Of noobs and nitwits

There are different levels of skill one may encounter when participating in any group activity.

WoW is no exception.

There are people that just don’t have good spatial awareness, can’t react quickly to changes in their surroundings. Maybe it’s the person, maybe it’s the equipment. /shrug

There are people that honestly and earnestly want to improve.

They are missing some skill or some knowledge but are making an effort to progress.

These people often ask for help in the way of mentoring or where they can go to learn more. They generally feel bad when they aren’t performing at the same level as the others around them. If they do something that causes a wipe or slows down the group, they feel awful.

These are the people that can get better, they just need a little help to point them in the right direction.

To me, these people are noobs, newbs, nubs, whatever you want to call them.

But then there are the fucking scrubs. The difference is one of attitude, not skill or knowledge.

My mage buddy gets into a VoA 25 PuG.

There’s another mage in there, we’ll call him Mage B.

For whatever reason, Mage B missed out on the original cast of Arcane Brilliance. He repeatedly demanded that my buddy cast it on him.

Um. Dude. You’re a mage. You can cast it yourself or cast the single-target version. There is no difference in the effect, just the duration.

Mage B gets pushy. Turns out he didn’t have any reagents so couldn’t cast Arcane Brilliance, but no explanation as to why he won’t cast Arcane Intellect on himself.

My buddy calls him a moron and Mage B puts him on ignore.

First round of fail and a mage at the bottom of the chart catches his eye.

Mage B is pushing 1800 DPS. In a 25-man VoA.

Quick inspection.

3 gems out of 6 slots. Make that 7 slots, there is no belt buckle and there should be. One of those gems is Mp5. I can almost forgive this choice as his primary spec is arcane. It’s one of the tweakiest specs I’ve ever seen, but it’s nothing compared to his secondary spec of 0/0/71.

Mage B is an enchanter. Only 1 out of 8 items enchanted.

No head arcanum, but there is a shoulder inscription.

No thread on pants.

3 pieces of gear are PvP. Now, there are some legitimate reasons for equipping PvP gear – they can be massive improvements over some heroic stuff, without a doubt.

The stats page (I know, it could be wrong) shows only 54 battlegrounds played and no arena. The shoulders were most likely an emblem purchase, but for 30 more emblems you can get the tier shoulders. The belt came out of WG. The wrists were either a lucky VoA drop or purchased for honor.

I’m assuming he wants to raid since there is so little PvP activity…

Only 5 slots are blue (and 3 of those are trinkets and wand) the rest is purple. The blue pants are a decent pair that should last a while. There is a better craftable cloak available.

Oh, and he’s been level 80 for 2 months.

Later on, my buddy is putting together a loot leviathan run and gets a whisper from Mage B, begging him to let him in on the run. Guess he took him off ignore…

Funny enough, the scrub didn’t get invited.

So what makes him a scrub?

It’s not the low DPS. It’s not the odd choices in the few gems that were present. It’s not even the craziest spec I’ve laid eyes on.

It’s not being prepared.

Arcane powder stacks in lots of 100. Even if you only stock up once a week, chances are you’re not going to run out. There are even add ons that will buy the stuff for you anytime you talk to an appropriate vendor. Showing up to a raid without your reagents and other consumables is like showing up to a party with no booze or food. Sure you can do it, but you’re not going to make any friends or increase your odds of being invited next time.

It’s not admitting ignorance.

Ignorance is a fact of life. No one individual can know everything and even a seasoned veteran may overlook something in a familiar topic.

Arcane Intellect is one of the first spells you learn as a mage and it’s the no-brainer buff that a mage should always have up. Armors come and go, wards are situational, amplify/dampen are confusing as all hell, but Arcane Intellect is a constant. It would be hard to get to 80 as a mage without knowing how this spell works, but I’m sure it’s possible.

When my mage buddy didn’t cast Arcane Brilliance just for that mage, a noob would have looked at the Arcane Brilliance description and compared it to the Arcane Intellect description. Or asked why. A light would have gone off and Arcane Intellect would have been cast. A lesson would have been learned and progress made.

It’s not demonstrating respect.

Empty gem sockets and unenchanted gear, especially for epics is inexcusable. And even more so since the player is an enchanter. Even if they are the green quality gems and lower-level enchants, *something* is better than nothing.

Not everyone can afford the best enchants or gems, especially if it’s a filler piece. A solitary missing gem or enchant is easy to explain away as a new piece or a filler. But to have significantly more ungemmed/enchanted gear than enhanced gear smacks of extreme laziness. Don’t give me the poor excuse – do your damn dailies like the rest of us.

By showing up unenhanced, not undergeared – unenhanced, it announces to the people around you that you expect to be carried. Even if that’s not the intent, that’s what’s being broadcast. I’ve seen some amazing lack of gear made up for in skill – but those individuals all had gems and enchants as appropriate to the gear they had. If it’s not worth it to you to take care of your gear, why should it be worth it to people that do take care of their gear to associate with you?

I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but it never amazes me to see the kinds of people that think they can just sneak by in a raid and let everyone else shoulder the burden of their inadequacies.

7 comments on “Of noobs and nitwits

  1. Ben says:

    I had this problem with a warlock in my raid. Guy showed up 2 months after we’d been clearing Naxx10 and demanded an invite. We were short, so we brought him along. He’s an enchanter who didn’t enchant or gem his gear. He continuously beat me out for upgrades, which sometimes just happens(I’ve never beaten him on a roll, and I have no idea why). He’s repeatedly stated that he doesn’t expect anyone to only go to Naxx with our guild just to upgrade their gear, but he’s only gone 3 times with us, and constantly complains about how he can’t just get straight into a KT fight. He seems to expect us to clear to KT and then have someone leave so he can jump in and get the gear he wants from it. He’s been on 3 of our 10 Ulduar10 raids, but continuously complains that the gear that drops isn’t an upgrade for him (despite holding 5 items from Ulduar which he’s gotten with us) over his 25man gear he got from running with a different guild. Last night, I compared my dps to his on our fights. I was consistently beating the crap out of his dps (at least 2x), and he has gear just as good as mine.

    Believe me, we all have to deal with the scrubs in our lives. I agree that it’s just infuriating sometimes. I also agree that we shouldn’t have to carry these punks. If my guild were actually a “Raiding Guild” instead of a social guild that raids, I’m sure he’d be kicked to the curb immediately. Instead, he’s a friend of 2 officers in the guild and we have to put up with his shit, but only when we’re raiding because he doesn’t play unless it’s to take up a slot in our raids.


  2. Roq says:

    The worst part is…those are the people that end up winning the loot you’ve been waiting for. Yeah it’s an upgrade for them, but they usually haven’t paid their dues. And week after week you hope for dying curse to drop! /sigh


  3. Darkdalamar says:


    Don’t get me started on Dying Curse, or Illustration of the Dragon Soul, or Turning Tide, or Cape of the Unworthy Wizard, or the T7.5 helm token, or Gemmed Wand of the Nerubians. I’ve seen these drop countless times only to watch RNG give me terrible rolls. Usually these drops have gone to significantly underperforming members of the raid. Only once (/hug) have I seen someone deserving beat me out on one of these items.

    Back to the failmage topic, I couldn’t believe this guy actually bothered to continue to whisper me asking for “60 min int”, as he called it. He sent me 3 or 4 whispers before I bothered to respond at all, and that was only after he called me lazy for not recasting it. I tried to explain that as a mage, he could cast it himself, but he started whining about reagents and being broke. Then he started to get even more pushy, so I called him a moron, then he sent me an expletive filled message, and by the time I responded in kind, I was on ignore.

    It was beautiful irony that a couple hours later as I was arranging a 10 man FL run late Monday night before the reset, that he whispered me asking to get in.


  4. some orc says:

    hmm… that would consider me a noob but a super duper awesome one


  5. Troutwort says:

    Maybe the B stands for “bad” not as in bad ass, but as in bad juju.


  6. Ten'nen says:

    This has happened to me on numerous occasions. There was a mage in my guild who had all 213+ item levels (maybe a couple of 200s), and seemed to have most of the right enchants/gems (sometimes not rare quality gems, but whatever. Something is better than nothing), yet I consistently outdpsed her on every boss in Naxx 10 and 25. Every. Single. Time. And I still had on 187 item level gear from heroics, etc. Nothing infuriated me more than her winning a side-grade item when I needed to replace the blue helm I’ve been wearing since March. Every time it drops, someone who needs it less than I do wins it. Even when I outdps them, or am doing almost the same amount of damage. Because they fail.

    The worst part is, they think they are l337. It’s the most frustrating thing in the world when she gives herself guild titles like “Super Awesome DPS!” or whatever. Because it’s a lie.


  7. Gilianna says:

    “Don’t give me the poor excuse – do your damn dailies like the rest of us.”

    Some of us are goblins(or wannabe goblins like me :P) and prefer other ways :)

    Although if you lack the dedication to learn such ways, dailies is the way to go. I agree with you that the gear should be enchanted and especially gemmed. I get frustrated when I see my brothers DK run around without gems. Why wont he just gem them with green placeholders?

    I’m in a quite social guild that raids too. I usually pass on loot of it’s a better upgrade for someone else(naxx 10 man item -> naxx 25 man item, where I got a 25 man healing item and just want the dps one)

    I had a lucky start and got quite a few epics, I’m now just missing a trinket for the epic achievement. Therefore I got no objection passing an item to a guildmate who isn’t as lucky as I am.

    However if the person I pass the loot to is just a scrub who wont enchant/gem the item, I’d rather take it myself.

    No real people like this in my guild luckily.

    Shame on the RnG though, hope it turns around. At least you would enchant it and gem it.

    I didn’t really think this post through, I probably said some things twice.


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