ignored the line of engines coming up around the other side and played cat-and-mouse with me around a pillar until I finally got creamed. By that time, they all had to run pretty far to catch up to the siege parade.

I’m back to working on my Netherwing dailies (or weeklies, I’m a slacker) and came across an interesting glitch.

Drake GlitchI got a preview of me on a netherwing drake!

It was recognizing when I left the Netherwing area and would drop the fel orc disguise, but I could keep the drake until I dismounted.

Luck was with me and I found 2 eggs. Buggers are a pain to find.

I have no collection professions so I cry every time I pass a Nethercite Ore or Herb node.

Questing in Outlands at 80 is fun. I can 1 and 2-shot just about any mob and walk right past everything I don’t want to kill.

This means I get to pay more attention to the quest line and lore instead of planning how my squishy little ass is going to survive the 3-player recommended quests. The only issues I have are on the 4 and 5 player quests where the target mob is immune to frost nova. When that happens… it’s messy.

I’m trying to finish up the quests in Nagrand but have run into a wall – no more quests!

Found a post somewhere about there being a chain out of Shadowmoon that leads back to Nagrand so I focused my attention there.

Shadow of the BetrayerI now have a couple quests in old instances and am still short 13 quests in Nagrand, even after finishing up the chain from Shadowmoon that sent me back. Well, 12 quests since one is in an old instance.

At a loss for Nagrand quests, I headed out to Blade’s Edge.

As a draeneiThis quest sucked. I had to wipe the caverns 3-4 times before I got enough scraps to make the disguise.

Then I had to go back to the caverns to kill someone at the very end.

By the time I got to the end that time, I had almost enough scraps to make a new disguise – just from one run!

This is just a really cool portal out at Death’s Door or whatever.

PortalI think I’m about halfway through Thunderlord Stronghold.

Quests from the Buring Crusade are all about disguises and seeing the world from another perspective. In this case, the perspective of a little pink ball of light.

Arioch the Pink Ball of LightI’m really looking forward to getting the Loremaster achievement, but I don’t have many playing sessions like this where I can knock out 100+ quests.

Only 897 to go for the 3000 quests complete!

Final tally after the weekend:

Achievement Points1


6 comments on “I am the champion

  1. repgrind says:

    Wow, very nice! You’ve been quite busy! Now, if I could stop making alts long enough to do some of those ….


  2. jong says:

    “I have no collection professions so I cry every time I pass a Nethercite Ore or Herb node.” Me too. I hate doing the dailies on my main, because I have nothing to look forward to when I’m traveling.

    grats on the chef title!


  3. Troutwort says:

    Wow! Congrats on all the achievements! You have been busy!!

    Roz – I guess when you only work on one character that’s what you get….I guess we’ll never know about that!!


  4. Ten'nen says:

    Wow. I really need to try to complete some of the achievements…not only would it be nice to get a few of the rewards/titles, but it’d make me some money as well (something that I am terribly in need of…)

    I know how frustrating it is to be missing one quest for a zone and not know where you can find it…I’ve always hated that. I need like, 1 more for Netherstorm and 2 more for Nagrand and I’m clueless as to where they appear.

    Grats on the new title!


  5. Jesse says:


    Your cousin is winning his own achievement race ;)


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