We are experiencing technical difficulties

Long story short:

Got new keyboard.

Installed software for new keyboard.

Computer asploded.

Fighting to fix computer.

(And for those of you paying attention to your feedreaders, there was a post that decided to release itself. If you read it you probably noticed it didn’t make a whole lot of sense; it was started some 2 months ago and wasn’t meant to be published.)

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5 comments on “We are experiencing technical difficulties

  1. smart001 says:

    I was unaware any of your posts made sense…:P


  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    The Bully on BoA post?

    Mmm there I was enjoying it….


  3. thedoctor says:

    lol @ smart001

    <3 clearcasting posts!


  4. smart001 says:

    @ arioch – nobody put me up to it…:P


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