I may have lied

I’m too tired to do a real post about my first experience in the Coliseum.

So I’ll tell you the funny bug that happened there last night.

Our resto druid hadn’t done the Coliseum at all yet so we did the 5 man version on normal.

Our jousting opponents were the night elf, the draenei, and the gnome.

We were finally making some progress and got the gnome dismounted.

His little turbo-chicken mount latches on to the healer and keeps knocking him over.

The animation was hilarious, he looked like the treants when they die – all chopped in half.

He would stand up, take two steps, and the bird would knock him down again.

We got all the champions killed, but the mechano strider would NOT despawn.

Knock over the tree.

Two steps.

Knock over the tree.

We looted the chest.

Knock over the tree.

Everyone out of the instance!

Knock over the tree.

The druid finally makes it to the outside.

OK, everyone out?

Everyone back in.

First person through gets knocked over by the damn bird.

Everyone back out!

Reset the instance.

Different opponents – swapped the gnome for the dwarf.

Yay, no bugged chicken!

Took them all down and was able to loot the first chest again.

Then we did it on heroic and had a bitch of a time on the add phase on the Black Night for no apparent reason. /sigh

On normal I think we sharded everything, but on heroic everything got picked up for either main or off spec.

CoT Cheer1

Better post about my first time in the Coliseum later, I promise.


One comment on “I may have lied

  1. Troutwort says:

    That bug does sounds pretty hilarious. I always thought if you died in tree form you should have the chop in half animation. :P


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