It’s Good to be Back

So Monday was my first day back in WoW since my comp blew up… however long ago that was.

Therefore, this post will be a bit disjointed. That’s pretty much how I felt in the game, trying to remember how to just do STUFF.

The new computer (my old one) seems to be a win for our little hunter.

Her boyfriend had a video card that fit so she’s back playing on a real desktop.

She said everything was going fast and with being back on a normal monitor everything was so big it almost made her eyes hurt, lol.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I believe trade chat got stupider while I was gone. Or maybe they were just saving it all up for my return. Or maybe I forgot that people are that dumb.

Nothing in specific, no anal jokes or Chuck Norris facts, just really poor quality of communication.

Well, there was one thing in specific.

Seems the new meme is “FUCK [insert item/activity/random whatever here], GET MONEYZ.”

Over and over.

It was a relief when a gold spammer started up.


I went to Dal and didn’t drop below 30 FPS. Matter of fact, it was usually around 55.

Previously, I would be happy with 30  FPS tops in Dal.

I <3 my new computer.

I’m also noticing that the backgrounds aren’t “popping up” any more.

Ever notice on older driving games, like Cruisin’ USA, that the background art would “pop up” into view from out of nowhere as you moved down the track?

Scenery in WoW had been doing something like that to me on my old computer, but I was able to push more video settings higher and seem to have eliminated that distraction entirely.

In general, everything looks a little smoother.

I was hoping the new computer would fix my intermittent internet issue, but that is looking more and more like my router has an attitude problem.

Lucky for me, I have a brand new one sitting right here. Now if only I weren’t so lazy I might actually hook it up.

The blue glow from both the keyboard and the tower is a little hypnotic…

I moved a couple of my keybinds around.

I made the button that was previously my autorun button into my mount button.

I made my autorun button work on a shift modifier of that button.

Guess how many times I dismounted myself trying to toggle autorun on?

This could take a while to learn.

My current goal is to get the loremaster achievements and I am hard at work on Kalimdor. When I ended last night I was at 450 out of 685.

Here’s the thing: I know Cataclysm isn’t coming out for a while. I know that we’ve got the Icecrown patch before they really start mucking with old world.

So why then, do I feel like I have got to get all these quests done yesterday?

It’s this insane pressure to get it all taken care of before the expansion. I found myself not reading quest text and stressing over the amount of time it takes to get from one place to another.



Deep breath.

I wanted to do all the quests even before there was such a thing as an achievement system in WoW.

The only thing that changed is I have a deadline of 6+ months away. Quite possibly longer.

Why the hell am I rushing?

After I calmed down and started reading the quests again I began enjoying myself again.

Except for when I found another quest for Wailing Caverns in Thunderbluff.

Seriously? I just spent something like an hour in there killing every last living thing.

Between the quests from the leatherworkers above the instance and the possibility of a vanity pet and getting lost, it’s just easier to wipe the whole place clean.

I did get the achievement (finally) off my first run – even though I know I’ve run it before. And I know I’ve run it before because the big murloc didn’t drop the item that starts a quest for me this time around. Second run was much faster as I just zipped around anything I could and took down the 4 fang bosses again.

Between the 2 runs I had a full set “of the Fang.”

Why the hell couldn’t I have done that when I was trying to twink out a druid? Took 1 too many runs and she dinged up to 20. Bastards. Now they go and implement the turn off XP feature. Where were you a year ago?

Too bad it’s leather. I could have had a pajama set to wear.

Anyway, I finished out the Barrens, Durotar, and Azshara.

I was able to do Thousand Needles and Mulgore before my comp blew up.

This leaves me with Desolace, Feralas, Un’Goro, Silithus, Ashenvale, Stonetalon, Dustwallow Marsh, Tanaris, Felwood, and Winterspring.



5 comments on “It’s Good to be Back

  1. smart001 says:

    I am at 485 of 685 and i feel the same pressure . I don’t know why. Though I had no intent to work on the old quests until the achievement/title thing, I am doing it now because the Seeker and the Loremaster are cool and hard to get titles.

    I think I need to calm down as well, it is no fun when there is pressure felt.

    hmmmm….I think haiku is in order (sorry this happens sometimes and I just have to share)

    Loremaster Title
    Not that easy to obtain
    should play diner dash


  2. Dark/Soth says:

    Welcome back! I’m glad you got the new comp all set and its working out great so far.

    I got fed up with my crappy FPS and ordered a new spiffy video card. Well, its not really new, but it would of been top of the line like 24 months ago. Haha. Anyhow, its a huge upgrade for me. I’m just hoping it will let me see mobs more than 50 yards away without slowing my system to a screeching halt.


  3. Tebla says:

    I just finished Loremaster of Kalimdor on Saturday. As Alliance I had 700 to do. I did WC several times and Must have done Maraudon 5 times, because I kept running into other quests. I was going on my third time through the zones looking for quests, when I was able to get a few of my guildies to run me through AQ20 and finish 3 quests that had been sitting in my quest log for 3 or 4 months. If there was just one more chain it would be a much easier.

    I wanted it before the news of the expansion, but for some reason, I too, felt the need to get it done now. I don’t know why, but I have put off all the other things I was doing, daily’s, rep grinds and such, just to experience as much of the old world content as I can.

    Eastern Kingdoms should be much easier for me and I already have Northrend, so I should be able to get it done fairly soon.

    Oh, I am sure you are aware of this, but I wasn’t and someone else might not be either. And, hopefully, they can find out before they are on their third run through the zones. Wowhead will list all of the faction quest givers in a zone, including drop ones, like the Homing Robot OOX-22/FE in Feralas. Kalimdor was kind of tedious.


  4. Lacoka says:

    This is my first time reading ur blog and this post made me laugh. I thought it was only my server that did the anal and chuck norris trade spam. It must be a trend : )


  5. Troutwort says:

    Welcome back, glad to hear you’r e up and running again!


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