I blame Randul

Conniving little dwarves… almost as bad as gnomes.

I know somehow he does it on purpose.

That’s right, Randul the Dwarf, I’m blaming you.

(In my company, this is what we call throwing someone under the bus. Apparently the corporate culture is a tad on the violent side, it’s probably why I fit in so well.)

Now that I’ve probably confused the hell out of poor Randul I’ll explain.

As people post on my blog or I find out that they are linking to me, I try to go out and find their blogs and read them.

But I’m kind of weird and don’t want to start posting on a blog until I’ve read the archives, to get a feel for the author(s), ya know?

So I’ve been trying to read Randal’s blog, Where’s Me Drink? for MONTHS now.

I’ll get through a couple posts in a day and promise to come back the next day to read a couple more.

I’m lazy so I just leave the window up with the last post I read.

And then at night, my computer will magically reboot itself.

Only on the nights when I have his blog open.

I left it open last night thinking it’s a new computer, it wouldn’t possibly pull that shit on me.

Guess what woke me up at 3 AM Wednesday fucking morning?

That’s right, from my office I could hear the unmistakable sound of Vista starting itself up.

I was miserably tired all day Wednesday. Too tired to eat lunch.

So Wednesday afternoon I took the time to *finally* get completely caught up on his blog and threw it into my feeder so I never have to leave it open overnight again.

Go read it if you’re not already – just don’t leave it open at night. That’s when the dwarf-gremlins come out.


2 comments on “I blame Randul

  1. Wow thanks for the…endorsement?


  2. smart001 says:

    haha she said it is your fault…I don’t believe her though. = )


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