What? I can’t hear you!

Vent was screwy as all hell last night.

And not just the one for my current guild, we hopped into the still running vent for our old guild and had the same problems.

The pally tank/priest could hear me and I could hear him. But no one else seemed to be able to hear him.

I think everyone but the shaman could hear the other priest.

One warrior could hear me, but his mic was broken.

It was absolutely crazy. And we raided like that, in near silence.

Started by getting pulled into a VoA.

We were supposed to start with ToC at 7 server, but a few people were on early enough to try and get through a 10 VoA while we had WG. They pugged in a couple to fill the holes and away we went.

Started with the new guy, Koralon the Flame Watcher.

This fight is horrendously complicated.

I kid.

Stay out of the fire.

That’s it.

Except when the tank dies, no amount of not being in the fire will save the squishy casters from being, well, squished.

Heals were kind of weak in the beginning I think, so some people got swapped around to different characters. We finished it with a couple of our all star healers and tanks and it made a big difference keeping the tanks up during the spike damage.

On the attempt that finally did it, I managed to be top DPS and damage, go me. Our hunter was giving me a run for my money. Nerf hunters.

(Not our little hunter, this is a different hunter. Sheesh, with more people in a guild this is going to get more complicated.)

Of course, got:

Koralon 10

Now, all the while we’re getting this guy hammered out, we’ve got a PuG warlock and DPS priest asking to just go and kill the other guys so they can get some loot.

The PuG warrior in our group and the rest of us agreed, hell no. Not getting saved to this unless the group can down this guy.

As we’re finishing up Koralon, we get the warning that the instance is going to be closing soon.


Let’s bust out the other two bosses.

Emalon 10

How’s that work?

Oh yeah, I only dropped him in 25 before, never in 10.

And then wiped the floor with the remains of Archavon.

I remember when he was hard. Like, OMG we’re going to hit the enrage timer because we have some loser facerolling DK in here that can’t break 1k DPS hard.

No loots dropped for me, so it was just an achievement and badge run, but it felt good to be back raiding again.

By now, we had enough peeps on to move over to ToC 10.

We had a new tank and I think a new ret pally, can’t quite remember who had been there before, but I know the OT hadn’t done it yet.

With all the issues with vent there was a lot of typing and we were off.

Magnatar went down easy. I just randomly tabbed around to see if there were any snobolds on the melee and if I was lucky I could actually see them being thrown at the ranged. For once, I was never targeted with a snobold.

Our first attempt at the worms, we missed a part of the explanation to the OT so there was a bit of poison spewing about.

Note: mages generally cannot survive being hit with both the poison and the fire at the same time. It stings something fierce.

Wiped it and ran it again, flawlessly.

Icehowl went down with no problems.

The OT did a great job picking up adds on Jaraxxus, piece of cake.

I still want a glyph (minor please!) that allows me to pull multiple buffs off with a single spellsteal.

I think the priest was helping to dispel, but it’s still a pain in the ass to clear his spellpower buff one stack at a time.

And many thanks to DBM for screaming at me when he has it, I don’t always see the buff pop up when he’s my focus and I’m dealing with adds.

Then comes the faction champions.


When I left our brave adventurers last week due to computer suicide, we had not successfully been past these jackholes.

Several individuals in the guild had pugged through it successfully (omg, a pug can do it and we can’t? /shame) or had completed it on other characters on other servers.

It took us two shots and at the end the only ones standing were me, the warrior and the ret pally. Someone was yelling in vent for the pally to heal since all the healers were down. I honestly don’t know if he could hear and if he actually healed or not, but we pulled it through.

I did switch to arcane that second attempt. And then promptly forgot I had Slow. But the added mobility of Arcane Barrage and more haste makes it so much easier for me.

This means we got to finally face the twin Val’kyrs.

Now, I watched a vid of the fight back when it was still on the PTR.

It looked beautifully orchestrated.

And then we tried it.

Drunk elephants on ice skates probably exhibit more coordination than we did. Hell, I while drunk in real life probably have more coordination.

We tried moving them around, taunting them across the room, it was all so complicated compared to the pretty video where they just sat in one place and people DPSed them down.

We were definitely having trouble with the Twin Pact healing shit, for some reason we just couldn’t get all the DPS on the right one with the right buff at the right time.

It got to the point where a raid lead just called for us to DPS through the Twin Pact and only switch our essences if they were casting the vortex.

Personally, I think we should keep working at the switching thing and getting that bubble down to stop the Twin Pact.

The concept isn’t hard, although with the vent issues there was definitely some confusion – especially where the little colored cotton balls were concerned – it’s really just an execution fight. It’s like the Yogg fight, we know the theory, but until we actually get our shit together on the execution, we’re going to have problems. Brute forcing our way through the encounter isn’t really helping anything.

Oh well, maybe next week.

People had to go so we watched the intro for the last fight and ran right at Anub for giggles. It was worth the repair.

We should be going back on Thursday to clean up the basement as it were, so I suppose I should go watch a video or something.

Out of the whole mess I got Sunreaver Magus’ Sandals, which helped with the hit. It hurts to replace the Spellslinger’s Slippers, but I think I’ll regem those bad boys for my arcane set.

Oh, and my mage/DK buddy got some sword or something. I guess it’s cool or something, he seemed awfully excited about it. It’s just some big old 2-hander. But I mean. it has no spellpower or haste or anything, what good is it? It’s Edge of Agony for anyone that’s interested in those big, melee things. And armor pen? C’mon! That’s totally useless.

Just kidding. /hug

That sword looks bad ass. I wish my little night elf could wield that when he grows up, but the Alliance version of it looks pretty lame.

How much longer until Blizzard removes faction restrictions altogether and I can have a Horde night elf? I’ll pay $30 for that…

Regroup for a H UK since it’s the daily.

Remember how I mentioned yesterday I had moved a couple keybindings?

Mount up at Krasus’ Landing.

Start heading out to Howling Fjord.

Toggle autorun.

Except that’s not autorun anymore, that’s the mount/dismount button.

Start plummeting to the ground.

Spam Slow Fall.

Disaster averted.

But my head is swimming, the room is spinning, everything is sort of fuzzy and I’m on the edge of feeling absolutely euphoric.

What’s this?

Um guys, I think I almost passed out.

I probably need to eat after this run.

I think we creamed H UK.

It’s a good thing I know that instance well because I had only half a clue about what was going on. I was on autopilot, just following the tank and killing things with red names. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what I was doing. No one yelled at me for doing something wrong so I must have done alright.

Was DPSing against two rogues:

  • Rogue #1 – 26.8% total damage
  • Rogue #2 – 26.1% total damage
  • Me (arcane spec) – 23.5% total damage

It is so hard to get mobs finished off when two rogues are turning the mobs’ innards into ground meat.

Ate dinner, didn’t feel much better but off to H ToChamp (getting confused with it being Trial of the Crusader for the 10 and Champion for the 5, way to go Blizzard, they have the same acronym).

Same two rogues, new tank. It’s hard to believe that we sometimes struggled with this one in the first couple weeks.

  • Rogue #1 – 28.3% total damage
  • Rogue #2 – 28.3% total damage
  • Me (still in arcane, although I normally do this one in fire) 25.6% total damage

(Jousting damage removed.)

Nerf FoKing rogues already.

Being in arcane for that one really threw me off. I had gotten real used to tossing living bombs all over the place. (Didn’t say I liked it, just that I was used to it!) If I hadn’t been woozy still I think I would have made the transition better, or remembered to switch back to fire.

Next time I’ll try it with less feeling of impending unconsciousness.


5 comments on “What? I can’t hear you!

  1. daemia says:

    Ooh, congrats on the Faction Champions!


  2. thedoctor says:

    “Drunk elephants on ice skates probably exhibit more coordination than we did.”

    Yeah, I felt the same way during that fight…gratz on the loot. Those shoes are sexy!



  3. Dark/Soth says:

    I’m glad you are ok. Was a tad worried about you. I still have pizza leftovers if you need it. /hug

    I luvz ma new sword! I saw the hunter eyeing ma sword. I was tempted to stab her pet with it just to make sure she knows its mine. Its so purty. Its got red (FOR THE HORDE) runes all along the side. Definitely a DK weapon. Also, I no longer have to covet KT for Betrayer.

    That Val’kyr fight was frustrating. Run this way, now run that way, now click this portal, now the other portal, get the cream puffs, wait the other cream puffs, dps the shield, now interrupt, now more cream puffs. Sigh.


  4. jong says:

    Moar drunk elephants on ice skates please. I like your angry rants.


  5. Nagu says:

    Grats. Also, the sword is alright, but I tend to avoid agility on weapons on my DK. Strength is much better.


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