Ready for Launch

New computer arrived?


Keyboard software loaded without blowing the machine up?


WoW loaded?


5 hours of patching because Vista is so helpful, even after I turned off the firewall and manually added a gazillion ports?


Ventrilo? FRAPS? RAWR?

Check, check, and check.

Houston, we are ready for launch!

Technically I was ready to go on Sunday, but I spent the day taking care of some other stuff.

First, I wanted to salvage my older machine to loan to our little hunter. I decided it would be easier to loan a full machine than to start scrapping it out.

So I at least got it to the point where it won’t let me access the second copy of Vista, even though it says it’s still there.

WoW is loaded (and patched).

Ventrilo is loaded and I set up the servers that we most commonly use.

I even loaded RAWR since they have made some serious improvements to the hunter module in the last couple releases. Now I just need to teach her how to use it so I don’t have to run her optimizer anymore.

It has no video card, but it should still run a hell of a lot better than the piece of shit laptop she’s been on.

Hopefully she’s around today.

While WoW was patching on the older machine, my hubby and I went to the movies.

Somehow we missed Transformers 2 when it was in the big theaters but it just hit the cheapo theater in town.

Movie review in 3 letters:


That’s all I’m going to say.

Of course, WoW wasn’t done patching by the time we got back so I had to find something to amuse myself with that wouldn’t chew up bandwidth.

Zoo Tycoon!

I love that game.

So my computer is ready to go.

The loaner computer is ready to go. (Cross your fingers.)

Thank god I have today off to actually log into WoW.

Happy Labor Day!

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4 comments on “Ready for Launch

  1. telanarra says:



  2. Delerius says:

    That sounds like an amazing labor day present =)

    I think I’m going to go buy a new mouse, mine keeps glitching. Maybe a new keyboard too. Like, right now.


  3. Magejuego says:

    Concerning Transformers 2:

    You’ll like this.


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