Cataclysm – Name Dropping

Level cap? Check.

New class and race combinations? Check.

New races? Check.

New Azeroth? Check.

That leaves us with the who’s who of the expansion:

Deathwing the Destroyer / Neltharion the Earth-Warder will play a major role in Cataclysm. Having been driven mad by Old God whisperings and turning against his own kind only to be fail in his attempts, Deathwing has sunk into the shadows. While the Horde and the Alliance were busy fighting back the Burning Legion only to then be beset with the Scourge, he has been lurking and moving things into place. After Lady Sinestra’s failed attempts to create a Twilight Dragonflight, he again retreated to Grim Batol and succeeded where she failed. With his results seen in the Obsidian Sanctum, he has finally created the supreme Dragonflight he sought and plans to unleash it upon the world. But what of the Old Gods’ sway over him?

Queen Azshara will also play a major part in Cataclysm. Unknown to many mortal races, long forgotten by others, and believe to be dead by her own kind, she has not been dormant in depths of the Maelstrom. Having those around her transformed by the Old Gods into Naga after her failure in the War of the Ancients, she has become far more powerful and a greater threat than she once was. Not content with just Nazjatar and the depths of the sea, Azshara seeks to reclaim power and reign once again. With the true plan behind Lady Vashj’s support of Illidan remaining a mystery we do not know what hand Azshara has yet played. The big question remains, is she now serving her “saviors”, the Old Gods?

The Cataclysm
I’m still not sure who is the true end boss of Cataclysm is, but the cataclysm appears to have been caused by attempts to incantation to summon extremely powerful beings using an ancient incantation by Deathwing and Azshara. They’re both very powerful, but the cataclysm itself suggests something more powerful is behind it, perhaps their shared past of Old God influence?

The Guardian of Tirisfal
Malfurion Stormrage will be returning to Azeroth to aid in the creation of the new Guardian of Tirisfal – Thrall! Med’an’s role in these events is currently unknown.

The New (New) Horde
Thrall will hand over the leadership of the Horde to Garrosh Hellscream, while he serves as a coordinator for both the Horde and Alliance forces in and effort to combat the new threat of the Naga and Black Dragonflight. Without Thrall to keep Garrosh in check, he declares open war on the Alliance. In the political upheaval Cairne Bloodhoof is implicated as a traitor to the Horde and murdered by Garrosh. Cairne’s son Baine takes over as the new Tauren chieftan. This could explain why Baine was removed from the game in Patch 3.2.2, you can find more information about this in Ahmo Thunderhorn – replacement for Baine Bloodhoof?

I was wondering what Deathwing had been up to this whole time. He hasn’t returned my calls, hasn’t updated his myspace page in ages… turns out he’s been hiding in Grim Batol and developing his super race. With a redesign of Azeroth, I wonder if we’ll see more dragons and dragon-related quests in the old world?

Queen Azshara… “Having those around her transformed by the Old Gods into Naga” – does that mean that she was spared the transformation? If she’s considering the Old Gods to be her saviours, then quite possibly.

“True end boss.” Pffft… There is no such thing as a true end boss until the end of the game. Arthas may be considered the end boss of Wrath, but he’s not the end boss of the game, which is what I would peg “true” onto. I’m hoping Deathwing is the culmination of this expansion. Taking down big, bad dragons is just cool in my book.

Tangent: I would like to see the redemption of the blue dragonflight in this expansion. We’ve killed Malygos, who was always a little unstable, maybe now one of his less loopy children can step up to the plate. There is a representative from the black dragonflight atop Wyrmrest Temple so I don’t think any dragonflight is considered truly cut off from the rest. If they ever do an Emerald Dream expansion it will probably be the green dragons that end up in the doghouse for a bit.

ZOMG. Thrall as the Guardian of Tirisfal. Geekspasm of delight. Thrall is one of my favorite characters in the game. If you don’t know why, go read Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden.

However… then he goes and does something extraordinarily stupid like handing the reins of the Horde over to Garrosh. That’s like handing the keys to a tank to a drunk teenage boy. It can not end well. Matter of fact, it sounds like it ends with Cairne’s death.

Declaring war on the Alliance should spice up some world PvP… Nothing personal you understand, I would just be following the mandates of my bat-shit crazy Warchief. /gank

(Honestly, I don’t think it will affect my playstyle much. I hardly ever get involved in world PvP outside of WG since I’m too busy doing my quests and crap.)

Added to my list of things to do before the expansion:

  • Take a screenshot with me and my BFF Thrall while he’s still Warchief.
  • Take a screenshot with me and Cairne before he gets whacked.

Well, the stream for BlizzCon 2009 starts in about 20 minutes now (I know, I was late with this post).

I’ve got a case of soda and I’m ready to keep my eyes glued to the screen for the next several hours.

Monday I should have all sorts of goodies!


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