The Culprit Found?

It would appear that much of my problem stems from my video card. Or at least, the wavy colored lines and the delightful green dots.

However, the random occurrence of the operating system to shut down and the appearance of multiple versions of my operating system on the machine (before I even tried to reinstall it) probably cannot be attributed to the video card. Although it hasn’t blown up again since the video card was removed… who am I to claim understanding of the binary ways of the computer?

And of course, all of this took place within the hour of installing software for my beautiful new keyboard… once everything is back to rights I will test my new toy and report back on its use. Assuming of course, that the new software wasn’t to blame all along and I inadvertently begin the process afresh with a different machine.

I am able to limp along on this machine, but the frame rates are horrid even in Silvermoon and I have no taste to witness the inevitable lack of performance while doing anything more strenuous than checking my auctions.

I think my computer has gained some semblance of sentience.

Recently I had made mention of gifting myself a new computer closer to the holidays. I must have made some remark within range of this infernal device and it chose to commit a slow suicide before I could replace it; creating a death of it’s own choosing in its own time before it meets the ignoble end of being tossed into a closet.

I wasn’t originally planning on getting an entirely new system, just upgrading a part or two…

But after reviewing the new requirements for video cards it became apparent that I might as well just get a new machine entirely. (This would also allow me to scrap out a part or two to our little hunter who is in desperate need to be playing on a desktop instead of the laptop she’s currently suffering with. I’m pretty sure it’s a power supply she’s in need of and this one seems to work fine.)

The video card I am interested in (and the 2 or 3 below it) require a stronger power supply than what I have as well as being monstrously huge – it would require me to remove all my RAM to seat in on the motherboard… leaving me with a beast of a video card and no RAM to support it.

I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews for so I wandered over there.

Here’s the machine I’m thinking of:

My only concern is that it seems to cap out at 4GB of RAM.

That should be plenty… for now. I would hope that by the time the specifications for WoW exceed 4GB of RAM I will need to replace the rest of the machine as well.

Any words of wisdom before I plunge headlong into this venture?

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4 comments on “The Culprit Found?

  1. Delerius says:

    I’m still not a fan of Windows Vista, but as long as you upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out (really soon) then I think that machine should work great for you.

    It’s the kind of thing I would get if I wasn’t planning on multi-boxing 10 accounts one day… That would take a much more macho machine. =)


  2. Delerius says:

    Oh, October 22nd is when Windows 7 will be available =D


  3. smart001 says:

    a buddy of mine just bought a new machine and it came with a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it is released…I will ask him about it when he comes in to work, but I would keep that in mind before you purchased that you will have (or want) to upgrade real soon.

    That computer you pointed to looks like it has great reviews though. It kind of makes me want a new one now.


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