Breaking in 3.2

Quick shout out to my guild for our Naxx 10 run last night!

We were scheduled to run Naxx 10 with a full compliment of people… but life happened.

We lost one of our three healers and our off-tank.

My hubby was bringing his undergeared DK in as DPS to collect gear for tanking but we shoved him into what tank gear he had and he was the new OT. Instead of the luxury of 3 healers when we needed them, we were going to 2-heal it all.

We cleared Spider and Plague wings with only 1 wipe. Apparently poison totems only work for the party that the shaman is in… so that made Grand Widow a little tricky the first time. We nailed the bitch on the second go.

Half our raid was undergeared or under-experienced (our little hunter has only been drug through Naxx 25 once, she’s never seen Naxx 10) and we pulled it off. Two wings, anyway.

Big woot for us!

So patch 3.2 has arrived.

I spent the first part of Tuesday night not knowing what to do – once I was able to log in.

I wanted to be on every character at the same time checking all my neat new things (trying very hard to overlook anything that could be considered a nerf).

Load my out of date add ons so my eyes don’t bleed looking at the standard UI.

Started on the mage, of course. Checked with all class/profession trainers to make sure nothing new had popped up. Admired my new +23 Spellpower on my rings (up from +19). Picked up a bizarre little dead-end quest in Dal to deliver a shield to Thunder Bluff. Was anyone able to take that quest anywhere after that?

In TB, saw the new portal to the Dark Portal. Then promptly saw someone in trade chat requesting a port to Stonard. Fool. L2read patch notes.

Picked up the new BoA chest for my priest and sent that off.


Everyone I click on shows as a human female in my target frame.

Even my guildmate that is a male troll.

And my holy pally guildmate has no life. No HP either.

(Yes, I know I already told that joke in guild chat, bite me.)

No class, no creature type, no mana, no buffs?

Obviously X-Perl is fubar for the moment.

I hate patches.

Log over to the druid. I gets new fur!

He’s in Silvermoon and the nearest barbershop is in Undercity.

One convenient translocation and I’m running in the new brown bear form through the city.

“where’s your mount?” whispered from a random stranger that I passed.

Oh, just haven’t bought it yet.

“OK, wanted to make sure that you knew you could get one at your level or see if you didn’t have the cash”

I know, just was too anxious to get to the barbershop!

Wow. Random stranger, you are totally cool.

So I’m in the barbershop and I’m attempting to reference MMO Champion’s guide to color coordinating your druid.

I can’t sit in the chair as a bear, so I’m going to have to try and match the skin tone I want to the bear I want.

Plop in the chair and get the stupid little apron covering up half my chest. Strip off my gear so I can see some fur somewhere.

Change my fur color (hair, really. Cattle have hides with hair, it’s not really “fur,” but I digress) and notice that there are no names associated with the coat colors. So if you see someone with the bear/cat coloration you want, they can’t just give you the name of the color like you can do with horn styles and hair styles… you’ll have to study their color and commit it to memory. And good luck, several of the choices are very similar but will have drastically different results.

I foresee a lot of trial and error with the new colors.

Ran out to Brill to get a mount… and realized I’m not exalted with those people. Dammit.

Zep to Org and then ride the zeppelin to TB.

And is it me, or do the new bears just have the largest asses around? I swear, everytime I moved the camera I had this huge fucking ursine ass filling my screen. What up wit dat?

I like big bears and I cannot lie

I like big bears and I cannot lie

Black - not always so slimming

Black - not always so slimming

LONG ride. You never zone to the map with a compressed travel time. It’s a leisurely cruise through the Barrens chat. Chuck Norris says, “hi.”

Picked up my druid training while I was there and learned travel form. Learned that travel form does not work inside the big twisty staircase down from the flight point. Learned that I had forgotten to re-equip my gear after the barbershop. Naked bull in TB!

Tangent – with travel form learned at 16 (shaman too?) are they going to dominate the 19 WSG bracket?

Log onto my paladin. Pick up my new inscription – glyph of the claw or some such.

Had to buy the riding skill before the bitchy paladin trainer would give me my new mount. Jerkface.

I’m all, c’mon, just let me buy the skill and I PROMISE I’ll run right outside and learn the riding. I promise. Do not make me run all the way out there to get the damn skill and then come back here to learn the mount. Pretty please?

There is absolutely no reasoning with some NPCs.

Switch to the priest and equip my new chest piece.

Well, for a student of the light, holy mumbo jumbo, goody two shoes, heal people sort of character, I seem to be decked out in a lot of skulls. I look like I mugged a warlock for his gear. Gimmie your staff before I heal you, bitch! I just don’t think he’s cut out for that kind of life.

The green really brings out my eyes

The green really brings out my eyes

One of the funniest things was running around anywhere and watching shaman playing with their totems.

No, not that totem, you sick fuck.

Look, there’s a shaman, all alone.


Now there’s a shaman with 4, count ’em, 4 totems!


The totems are gone!


New totems!

And so they would continue to do, nonstop. Enjoy playing with your totems, guys. Not those totems! Well, just not while reading my blog, take it elsewhere.

Log back to my mage.

“We can make Alliance characters on this server”

Guild chat has never been so full of WTF.

Is that working as intended?

“Yup, blue post says so.”

Off to the forums

It’s true! To make things smoother for the cross-faction transfers, we can now create cross-faction characters on the same account on PVP servers!

As one forum poster said, ” I now get immediate feedback when I gank!”

This is going to be a fucking zoo in trade chat for a while. Everyone is going to accuse anyone below level 5 of being a spy. Or any DKs.

I had just got a second battle chest and a couple game cards and was about to start a second account so I could get an Alliance bank character set up for the funneling of pets and such to my Horde characters. With this change, I decided to re-create my warrior on this account instead. Anyone want to buy an un-opened battle chest and game cards?

I’m thinking about logging out, but I get a whisper from some orc asking me if I want to run the new Coliseum.

Hell yeah! But I’ve already heard of people getting bugged out and stuck in limbo and all my adds are fubar…

No problem, all their adds are screwed as well, it’s just for fun. Their shammy healer also whispers me and I caved to peer pressure.

I’ll talk about the Coliseum tomorrow!


3 comments on “Breaking in 3.2

  1. Ten'nen says:

    Yeah, about trade chat…its annoying to have tons of Alliance in there. I fear for when we try to organize Alliance town/city raids and then BAM they are already there to stop us because of some little twit who logged on to see if anything interesting was happening before switching back to their main…*sighs* although I suppose that could also make things more lively, no? Who knows…


  2. ShysteChris says:

    Lol. Yeah– Logged on to my DK, grabbed a couple epic gem recipes, went to respec both sets of talents, then hit nothing but heroics all day.
    Almost forgot how easy it was to pick up badges and gold from em.


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