Nail-biting suspense

So will 3.2 be up when the maintenance is over? and MMO Champion both seem to feel pretty strongly about 3.2 going live today. Of course, they can’t name their sources or those individuals would be drug out into the streets and beaten, drawn and quartered, beaten some more, dipped in boiling oil, and then forced to watch Gigli. Or something.

Let’s ponder.

Patch 3.2 calls for major changes to how 2s teams in arena will be handled. Rating from a 2s team cannot be used to purchase the weapons or shoulders, nor can it be applied to any arena titles. (Note that this is a slight backpedaling from their original change to fuck over 2s teams entirely with no purchase of ANY rated gear.)

I can’t find any notice anywhere of Blizzard announcing the end of the arena season. Amend that, I can find a forum post from Zarhym saying that the current season is NOT ending tomorrow. He doesn’t say when it will end, just not on the 4th.

There is the possibility that they are loading those arena changes for NEXT season, and the rated players from this season will be able to get their weapons and shoulders. Apparently this was done around Sunwell era.

This may have led to a problem where there was a gap between the power of raiding and PvP weapons – arena teams were using the new PvE weapons while they waited for the PvP weapons to be released. General consensus seems to be that this was a clusterfuck and should be avoided.

The phased approach to the new Coliseum, where a new boss is released each week, may be the answer to that. By the time the last boss is released, the new season will be ready to start?

Another oddity is that rumor has it that the PTR is still accessible as of 9:45 PDT on the 3rd. However, for release 3.0 the PTR was kept up past the release…

The PTR has been labeled “RETAIL_BUILD” since sometime around July 28th, but several builds have been added since. Some people swear by the retail tag, but what use is that if they add multiple builds after it goes retail?

But… if it doesn’t come out today… we also have BlizzCon coming up on the 21st and 22nd.

I can’t imagine that they would release a major content patch right before they pretty much shut down shop to host that event. Nor would they want to release it right after…

Maybe today is the best day before sometime in September?

/end ponder

And to really end all the supsense:

Patch 3.2

8 comments on “Nail-biting suspense

  1. thedoctor says:

    Gigli uh?

    Sounds brutal


  2. daemia says:

    When I woke up this morning, I knew that the patch was coming today. Why? Because I felt like crap and was tempted to call in to work, and whenever that happens it’s a patch day so it’s like, “Do I really want to waste the hours on a day when I can’t even log in? Might as well just go in and be one of the walking dead.”


  3. Darkdalamar says:

    Yup, its patch day. I set my downloader before I left for work today.


  4. ShysteChris says:

    Yeah, I understand where theyre coming from on the whole “2’s” thing, but I don’t like it. 2’s was actually fun…maybe they should just make 8v8 and see what happens =D


  5. some orc says:

    all mage team O.o

    team with Arioch looses!


  6. telanarra says:

    @some orc

    no the team with Ari wins cause she has the sexy belt of uber sexiness.


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