Simulated Manatee Sex

See the kinds of things that come up at pirate parties?

I hope you all had a wonderful National Talk Like A Pirate Day, I know I did.

There will be pictures at some point… I have to wait for them to be sent to me.

Brewfest is up and running, but I won’t talk about that until Tuesday or Wednesday as I am not sure which parts of what I did were truly dailies and which were the non-daily holiday quests.

The one really important tip I have so far:

When doing the Coren Direbrew kills make sure that only ONE PERSON talks to him at a time. We lost a summons when 2 of us tried talking.

Got into a 25 VoA Friday night.

We wiped once on Koralon and then pulled our shit together.

I was 6th in overall damage and I don’t think we had a single DPS under 3K.

Trundle over to Emalon, we’re cutting it close to the zone being contested…

And the keepers turn to stone.

Awwww…. off to defend WG.

And defend we did. The inner walls were never breached.

That was my first time in WG since the quests went to a weekly format, it’s been a while.

The lack of lag was incredible! I could cast stuff! I could see people! I could move!

I’ll be doing more WG now.

And I never died once, I actually got heals!

Back into the vault after our defense…

And both Arch and Emalon were continuously turning to stone. They were glitched hard, couldn’t even target them.

So what do you do in a situation like this?

Photo op!

Archavon's got my back

Archavon's got my back

The Tempest Minion? Yeah, he's with us.

The Tempest Minion? Yeah, he's with us.

I just have to say, those mobs are fucking HUGE. Trying to get screen shots that went higher than their knees was challenging.

So… getting a core raid group together.

Getting some raid times hammered out.

We all want to make some progress, right?


I think 11 people were invited to the Sunday night heroic ToC 10 man progression raid.

It was to be our first time setting foot in there as heroic.

We’ve cleared it on normal a couple times now, even got through the last time with 0 wipes.

But… only a few of the people actually bothered to accept/decline the invitation.

One of the people that accepted turned out to be at a football game… you know who you are.

The other people that accepted were there, even mostly on time.

4 of the 11 I think.

We could have grabbed a couple others from the guild that are close to being ready, just to get in there to say that we did… but we still would have had to bring in 4 pugs. 4 pugs for our first time in there? That just doesn’t sound like a good idea.

The guild did have a second raid planned, an Uld 10 for the overflow that couldn’t fit in the H ToC 10 (or just aren’t ready yet).

That raid got going and I was one of a couple odd people out since we had too many logged on.

At first I was a little hurt that they asked me to come to Uld.

Not to join the raid but just to make them some fucking strudel.

I was in the middle of a quest out in Icecrown (the jousting in front of the citadel) and was in a party helping some guy out with it.

“Come make us strudel.”


“Come make us strudel.”

Fuck ya’ll, I am NOT a traveling kitchen and I am busy.

By the time I was done out there, they had already filled up and got started.

My husband wasn’t in the raid but was logged into the vent for it and I could hear it from my office.

Let me tell you, I have never laughed so hard at a raid.

I also did a lot of yelling and swearing and decided that me not being in the raid was probably the best thing.

Turns out most of them had not been in Uld before.

And one in particular has been there before but was probably worse off than the people that hadn’t been there at all.

They talked to the wrong NPC to start off at the very beginning so unwittingly turned hard mode on for Flame Leviathan.

The one person in the raid that should have known better assumed that someone else knew what was going on so didn’t think to check that the right NPC was spoken to.

They get to Flame Leviathan and all 4 towers are up. And active.


Explain how to fix it and they run around taking down towers.

All the time I’m getting whispers from several of the raid members asking questions and telling me what’s going on.

It was like reading a book from 4 different perspectives while listening to the audio version all at the same time. All while I was questing in Desolace. It helped to pass the time running from point A all the way out to point BFE on the other side of the map. Repeatedly.

They eventually got Flame Leviathan down.

Razorscale was a bit rough from what I heard.

Ignis was a raid breaker.

The one really good thing about the run (besides a couple people getting phat lootz) is that the guild leader was in there on an alt and was able to watch some people in action and give out some advice.

After that I ended up in Silvermoon at the training dummies with our little hunter getting some rotations nailed down and parsed.

Swapped out a glyph and tweaked the shot order.

I think we’ll see a jump in her DPS in the next raid.

That’s all I have right now, just really bummed that we didn’t get to make any progress this week.



2 comments on “Simulated Manatee Sex

  1. telanarra says:

    hey i seem to recall that i asked if you were busy and would be a really cool mage and come make us streudal. Once i realized you was jousting i think i let it go besides I am fairly certain we were a full raid by the time you would have been done jousting. Im not hundred % certain as it was brewfest and my sobritity was not 100%. :)


  2. Dark/Soth says:

    Holy crap I accepted the raid? I was sure I declined. Sorry! I must of been distracted thinking about the football game and hit the wrong button. I won’t let it happen again.

    Cute screenshot of us hanging out with Emalon. You know, the only reason he didn’t attack you was because I was standing right there, right?



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