Take me out to the Coliseum…

OK, so it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

But I would rather go to the Coliseum than a ball game any day. Much less chance of sunburn.

ToC Loading Screen

I really enjoy the Coliseum.

My first experience in ToC was on patch night.

I had already heard from a friend that people were getting bugged out in limbo in there, similar to falling through the floor that was so popular on Razorscale for a while, so I was apprehensive about setting foot inside.

But then some orc whispers me and asks if I’ll go.

I’m such a sucker for a good tank.

“Let’s do it on heroic, it’s just a 5-man!”

Are you guys sure about that? I mean, none of us have read any strats for it and our add ons are fucked over hard core due to the patch and all…

“We’ll be fine!”


So in we go on heroic.

I love the introductions and the cheering! Wish it didn’t take quite so long… I mean, our opponents don’t really have to stroll in and get introduced. Just us.


We picked up a few things right away (well, within an attempt or two).

  • Buff the party before any one gets on a mount.
  • You can dismount and remount but it makes the original mount disappear.
  • You can remount during the fight, so try to pick up your first mounts scattered around the room. Nothing worse than needing a new mount and all the ones on your side of the room are gone.
  • Macro your weapon swap or put in on your hot bar so you don’t get stuck in normal combat swinging a lance around.

We start jousting our little hearts out.

ZOMG we suck at jousting.

“Maybe we should try it on normal first.”

Is this where I get to say, “I told you so?”

Reset to normal and get it figured out, then back to heroic and pwned it.

I don’t really want to talk too much about the fights yet because I don’t want to spoil it.

They asked me for my autograph after the battle

They asked me for my autograph after the battle

My favorite part about the instance was that it was my very first time approaching new content, being level and gear-appropriate for it, and not having a clue about what was going to happen.

I hadn’t read anything from the PTR about it, didn’t research strats anywhere, nothing.

We all went in totally blind and we had a blast. Or at least I did.

We figured out mechanics as a team and would immediately apply what we learned on one wipe to the next attempt.

I really felt like I was getting to see something for the first time.

Now I’m seeing a lot of complaints about the Coliseum.

Many are about the gear that is dropping in both normal and heroic mode 5-man.

We’re sharding just about everything out of normal, I expect the price on Abyss Crystals to plummet in the next week or so, but we’ve picked up a side grade or two out of heroic mode.

Side grades to stuff that we’ve gotten in 10 and 25-man level 80 raids.

That stings just a little. It smarts a hell of a lot when someone gets a clear upgrade.

On the one hand, yay! upgrade! On the other, we worked so hard in Naxx/Uld to get something and we’re replacing it with an instance that takes us 10 minutes to do?

So far, I’ve only gotten gear to be used for my fire set, I don’t think there are any real goodies for me until we’re doing 10-man. (Which should hopefully happen very soon!)

Others are complaining about the design of the instance, stating that the developers got lazy and only made it one room.

That’s kind of like saying that the designers of sports arena are lazy for having all the inning/quarters/whatever take place on the same field.

It’s gladiatorial-style combat.

Where else would you want to go?

Would you prefer something like Street Fighter where you get teleported around the world in between fights? (Actually, that does kinda sound cool.)

ToC achievements

Other people’s opinions aside, I like the instance.

There isn’t any trash to deal with, we get right to the good stuff.

I even enjoy the jousting, so long as a bugged chicken isn’t knocking me over.

Maybe it’s just because of my pleasant first experience, but I don’t think I’ll get bored of this one anytime soon.


9 comments on “Take me out to the Coliseum…

  1. Jess says:

    Gratz on the first achievement… I can’t get my folks to stay away from them… but then again, I think they are trying to make me pull my hair out while I heal. LOL.

    Normal is fun.
    Heroic makes me wanna cry with bad PUGs… heh. But I guess that can be said for any heroic 5-man. :)


  2. Dark/Soth says:

    When we were in there and struggled with the add phase of the last boss, I came up with the idea to use Army of the Dead. Obviously this doesn’t apply if you don’t have a death knight in the group, but its really effective keeping add the adds off the healers and casters and distracting them for 10-15 seconds. Plus its kinda cool to see a giant zombie brawl in the Coliseum. =D


  3. You might want to keep in mind that the items from Heroic were bugged on patch night and not showing their proper stats. Heroic drops are iLevel 219 items. Anything you’ve got from Naxx10 will be a downgrade.


  4. thedoctor says:

    I have done the instance 5-6 times on heroic now. During the ghoul phase, just let them hit you. They dont hit hard and if you dont attack them when they are hitting you, they will move on with in a few seconds.


  5. Jess says:

    This is gonna sound silly… but since I’m a healer, I mainly watch my feet (for voids/poisons/desecrate) and my group’s health bars… so…

    I don’t really know much about the fight except that there are three phases. And I know that one of these phases is the add phase and that my Fade MUST be on cooldown or they will explode on me. :) I also am aware that there’s a phase where I find myself frantically pressing my PoH (Prayer of Healing) button, which I believe is the last phase. XD

    I’ve got tunnel vision when I heal and if my boyfriend isn’t yelling at my to move from my current location then my priesty-ass is staying put and spamming heals. LOL!


  6. some orc says:

    last night till 4am this morning i was farming for that stupid trinket and a dumb dk beat me by one now im still farming for Banner of Victory /cry


  7. Jess says:

    I find that I do stand farther away than the rest of the group, but that doesn’t affect my health me don’t thinks… I could be wrong. Once phase three starts, I pop a bubble on myself every cooldown and spam PoH. XD


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