My Pants are BROKEN

It’s true, it’s true.

I’ve been lamenting the fact that my pants don’t match my chest, even though they are from the same tier set.

Matter of fact, I commented that they looked an awful lot like the T7.5 pants I was wearing before, just with cargo pockets on the thighs.

I went back and started comparing pictures…

This is what the T7.5 pants look like:

T8 Chest T7.5 Pants

Notice the purple stripe down the front, the gray splash just above the knees and the red on the inside.

This is what the T8 sets are supposed to look like:


I believe it’s the T8 on the left and the T8.5 on the right.

Notice the lack of a purple stripe down the front, a gray splash just above the knees and red on the inside. They do, however, have some shape at the thigh.

Here’s the before and after shot of my T7.5 and T8 pants:

Before ....... After

Before ....... After


It’s the same goddamn skin stretched over the new model!

For giggles, guess what pants I’m wearing in this shot:

Name those pants!

Name those pants!

Trick question!

I’m not wearing any pants!

No Pants Character Screen


No pants!

(I am wearing my new T9 shoulders, but no pants!)

I tried my old Spellstrike pants on. Yes, I still have them.

They look like T7.5.

Go to the vendor. Use the dressing room to try on all the pants.

They ALL look like T7.5, just in different shapes.

Find a guild mate in Dalaran.

Take my pants off.

Does it look like I’m wearing pants to you?


Haha! I’m not wearing any pants!

I put a ticket in expecting to be told to delete my WTF and cache.

I wasn’t in game for a response so they emailed me one:


Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department.

The information you supplied has been added to our own. We thank you for taking the time to report this matter, and we appreciate your dedication towards making the World of Warcraft the best possible game it can be.

You can also check our forums (““) where you can discuss game issues with other players.

Thank you again for contacting us. We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft!

*** Please do not respond to this email as all conversations on this matter would be best handled online. ***

Huh, that’s the exact same response I got for my previous ticket about a bugged quest.

And it didn’t fix my pants!

In non-fashion related news, we dropped Anub’arak on our 4th try.

We probably could have done it on an earlier attempt but for two issues:

  1. The pally healer couldn’t keep himself alive and would die 30 seconds into the encounter. Bad healer! (you know who you are)
  2. The raid leader was adamant that if we put down enough ice we could keep Anub from burrowing. We finally convinced him that was only on the PTR – on live he will always enter phase 2 and burrow.

I started the encounter as fire spec and as ranged was assigned to bring down the flying snowballs.


How the hell is anyone supposed to target those suckers?

Tabbing wouldn’t pick them up.

I moved my camera every way I could think of, zooming in, out, looking up, looking down, I just couldn’t get them in my screen. (Yes, I have the script line in that allows for zooming out really, really far.)

Second attempt I made a macro – /target Frost Sphere.

Now I could target them… but it really liked picking the sphere behind me.

I start casting fireball… the target must be in front of you.


Turn, start casting again… the target must be in front of you.

Fuck that shit.

Wipe and switch to arcane.

Haha, Arcane Barrage is an instant cast! If it’s behind me I’ll know immediately! None of this start the cast and the stupid sphere keeps floating around out of line of sight.

By our successful run, my macro looked like this:

/target Frost Sphere
/cast Arcane Barrage
/target Anub’arak

I think we spent a little too much time on pulling down frost spheres. Next time I think in phase 1 I’ll only pull down 3-4, that should be plenty for the OT to pull the adds to.

In phase 2 I’ll pull down as many as I can to keep permafrost down for everyone to stand on and in phase 3 I’ll just make sure we’ve still got a couple patches down for the adds to be tanked on.

Mana wasn’t much of an issue, even as arcane.

Cast Arcane Barrage to pull down a snowball. Cast Arcane Blast on Anub while waiting for cooldown on Arcane Barrage to be up. Cast Arcane Barrage on a snowball, clearing the Arcane Blast stack and resetting the mana cost for Arcane Blast. Rinse. Repeat. If an add was up, I would try to get a full stack in on them before bringing down more snow.

Phase 2 seemed to work best for us when we stayed grouped together, it made it easier for the tanks to pull adds off of people. Keeping the adds grouped together also made it easier to toss down a little AoE. Note that you need to be pretty well smack dab in the middle of a frost patch to be protected; Anub’s spikes seem to go right through the edges.

Bloodlust on phase 3 and we were good to go.

Call of the Crusade 10

Hopefully we can get past the Faction Champions again this week without too much trouble… is it sad that the twins and Anub are easier than the stupid faction champions?

Perdition dropped but it went to a healer. I’m just lowly DPS. /sad

Maybe next week I’ll be rocking out that badass staff. There’s a couple other nice goodies in there, especially now that we’ve opened up heroic.

Off to write up my loot wish list!


5 comments on “My Pants are BROKEN

  1. Grats on the achievement. Raiding is extremely slow for our guild right now. We’ve only been into ToC once and we didn’t even get past the northrend beasts. /fail


  2. Zarigar says:

    Those Frost Spheres can eat me. I made the same macro you did. Tried to cast Lightning Bolt. “Target must be in front of you.” Bah. Spin around trying to get it. “Target must be in front of you.” Hit macro and immediately turn around. “Target must be in front of you.” Finally cast something. Someone else gets it down. “You have no target.” ^$&#^#%!!~!


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