Haste is Swedish Fish

I’m working on a side project and it’s eating up some time. But it’s one of those things that won’t rest until it’s done so it’s driving me nuts.

As soon as I’m done and happy with it I will be posting the results to share.

Wednesday night I ran VoA 25 and 10.

The T8.5 gloves dropped in the 25 and I won the roll against another mage. Minor upgrade for me since I’m sporting the T8.

Broke down to the 10-man and the other mage left.

Realized after the fight that I was only a couple emblems away from being able to buy the T9 gloves – which have haste instead of hit. Nummy nummy haste.


Logged on Thursday evening with some time left on the item to be traded.

Pull up Recount and find the other mage’s name.

Pro-tip: If you ever want people to be able to find you, whisper you, mail you stuff – DON’T PUT FUCKING SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN YOUR NAME. If the name you want is already taken, suck it up and pick something else.

Spent a few minutes looking at Alt-characters on the web and finally figured out exactly which stupid variation of the letter A was in use.

Add her to my friends list, and she is actually on!

Psssttt…. you want those gloves from last night?


It was a huge upgrade for her compared to me. Pop over to Org and trade those to her.

I got a hug and love for my efforts.

I am nice sometimes. Keeps people on their toes.

One person that I am being barely nice to right now (and only because he gives me new dinosaur hatchlings as he gets extras) is a certain holy pally.

We were running Heroic Halls of Lighting because it was the daily.

We OWN that place; so ridiculously overpowered for it that the tank is auto-attacking while twiddling with some new adds and getting his settings just right.

So overpowered that when someone asks in guild chat what dropped off some boss kill somewhere, this pally decides that his time is better spent linking smart ass remarks in chat instead of healing.

Roll for Blame

The one time in the entire run I take random damage and it had to be right then. Damn straight you’re rolling for blame.

We did Ony last night, 3-shot her.

The first attempt was getting everyone in and acclimated – oh, that’s what is looks like, that’s what she does, that’s where the whelps come from, etc… didn’t quite make it to phase 3. (Throw more DoTs!)

The second attempt was a poor entrance. I think a healer got too far in or something, it was an immediate roflstomp on the main tank and it went downhill in about 20 seconds. So that one really doesn’t count.

The third attempt we decided to change our strategy from the first attempt during phase 2.

She stayed in the air too long in our first attempt because we had ranged working on the big adds that melee can’t get near (or shouldn’t anyway) and the whelps and trying to pick up Ony. It was spreading the ranged too thin and the melee were feeling a bit out of place.

Our successful attempt we had ranged on the big adds and then switched right back to Ony to get her grounded faster. This left the rogue and DK to deal with whelps. Even after the FoK nerf, rogues are still pretty good at that AoE shit. Nerf rogues more.

My damage between the 1st and 3rd attempt was really different due to not having the AoE whelp numbers. (Handle it!) Oh well. We killed her, that’s the important part.

She dropped nothing for me and I lost out on the bag, head, and gems.

After that we trundled over to 10 ToCr where we had left Anub waiting.


He went down like he should have done Tuesday night.

Looking at our best attempt from Tuesday and comparing it to last night, we went from 14k raid DPS to 21.5K.

I guess that 7.5K makes a bit of a difference.

I think the biggest contributing factor to our not-success on Tuesday (failure sounds so negative, don’t harsh my mellow, man) was the healing set up. We went in to Anub with three healers on Tuesday – 2 pallies and a holy priest. Last night we took a resto shaman and the priest went disc. Both of these guys are awesome at what they do and gaining that extra DPS slot made it so much smoother.

Again no pretties for me.

But by this time with the heroic daily being completed, I did get enough emblems to snag my T9 gloves.

Now recalculating gems and swapping gear…

I was using RAWR blindly for equipping and gemming but it started doing some things that I thought were really odd.

I’m still using it to test gear and gem swaps, but I’m not using the Optimize feature as much.

As it turns out, I may come up with a completely different gear/gem set than the optimizer suggests, but I’ll still be within 10-20 DPS when doing it manually of what doing the weird shit it suggests will get me.

It’s really hot on spirit for me, most likely due to my 2-piece T9 bonus, but I’m looking to stack haste.

I need to drop even more hit (still over cap) and load up on haste like it’s candy. Swedish fish to be exact. Nummy.

Now off to track down some gems…


10 comments on “Haste is Swedish Fish

  1. Darraxus says:

    When you said swedish fish I thought you were going to say it looks tasty but tastes like garbafe…..swedish fish are yuck.


  2. thedoctor says:

    omg….I f’n love Swedish Fish.

    I can not go into a Walgreens and not get atleast two boxes of them.

    From reading up on some of the mage changes, it seems like haste is actually better then spell power….who would have thought.


  3. smart001 says:

    @ Darraxus – you be quiet when you talk about swedish fish like that :P

    I think I need a RAAAAWR for Dummies guide. I cannot ever figure that program out. It would be nice to use as a jumping point.

    Gratz on the 9.


  4. telanarra says:

    “One person that I am being barely nice to right now (and only because he gives me new dinosaur hatchlings as he gets extras) is a certain holy pally.”

    Bribery is such a wonderful thing.

    “I’m working on a side project and it’s eating up some time. But it’s one of those things that won’t rest until it’s done so it’s driving me nuts.”

    enquiring minds wanna know. And its a short trip

    Gratz on Ony.


  5. Raven says:

    It’s funny, my guild came to the same conclusion on 25man Ony last night. After 2 wipes. But the fact that we only had 4 ranged didn’t register as a problem to them. / wrists

    Grats btw


  6. Delerius says:

    Yay for t9.5 gloves =D I got mine in 25voa yesterday. I now have 1 piece 9.5, 1 piece 8.5, and 2 piece 7.5. yeah.


  7. Nagu says:

    Just wondering, with this patch and the Ony upgrades did they fix that thing where melee standing underneath her can attack her?


  8. theerivs says:

    Mmmm haste, it even helps my other spec frost. I pull 3k frost dps with it.


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