She’s allergic to ice

Rare real world post from me…

Last week was both my birthday and my husband’s birthday so our friends took us out to dinner.

The waitress is taking our drink orders, I order mine, “diet, no ice.”

Ice in a beverage makes it too cold and I get phenomenally painful hiccups.

These hiccups that are the stuff of legend with my friends laughing at me for hours while I’m clutching my sides and wanting to die.

Not to mention, the ice machine in many restaurants is a breeding ground for bacterial infestation. You probably don’t want to think too hard about whether or not they washed the lemon slice adorning your drink either.

Anyway, my drink comes out with ice.

One of my friends is quick to pounce on the waitress and request the ice be removed.

“She’s allergic to ice.”

OMG. Did you really just tell the waitress that I’m allergic to ice?

I get a new ice-free drink.

Appetizers come out.

The waitress is informed of the birthday celebrations.

“So, I have a question I have to ask…”

Oh no, she is NOT going to ask how old I am!

“How can you be allergic to ice? I mean, can you go swimming and stuff?”

I lost it. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I just pointed at the instigator of the whole mess and let her explain it.

The rest of the evening was spent discussing the intellectual level of the waitstaff of the restaurant.

And I found someone in welfare eights!

Running Naxx 25 with some friends and a few pugs.

Two mages besides myself.

One is specced fire but really poorly geared. No Focus Magic for you. He ended up /afking out before combat started.

Second mage is in 2 piece T8 and arcane spec.

OK, a little weird to see a mage in T8 and arcane spec. Usually by that point they (sob) go to fire.

But, meh, maybe they’re like me and they just really enjoy the spec.

Focus Magic for you!

Trash pulls.


Um. FM is never proccing for me.

Look at Recount.


Why is she waaaaaay down at the bottom?

No Focus Magic for you!

That’s a lot of achievements popping up for completing Naxx 25 for her…

The only fight she beat me on was Maexxna. I was on web duty.

Otherwise, I trounced her soundly – often doubling the raw damage she was putting out.

Come to Sapph.

Random shaman in raid chat, “DECURSE YOUR BALLS OFF!”

Funny, he’s not even specced to remove curses.

Sapph Decurse

That’s right. Out of 40 curses, I pulled off 39 of them in a 25 man raid. The 40th was from a druid.

I don’t have any balls to decurse off, so maybe I had an advantage? Who knows?

Not only did the other mage fail to show, but I still beat her on the damage charts.

Out of curiosity, I ran her through Pugchecker later.

All heroic 5-mans completed.

1 10-man Sarth with 0 drakes.

About half of Naxx 10.

The only Naxx 25 kills she earned with us.

But hey, she’s geared for Ulduar with TIER!

Blizzard! Why did you tarnish my tier gear like this?!?!?!


Moral of the story: gear counts for even less now than it did before.

I’m trying to figure out if I can avoid getting T8 entirely and shoot straight for T9. T8 is fugly.

In happier news…

My little guild has been successfully absorbed by the other guild.

I finally got to see what their tabard looks like:

New Tabard

No one else seems to be wearing a tabard so I might just toss it in my bank along with my other dozen. Then I can see more of his sexiness.

So far everything seems to be going very well with the merge; they’ve all been really cool and welcoming.

As one person said, it wasn’t like they recruited a bunch of new people it was like family coming home.

It certainly is a lot more convenient to have 1 channel to talk in and get stuff organized.

We spent the day busting out heroics, including ToC, and then messed around in Uld a bit.

We wiped for a while on Hodir and then wiped for a bit on Thorim.

It was my first time seeing Thorim, but I’ve got the first part of the gauntlet down pretty well. Move to the left. Move to the right. Stay on the right. I’m a pro at that now.

I have no idea what’s at the top of the stairs since that’s about when the arena side would wipe and a huge ball of lightning would come down and WTFPWN me.

Next time we’ll have a better selection of people to chose from – having someone’s brother playing one of the healers while he took care of some stuff is never a great idea.

And I’m soooo going to get in trouble for playing Peggle during raids. I keep getting all these challenges… at least let me finish buffing people, ok?

Anyway, here’s looking forward to actual raid progression!


5 comments on “She’s allergic to ice

  1. Jess says:

    Peggle in raids? /slap hand Bad mage! :P

    I feel like a bad person. I’ve only done a handful of heroics. My BF is five emblems (as of last night before he left for work) away from his conq chest and he already has his head. Our GL made it mandatory to have both emblem pieces in order to get into Uld25 this week.

    I guess I’m sitting out for a bit. :(

    Patches make things screwy for about two weeks, almost to the point that I don’t like playing for a bit. /shrug I’ll get back into the swing of things.

    And GRATS on those 39 decurses. :)

    Since my BF is currently playing a Holy Pally and I play a Holy Priest, we have dispelling/abolish diseases wars in Naxx. It’s fun. I usually win… usually. :)


  2. theerivs says:

    I hate mages that don’t do their jobs, gives the rest of us bad names. I love the Arcane spec, it upsets me with all the new gear coming out Blizz is forcing us back to fire/ffb is seems. Sad.


  3. Dark/Soth says:

    That was hilarious. I still can’t believe she honestly asked you how you were allergic to ice.


  4. some orc says:

    I wear my tabard everywhere i go! REPRESENT! throws hands in the air*

    Im allergic to most fruit!!


  5. thedoctor says:


    I love ice

    like so much I think I have an iron deficiency


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