I never thought it could happen

Tomorrow I’ll talk about 3.2 and the Coliseum (Hint: if you do the 10-man normal you will need 2 tanks and 3 healers! Kill the monkeys!).

When we founded our guild over a year ago, it was purely a social guild.

Several of us had been involved in the same table-top roleplaying group for a few years and life was forcing us to go our separate ways.

As fate would have it, we were all already playing WoW so the decision was made to keep in touch online using WoW as our gaming vehicle.

We voted on the guild name (it’s a reference to the lost dragonmarked house in the D&D world of Eberron – where our last campaign took place) and our game master designed the tabard.

We’ve leveled together, even somehow raided together.

Over the months, we pulled in other friends and coworkers and we lost others to school and other real life obligations. We’ve even taken in a couple people that we found that just meshed well with our eclectic personalities.

As a social guild, we have never had “standards” to be a member. Do you know someone in the guild? Are you generally not a douchebag? If you can answer “yes” to one of those two questions, we might take you in.

When the guild started, almost all of us were completely new to the game. Raiding? What’s that? What is this “Sunwell” you speak of? “Gruul” sounds like a nasty variety of porridge, why would I be interested in it?

We were content to putter along and enjoy each other’s company.

Eventually we all hit level cap and started branching out. We got tastes for raiding by running with total strangers. We tried to bring this back to the guild, but it’s never been very successful.

We have too few healers and too few tanks and too few people overall.

On a good day, we have 5-6 people on. Just enough to do a heroic.


And that’s assuming that of those people we have a healer, a tank, and 3 DPS.

On a great day we might have 8 people on.

We’ve tried running raids as a guild with very mixed results.

Some nights we can pull it off without too much struggling but other nights I have raiders telling me they would rather have a root canal. And then the people that we had to PuG to fill in spots end up in trade chat bad mouthing us for the rest of the evening.

Not fun.

Other nights we end up going our own separate ways because we don’t have enough people or the correct roles available.

Not fun.

I’ve had invites to join other guilds and I know that a few others in the guild have been approached about cutting loose and making a switch.

Now we have an offer for a merger with a guild that we seem to get along with very well.

As acting guild leader (my husband’s really just a figurehead with a title), it falls to me to get this all sorted out.

On the plus side, this would give our pigeon-holed tanks and healers an opportunity to explore other aspects of their class – as well as take a night off without feeling guilty.

For the people that want to improve in their class, this is probably the best opportunity to get something like a “class leader” to mentor and offer suggestions.

I’ve solicited feedback from the closest to “hardcore” raiders that we have and they all seem to be interested in hearing more about the situation, but there is a lot I want answered before I approach the rest of the guild. I hate going to people without being able to answer their questions.

So here’s the basics that I know need to be covered.

Performance – We started as a social guild and have never had performance standards to stay in the guild. If there is going to be a merge, it would be all of our players, regardless of skill. I don’t want any surprises 3 months down the line when someone gets booted for not breaking 2K on Patchwerk. I’m certainly not asking that my people be given raid spots immediately, I expect and want them to have to earn their spots – if they want to raid. But I have members that aren’t really interested in raiding, a few that will raid if there is a spot open, and more that want to be active in a core raid group. Will this merge be able to support all our raid-personalities/abilities?

Raid Times – My people are primarily West Coast. The other guild runs from East to West and everywhere in between. Raid times often reflect the East Coast constituents – raids start while we’re still at work and by the time we can start the day is already over for them. Are they going to have enough content at later hours during the week or over the weekend so that we can participate? The last few raids I have attended with them have started late. That’s good for us in a way… but when we go out of our way to schedule being available for a start time, it is really frustrating to be sitting around for 2 hours waiting for the rest of the people that SIGNED UP to actually show up.

Alts – Do they take them? Are they going to mind if I take a week to work on my priest? If this goes through, I was thinking we would probably maintain our original guild with our alts in it so that we can still have our own stuff going on.

Loot Rules – Is it going to be main spec open rolls? One loot per boss? One loot until others in your class-type (tank, cloth DPS, mail caster, etc.) have received loot? DKP? If the roll is between gearing a main and gearing an alt, is that taken into consideration? Different rules apply when I’ve been in their raids since there has generally been a PuG or 3 in there as well.

Perks and Payments – I know that they gem and enchant their people from the guild bank. But what supports the bank? In our guild, we are each self sufficient. We earn enough money to get the materials for the services that the others in the guild can provide. The only thing we are missing is a maxed scribe. Everything else we are able to farm the mats ourselves, trade within the guild for the mats, or buy off the AH as a last resort. Our guild bank is full of food that no one wants to throw away (much like a certain fridge I’m thinking of…). So how does this guild collect from their members? Do we have to participate if we would rather maintain our independence?

Vent – I know they have it, but so do we. Theirs holds more people, but who pays for it? Does the guild chip in? I pay the lion’s share for our vent server and I *just* extended the contract for another year.

If you’ve been through a merge before and have advice to offer, I would be most appreciative!

I don’t want to jeopardize what we have – a successful social guild that has lasted over a year – but I don’t want to lose what we could have – a successful raiding guild that accepts our social members.

6 comments on “I never thought it could happen

  1. thedoctor says:

    tough one there…really tough one.

    I wouldn’t worry about the vent servers….either one will do and you already paid for the next year. Truthfully I wouldn’t even bring it up enless there is a problem with theirs.

    The raid times and the loot rules are VERY important. My only suggestion is to talk with the leader of this other guild and get your questions answered.

    If he is a douchebag about it or doesn’t want to do it….then you have your answer….no merge FOR YOU!


  2. Troutwort says:

    I wish you the best of luck on your merger! It’s best just to be clear and ask lots of questions. We recently had many players from a fizzled guild join us and we aren’t a raiding guild yet I spent at least an hour talking with them about what they expected, could expect to find in the guild, etc. What is the atmosphere like, etc.

    Before you actually merge, you might want to just raid with them a few times. Setup the times, loot rules as expected. Perhaps you’ve already done this, but maybe act like sister guilds and make sure it all works out a few times before signing the dotted like. I know that I like to test drive the car a few times before I buy it.


  3. some orc says:

    Performance- they will prob have spots cause we don’t have a full 25 raid group yet but they have to earn core raider status :)

    Raid Times- I can make a poll on the calendar and rearrange days and times again so we all can play together

    Alts- Half the guild is basically alts. I got 9 alts. We have no problem with you and your buddies bringing in alts. Just weary of new recruit alts before they are officially accepted.

    Vent- I think we’ll use ours. I’m always on vent even when i’m not playing WoW. All alone… by myself… in the lounge… with nobody to talk to T_T

    And we have cookies and candies of every kind you can imagine. Come join us!
    Loot Rules- The officers and I assign raid loot so its basically loot council. Core people who show up every time (ex. Moogik) get higher priority. Mains of course get priority over alts even if its a core alt. We try to gear up the tanks and healers before the dps too. (/verysmalltext)Bribes are taken(/verysmalltext)

    Perks and Payments- We provide everything for the guild. Gems, enchants, armor and armor attachments, flasks, and … don’t think I missed anything else. Right now we have close to 0 infinite dust so we just ask guild to put any greens they get in the vault.

    Oh and everyone pays me 100g every week. Just put the cash in the envelope and mail it to Zugzuug @ 1337 Valley of Honor Orgrimmar, Durotar, 01134 Kalimdor (01134 spells hello backwards flipped if you’re not a puzzle person)

    Hope i answered all your ?s Aaaand we have cookies and candies of every kind imaginable. You know you want em. And pies!


  4. some orc says:

    Yay we have all of those so its a yes! :D

    btw we’ve got a spot for you if u want to come hit up all the heroics for the badges


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