And Just a Little More…

Where was I?

Oh yeah, busy bee week/weekend!

We put together another 10 man Ulduar after the reset last week with the intention of taking it by storm… and it started out really well.

A Quick Shave 10

We were trying for XT hard mode, could get the heart down without a problem, but we were a little light on heals so had to settle for this:

Must Deconstruct Faster 10

Moved into position to take on the Iron Council and I look around at the group.

So… how are we going to deal with Fusion Punch? We seem to be decidedly light on paladins and priests…

OK, off to Kologarn!

We wanted to do the achievement for taking down both arms at the same time, but a certain tank (I won’t *Zug* say any *Zug* names) didn’t want to bother.

There’s a black sheep in every raid, and we had a sneaky rogue decide to prep the left arm anyway, getting us:

Disarmed 10

Took down Auriaaaauuyialhah… um, the cat lady. That FINALLY gave me the last Antechamber boss.

Antechamber 10

Unfortunately, she took a lot out of us so we called it there for the night.

Later we did an 25 Uld that was mostly our guild with a few PuGs.

I was given responsibility and didn’t fuck up! This is a dangerous precedent for me to set… but it looks like I can handle the brittle adds on Ignis if I’m in Arcane spec. Fire just doesn’t have the on-demand burst.

My damage was horrible for that fight, I need a few more runs on add duty to really get the hang of the timing. The tanks would get one almost molten… and then it would wander out of the fire or something… don’t shoot it yet… wait for it… wait for it… bah. Could have been DPSing the boss this whole time. I’ll do better next time.

That was a lot of raiding in a short period of time so it was off to putter around by myself again.


Went back to the Sons of Hodir and got the last item they had for me – the Grand Ice Mammoth. I never have to go back there again. On this character. I’m trying really hard not to think about doing those dailies on my priest, who will be specced holy/disc. /sob

With the buzz about Cataclysm and crazy stuff happening to the old Azeroth, I’ve decided it’s time to really buckle down and get some of this older content taken care of.

I’ve decided to start in the Feralas/Thousand Needles area since they mentioned specifically that Thousand Needles will be flooded.

Only one little spot on the Feralas map was dark and the last key I needed was off the stupid imp in Dire Maul.

Now, I had never set foot in Dire Maul before. The guild got to watch/listen as my appreciation of the place went from neutral to a twisting, rotting loathing.

Seriously, the place sucks. Why can’t I mount in the exterior portions within the instance?

Thankfully I could side step most mobs and what I couldn’t was easy enough to take out.

With the exception of one tree boss thing that I took on, without realizing that he calls all the local trees that I had snuck by to his aid. Oops. That hurt, a fuck of a lot.

I actually killed him before the other trees turned me into scrap meat so it was easy enough to waltz right by on my return.

I’m thinking that Dire Maul may be getting a face lift in Cataclysm… or possibly the Shen’dralar rep will be easier to obtain. I’ll talk more about that in another post. There was one quest in particular that caught my attention.

It took me long enough, but I did finally get to the end of the instance (took me two days what with having to get mats for the Ogre suit, which I can now make as a tailor).

King of Dire Maul

Amusingly enough, being King of Dire Maul is displayed as a debuff on your character.

Then it was time to be social again so ran a couple heroics with the guild.

Amber Void

Amber Void was easy enough – we went with 3 reds and 2 greens.

I got to ride a green for the very first time! It wasn’t too bad, especially with another green there to life funnel to me once in a while.

No I just need to get on a red one. I have ridden the red drake before, but I died before Eregos did so it didn’t give me credit. /sad

Dehydration was one of those WTF? achievements that just pops up when you least expect it. We didn’t set out to get it, it just sort of happened. Very cool, because I have no idea how you could try to plan an achievement like that.

Also ran a quick AN and picked up:

Gotta Go

There was a lot of surprise in the group that I didn’t have that one already. But it was one of those instances that when we ran with our old guild either the heals or the tanking just weren’t quite there and the fight would drag out forever, usually with a multitude of wipes. So when everyone else was raving about this fast little instance, I was always cringing and looking for a way out. I think I’m over that now.

Back to the solitary grind of old content!

Explore Thousand Needles

Before it gets soggy, I’m back to questing in 10K Needles. Ice Lancing centaurs is sort of fun. pewpewpew

Fun with Slow Fall on the bluffs:

On the Bluff

Then we got some more peeps on and headed back to pick up Uld 10 where we left off, just past Aurilaaaayuuah… cat lady.

Fun with forced perspective and raid markings:

Swimsuit Edition

Swimsuit Edition

Look out, I’m raiding in a speedo.

Then we got serious and started killing shit.

Cheese the Freeze 10

I’m particularly proud of this one because it means I didn’t choke.

All of a sudden, I can easily tell the difference between the big and little rune circles again.

The first time I faced Hodir I could tell them apart without a problem, but then every other time they started looking the same to me. That makes it really hard to get to the right one to avoid the flash freeze.

But now I’m better at sticking to the toasty fire (even NPC mages are awesome) and so I don’t freak out if I get hit by the frost nova effect. I can see the difference between the rune circles and all is good. I have probably just jinxed myself and will proceed to fail hardcore the next time I’m in there.

That, as a side note, marked my first successful kill of Hodir. And he dropped my pants!!! Well, the token. And the raid decided I needed new pants, so into my bag it went.

Moving on to Thorim, whom I had visited once before. Well, once again after that whole meeting… in the mountains.

We had some difficulties with him the time before, running with just whatever people we could scrape up out of the guild. This time we had a much better raid composition and two very good tanks supported by some excellent healers.

I got this one, but I think anyone that does the gauntlet section gets it… I’m not thinking this is anything special. But it was worth 10 points!

I'll Take You All On 10

With Thorim down we moved to Freya.

We did wipe once on trash there… lots of crazy flowers running around and they apparently aren’t too keen on totems.

I have something special from one of the trash pulls, but I’m saving it for another post. /tease

Freya took a couple tries, but several of us in the raid had never even seen her before. I had watched a video of the fight so I had a basic understanding of the waves and the trees and all that, but watching is not the same as doing.

ZOMG that is one chaotic fight. And it never fails that there isn’t a convenient mushroom by the tree I need to take out.

I felt at a disadvantage in fire spec on this fight, lacking in burst for the trees and no reduced cooldown on my frost nova to help kite the stupid exploding lashers. I may consider going to arcane for that fight the next time, especially if we are heavy on the melee again.

Freya eventually went down, and dropped my glove token. Since it would give me my 4-piece, this also went to me.

So I was a loot whore for a night and probably won’t get anything for a week or two.

We called a short break after Freya so I ported back to Dal to get my new T8 gear turned in and enhanced.

Now presenting the before and after shots, I’ve updated my pants and gloves to T8:

Before ....... After

Before ....... After


What the fucking fuck is this shit?

The pants are the SAME!

OK, not exactly the same, the T8 pants appear to have some sort of cargo pocket thing going on at the thigh.

But the colors are the same. And it looks like I’m packing trail rations or something in my pants.

This is still completely unacceptable. /rant

However, the new pieces did bring me up to 3 points shy of hit cap. And I mean full hit cap for fire, not the “I’m OK if I have a boomkin or spriest with me” hit cap.

Of course, since getting this full hit cap I’ve had a boomkin as a non-stop raiding companion. But if he can’t show up some night, I’m good to go!

Horrible fashion aside, we moved on to Mimiron and ran out of steam.

There were some… issues with the healing. He swears he was healing the tanks but recount showed me as number 2 on his heal list with the tanks as number 3 and 7.

Now I appreciate the heals, I really do. But not so much at the expense of the tank getting virtually no heals.

That was Monday night I think, we didn’t get to finish it up before the reset, but that was still really good progress for me.

We went back tonight and beelined for the finish, no optional bosses – taking down FL, XT (accidentally hit hard mode without meaning to and wiped, oops!), Kologarn, Aurileeeaaahuya… cat lady, and Hodir.

Got the Cheese the Freeze achievement for the guildies that didn’t have it (yes, I didn’t choke for a second time running!) and we also did a bang up job protecting the NPCs and got the achievement for none of them dying.

At that point our East coast members were starting to wilt so it was time to call it. I think we’re heading back later this week to continue our good run.

I might actually get to run Ulduar in a linear fashion!

That pretty much covers everything that happened over the week that I was rambling about Cataclysm, back to whatever topics I want to wax philosophical about.


7 comments on “And Just a Little More…

  1. thedoctor says:

    Your a beast!

    Congratz on your 4 piece t8.


  2. Groendell says:

    Congrats on the tier 8!

    We’ve had some wipes on Freya’s trash too- mostly due to a greedy hebalist or two aggroing a patrol while the rest of the raid is taking care of another pack of trash! It’s all good fun mostly <> Reminds me of the Kara days- where people would sneak off to gather a tome while the others would fight the trash..


  3. smart001 says:

    you just wanted to say he dropped your pants…you are a dirty girl.

    I need to get back into raiding, I only have my helm from 10 mimirion (sp?). I have been really bad. I will get better. I promise.


  4. telanarra says:

    /sigh I guess i will not type what i really want to say and instead say Congrats :)

    what can u say im in a rare mood of being nice for once.


  5. jong says:

    grats on tier pieces and lots of achievements!


  6. Millea says:

    The dehydration one is actually pretty easy to get. Since you really cannot dps down that boss, you need someone to run around the room and trigger the switches (they look like torches) each time the bubble bursts.

    The switch activates some kind of purple lightning that kills the little guys.

    Grats on all of your achievements!!


  7. Zarigar says:

    Thanks for not mentioning a certain troll who had problems with Frogger 2.0 >.<


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