Back in Black!

Well, actually – Back in Arcane, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.





That’s right ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages: Arcane received a little patch love.

I logged on real quick after loading the patch to do Direbrew with some guildies (got me a remote, woot!) and totally forgot about the changes.

Wow, I’m getting a lot of Missile Barrage procs… my mana isn’t hurting very much guess I can push my stacks… hey! My blast stack goes to 4 now!

Oh yeah…

Hot damn!

Logged back in later for the 10 man ToCr raid (normal) and hit up a training dummy with both specs.

Close, I think fire may have pulled ahead but I had some lucky crit runs.

Not to mention, I’m completely gemmed for fire – I have more hit than I know what to do with (158 over cap) and a crap ton of crit instead of haste.

So it took an hour to get the raid going.

WTF people!

Log in and get going!

Went with normal 10 ToCr as a warm up with the idea that we would head to the new Ony after.

Except… we had to fill the progression raid with a couple members of the guild that are not *quite* progression material.

So… we didn’t quite steamroll it like we did last week. We had a few wipes but did get to Anub.

We couldn’t keep the main tank up to see phase 3.

One problem was mine. I changed up my rotation from the last time I was in there, trying to get those mana-free Arcane Missiles out. So I went from Arcane Blast followed by an Arcane Barrage at a Frost Sphere to finishing up a stack of blasts and missiles on a target and then casting an Arcane Barrage without the benefit of any Arcane Blast stack behind it.

This means I left a couple “bleeders” as we call them (we being my tabletop group) – spheres with 1-100 HP left floating around. Because my macro immediately targets Anub again, and I had never had this problem before, I didn’t notice until later that they were hanging up and not falling.

My problem will be solved in 2 ways – first, I will regem to get rid of all that extra hit and pull in some more raw spell power. Just a few more points would have made all the difference. Second, if that doesn’t fix it, I’ll just have to watch the ice like a hawk now that I know this can be an issue.

Our second problem was a bit bigger. We could not stay stacked in phase 2. There were people and adds EVERYWHERE.

Telling people to stack wasn’t working so I tried a sneakier strategy: I started not pulling down as much ice so there were fewer patches for people to run to. Theoretically, this would increase the likelihood that people would end up in the same area so we could AoE the adds down.


Instead, there were people running where there wasn’t ice.

We eventually called it, there were too many east coast people that were getting tired.

Ony had nothing to fear from us last night.

But enough of that, how did Arcane work out?

We didn’t have quite the same group as last time, but here’s what I have for the Northrend Beasts fight:

Last week:



I was within 3% total damage of the number 1 spot, so it wasn’t too bad.

#1 routinely beats my ass every time I run with him. Nerf rogues.

#2 also is a top DPS spot on a regular basis. Nerf hunters.

#3 is also always ahead of me on the charts. Nerf boomkins.

So that was fire.

Now for this week:

NR Beasts 10 ToCr 092209


Different raid composition so I can’t compare directly… but I can certainly look at my own performance.

#1 is me, woot! I pulled almost 250K more damage overall and nearly a 3% increase in percentage of party’s damage compared to last week.

And I LOVE my burst capabilities. I have cooldowns again!

#2 is #3 from last week and #3 is #1 from last week. Clear as mud? Good.

That was only one fight (well, 3 combined) but I’m too lazy to go pull the other numbers.

I did also have new belt and bracers,  but neither were a “ZOMG AWESOME” upgrade for me. I don’t think they were 250K in 1 fight better.

Now I’ll admit I was worried about going back to arcane.

I had run a heroic 5-man the other night in Arcane, as I usually do, and found myself thinking about Living Bomb.


What if the new arcane hit and I didn’t have that same feeling for it? Had I become so accustomed to fire that I wouldn’t know how to act, or what to say? Had we lost that spark that bound us together?

Hey, when you really like a spec, it’s a committment! It becomes a relationship.

I had taken fire as my dirty mistress and was suddenly faced with the threat of realizing I might have liked her more.


So it was with great trepidation that I went into that 10 man as Arcane, fretting that it might not live up to my expectations and I would be crushed.

But I’m happy to report I have kicked fire to the curb like the 2-dollar whore she is and am back, stronger than ever, with my first love Arcane.

Fire – we can still be friends, right? I might call you once in a while, we can reminisce.

And then I can remember how much I hated stacking hit and how bad I fumbled over my GCDs without all my nummy nummy haste.

Long live arcane!


9 comments on “Back in Black!

  1. smart001 says:

    I like the moving picture of arioch when I first checked your site this AM. I wish you had warned us. I will probably have nightmares now. And not like horses that run around in the evening either. I mean scary dreams of a giant arcane/fire mage staring me down from the stars…

    Gratz on the DPS boost and such.


  2. thedoctor says:


    I love the comparsion between fire spec and a dirty whore.



  3. “Went with normal 10 ToCr as a warm up with the idea that we would head to the new Ony after.”

    You’ve got this backwards. Ony is a warmup for…pretty much anything but Obsidian Sanctum.


  4. smart001 says:

    @ Randul, I have yet to fight the new Ony. Is it that easy? I heard everyone on my server talking about how easy the fight was.


  5. It’s disgustingly easy. for a quick rundown of the fight.

    I’d definitely say there are some Naxx fights that are harder.


  6. repgrind says:

    Squee! I’m so excited about the arcane changes. MBarr was proccing all over the place, I was running out of health long before I even got close to needing mana …. I haven’t gotten to truly test it yet, that’s just from leveling. Taking a level 70 mage to Coren Direbrew doesn’t count. Nothing procs when you have 17 hit rating and are fighting a boss 12 levels above you. :p


  7. daemia says:

    I had just gathered enough hit to consider dropping 1k gold on a secondary fire spec.

    But now…why do I need to go out for a burger and fries when I’ve got steak and potatoes at home?


  8. theerivs says:



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