Completely unacceptable








Yes, folks, I got my T8.5 helm and chest.

So what am I all worked up about?

It’s a toss-up between the fact that I was able to chain farm heroics to get these pieces and just look at my pants!!!


They don’t match! At ALL! This is horrible!

These are the T7.5 pants and they don’t even match the rest of the T7.5 gear. Where the hell is all that red coming from? This was a gray, blue, purple set.

I don’t think I’ve been able to see my pants or boots in about 50 levels.

And now that I can… they don’t match!!!

This is not cool, not appropriate, not acceptable.

Now I need to farm VoA 25 in the hopes of getting the T8.5 pants.

The one plus is that I don’t look retarded on my mechanohog. I still WTB a set of motorcycle gear to equip while riding though, a nice black leather (but counts as cloth) jacket and pants, maybe some sweet boots.

And don’t get me started on the helm. Who the hell wants to run around with the Kirin Tor insignia on their forehead like a neon sign?

Anyway, I dumped a ton of honor and heroism emblems to get the epic gems to treat myself right. I think it was 13 new gems in all, completely replaced all my rare-quality. (FYI – gems can be bought in the honor hall in Org for 10K honor a pop and 10 – 20 emblems of heroism from your Dalaran quartermasters.)

And… I gemmed for fire.


I feel dirty.

I’m only 5 points under hit cap, assuming I have a shadow priest or boomkin. My fire crit, self-buffed is about 33%.

Dumped the Glyph of Improved Scorch to pull back in the Glyph of Molten Armor. I’m not going to be any one’s scorch bitch. I’m just a bitch.

So without scorch, my rotation is roughly:

  • Living Bomb
  • Fireball
  • Fireball
  • Fireball
  • Hot Streak? Maybe? Hello?
  • Fireball
  • Living Bomb
  • Fireball
  • Fireball
  • Where the fuck are my Hot Streaks?
  • Fireball
  • Fireball
  • Still no Hot Streak, guess I’ll cast another Fireball
  • Fireball

I will say, the new spellpower buff I get off the 2 piece T8 set is pretty spiffy.

All of a sudden I get combat text, “PRAXIS”


Oh, that’s my extra 350 spellpower.

Hey, I’m also at 10 stack of my Illustration of the Dragon Soul, 5 stacks of Eye of the Broodmother and have enough mana gone to pop a mana gem.

Supercharged Mirror Images! And they still suck!

Seriously, they will sometimes run over and start blasting the completely wrong target dummy. Although, to give them some credit, the last time I was in Naxx they did not split off of Thane and run after the Baron and Lady B.

Blew up some target dummies for a bit.

I seem to be lower in DPS against my arcane spec by about 200-300, but I can last over twice as long and easily deliver twice the overall damage.


I miss my burst capability.

Repeat my mantra, “DPS doesn’t kill things, damage does.”

And this is why fire sucks ass for heroics. If the target doesn’t live long enough to get the Living Bomb and a round of Fireballs off on it, it’s just not worth it – might as well stand in the hallway and kill rats. Yes, I cast Living Bomb on the rats for fun.

Repeat my affirmation, “This is a raiding spec, you can still use arcane for heroics.”

Deep breath. Happy thoughts.

Since I didn’t drag a raid with me to the target dummy, I was missing once in a while. Missing a Living Bomb cast just throws everything out of whack.

Many frustrating moments later… DoTimer now pops up an obnoxious hot pink warning if my Living Bomb cast fails.

This is the same add I use that pops a warning before my Living Bomb goes asplody or when Scorch is about to fall (if I cast it). It also pops up red HOT STREAK!!! when that procs, just to make sure I don’t miss it. I also use it in jousting to remind me to refresh my Defense if it’s running low on time.

I didn’t play around too much with being able to cast Living Bomb on multiple targets at the dummies. I’m not really sure how that’s going to play out in an encounter, but it is on a mouseover so I can spread the pain with a minimum of effort. I’m thinking this will be the saving grace of the spec for me. Honestly, it’s a REALLY boring spec to run at the training dummies and it wasn’t much better in 10 Naxx.

Have a Naxx 25 coming up this weekend… this should be a good test for the fire spec with the new gear.

I’ve got enough hit, I think I have enough crit.

The only thing standing between me and success with fire is the fact that I don’t like it.



12 comments on “Completely unacceptable

  1. repgrind says:

    Good luck. My experiment with fire lasted a week or so. Granted, I wasn’t raiding and was only doing heroics. If I ever make it to Uld, I have the gear and glyphs saved up for another try. Until then … gimme mah arcane.


  2. theerivs says:

    I keep going back and forth…Arcane…then FFB…then Arcane.

    I just love Arcane Spec, period. I like I can dump everything at once, or scale back. Fire, and FFB are boring.

    3.2 really hurt the Arcane Mages, but from I hear through the grape vine, is we’ll be back!


  3. afterthot says:

    I think you need a little more crit in order to make the spec truly shine. Also, I would ignore a few more socket bonuses, as the crit bonus you get from the +spi gems is negligible. It would be better to gem straight spellpower except for the 2 blue gems that you need for your CSD. Of course that is just what I have discovered, mostly from reading criticalqq and some of my own tests. Hope you enjoy the spec!


  4. Dark/Soth says:

    I’d be more concerned with your T7.5 gloves. They don’t match at all. LOL.

    I’m happy for you about the proposed Arcane changes. Hopefully it makes it live.

    Also, here is another mantra for you to drill into your head, “Don’t use target dummies to test DPS.” Dummies are for rotation practice only. You cannot factor full raid buffs and debuffs on a target dummy.


  5. shyste chris says:

    Yes. I’m quite upset with the changes to gear color… wish they wouldve put the pants and shoulders at the vendor now–then at least we’d be rolling around looking decent, even if they did nerf the living shit out of us (unholy DK).


  6. Dark/Soth says:

    Shyste chris,

    Unholy DKs got a significant single target dps buff. The spec and rotation however, it much different then before. Unholy Blight getting nerfed affects AoE damage, but there is a spec for all three dps trees that is within 2-3% of each other for raid bosses. Check out Skeletonjack. The obliterate Unholy build looks pretty awesome.


  7. daemia says:

    The model for the mage 8.5 “hat” doesn’t look half-bad on my NE druid, and I can see her hair! I think her overall size, her ears, and her robe help balance the look a little bit. Although I do find it annoying that the Kirin Tor insignia moves when you turn.


  8. repgrind says:

    @Dark/Soth – but the whole reason I played Unholy was because it had all the fun aoe and was different from the other two.


  9. Ezri says:

    My mage t8.5 legs sadly look the same as those 7.5 ones and have done since patch day.

    And fire really is a 25 man raiding build and benefits hugely from raid buffs eg ele shaman totems and moonkin aura. Just the fact that bosses will be alive long enough for molten fury and ignites to actually do something should boost your numbers.


  10. […] I last talked about what was happening I had just respecced to fire and was going to be doing a Naxx 25 to take it for a […]


  11. […] is still completely unacceptable. […]


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