Note to Self

Dear Self,

Can we for once try NOT to load new adds or make keybinding changes right before a raid? Or the night before the raid when we KNOW we won’t have time to remember that we did that?



We’re finally trying to get regular raiding nights set up.

And it’s been trying.

But that’s a whole ‘nother incoherent ranting post.

Monday night I had the bright idea to change the keybind on my main nuke for both arcane and fire.

Not a big change, just a little teensy change.

And that little change of course rippled through a few lesser-used spells, but no worries.

Spent some time at the target dummy, ran through both specs a few times and decided it would work for the time being.

I wanted to just relax for a little bit before logging off so I popped over to my reincarnated warrior to kill a few spiders.

Not enough rage.

Need more rage.


Trust me, I am now sufficiently angry to perform that function!

Just fucking heroic strike already!

Oh wait, I thought I wanted to relax…

Rage generation is a little hit or miss on him so far. Maybe I should drop the shield and go 2-handed. Except I don’t know 2-handed weapons yet. Hrmmm…

What I really need is just a better (read: larger and in my face) way to track my rage.

I know a couple people are using IceHUD, I should really check that out.


I work from home which has a gabillion benefits.

One of which is that I can do stuff on break that I wouldn’t be able to do in the office – like switch to my home computer and update my adds.

My version of DBM was old enough that it barely recognized Koralon in VoA and several others were just as bad off.

Go through my favorites at Curse, oh yeah! I also wanted to add IceHUD.

Drop that into my add on folder and get back to work.

Time to log off and sign into WoW.

We’ve got a raid scheduled for 7 server, I’m logging in at 6:45 to be a few minutes early.

Gives me a chance to check my mail, top off reagents, make sure I’m repaired, all that responsible raider crap.

Loading screen.

Arthas, good to see you again.

You can stop staring at me any time now.


I’m not even in the game yet and I can hear the group invite sound.


Dalaran loads.



“Come to ToC with us!”

Uh, yeah we’re doing the 10 man in 15 minutes.

“No, come do the 5 man now.”


Hearthing to the Argent Tournament.

Hmmm… what are these green and blue lines all around me?

Aaaggghhhhh! They’re following me! I can’t get away from them!

Oh yeah. I loaded IceHUD this morning and haven’t customized it yet.

“We already started, get in here.”


Equip lance, zone in.

Now, we generally start the 5 man ToC before everyone is zoned in because it takes forever for the introductions.

First person starts it and everyone has time to grab a lance, hop on a wolf, shield up, read a book, and use the restroom.

What they failed to mention was they had started it earlier than when they told me.






Not only was the joust in full swing, but they were all hanging out by the door.

Haha guys.

While you 4-man the joust I’ll be getting into vent.

Zone in again after they all run out after the dismount.

It is completely possible to take on the 3 guys straight from the jousting without zoning out to reset it. I know, I’ve done it before.

But we always zone out and back in and then buff up and start up.

We are such a bunch of pussies.

Select my target.


Even more lines and words and colors and stuff all over my screen!

Um, guys, I might want to disable an add before…

Entering Combat.

Never mind.

/cast Frostbolt


I’m in Arcane spec, where the hell did that frostbolt come from?

Oh yeah…

Shit, where did I change my nuke bind to?

Stumbled my way through the three guys.

Maybe I can configure this real quick before the next pull.


Twiddle. Twiddle.

Entering Combat.

Fuck me.

Finish up combat with a few less things on the screen.

Screw this, disable add.

Finish up the Black Knight.

Convert to raid.

Switch to fire.

Move into 10-man ToC.

We’ve been doing really well at the Northrend Beasts, assuming I don’t screw up on Icehowl.

(Yeah, it’s possible for a mage to not get out of the way in time. My previous keyboard had issues if multiple movement commands were being sent at the same time and refuse to acknowledge any. /fail On the positive side, it is possible for a good warrior tank to blow shield wall and survive the enrage. On the even better side, my new keyboard doesn’t seem to flip out as much. I however, am still prone to flipping out.)

Beasts went great and I didn’t fuck up!

My damage wasn’t stellar (I was less than 3% total below the #1 spot so I guess it wasn’t that bad – nerf rogues!), but it was another case of:

/cast Frostbolt.


Oh yeah… the keybind thing again.

According to the parse there was actually a time early in the fight where my Illustration of the Dragon Soul and Eye of the Broodmother stacks fell off. That means I didn’t get a successful damaging cast to land in 10 seconds straight. It looks like I landed a Living Bomb on a snobold but I can’t explain what happened. I may have been having issues keeping within range of that snobold or that could have been when I straight up just could not find my home keys and panicked. (New keyboard, I’ll explain some other time how I lost my home keys.)

Note for classes that can break out of Icehowl’s frozen breath crap: If you are the one being targeted by Icehowl (not just being hit with it, you have to be the primary target) and you break out of the snare, you will stop the cast and save your raid from some damage. Mage Blink works and I heard that rogues can do something. Maybe pally freedom of movement as well?

Icehowl Binding dropped and went to me. /cheer

This will be replacing my Sash of Uber Leetsauce. /sad

I’m holding off on gemming it up until I have my second piece of T9 because I know that will change my gem choices. So close… just a couple more dailies. Getting T9 through dailies, I feel so dirty. /shame

Next up, Lord Jaraxxus!

Doing good…

Spellstealing, Living Bombing, Fireballing.

Legion Flame on me.

Run to wall to poop piles of green fire away from the raid.

Um, guys?

This sort of hurts.

You are dead. Click to release.


Legion Flame DeathAwww, not one heal?

No one loves me. /cry

For my pain and suffering I did get the Felspark Bracers.

So I was the first death and was terrified I would be the only.

I don’t think there’s an achievement for an immortal run on this, but it still would have sucked. Sort of the raiding equivalent to the beer frame in bowling. Except instead of a single frame, all 9 other people scored 300 and you choked once.

Back on my feet and on to the Faction Champions, otherwise known as the cock block group of ToC.

Switch to Arcane.

It was messy, but we got it. Go team!

And I think we even all lived.

Twins go down easy.

Anub gets squashed like the bug he is. My new strategy of not pulling down quite so much ice seemed to work. I don’t think we ever ran out and I was able to contribute more time to the boss.

Thankfully a couple other people died at various other times during the run (nothing personal, I just want you to share my pain).

But we never wiped.

Not a one.

It was awesome.

Hopefully this weekend we’ll be rolling into the 10-man Heroic ToC.

And then we’ll wipe.


10 comments on “Note to Self

  1. thedoctor says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. It made me giggle and fullfilled my wow need.


  2. Dark/Soth says:

    “Run to wall to poop piles of green fire away from the raid.

    Um, guys?

    This sort of hurts.

    You are dead. Click to release.”

    Try Ice Block. I heard it works wonders.



  3. Dark/Soth says:

    Even the best healers get caught up now and then. Try to make it a habit to never die in a raid with your Ice Block cooldown up. Sometimes its unavoidable, sometimes its not.

    Same goes for all dps classes, really. Most classes have some sort of defensive cooldown.

    I’ve kicked myself a bunch of times for dying in a raid with my ice block cooldown available. I don’t know how many times I’ve Ice blocked then been hit with 35k in heals a half second later.


  4. Dark/Soth says:

    The point is, sometimes that half second is the difference between life and death. Remember, dead mages do 0 dps.


  5. Landelphon says:

    i play a Frost Fire mage but i tried arcane and my DPS was terrible… could you please give me the correct Arcane Rotation so i can try it and see if i like it better?.


  6. gnomeaggedon says:

    Keybindings… I always tell myself I will never change my bindings or UI… but I do, and I /cry.

    I discovered something weird happening with my dual spec bars too (maybe it’s bartender, maybe it’s wow).

    When I learned upgraded skills, they were only upgraded on the bars for the spec I was in when I trained…

    Which is bad when you get DPS upgrades in Resto spec… and vice versa


  7. Rurjaos says:

    I try to remember myself to dump rage with power auras. Just set it up to splash-blink-rotate some kind of icon at … lets say… 45 rage and keep hitting Heroic Strike until the icon goes away.


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