And here’s another offering for the web comic installments.



Foul language?





Ever pick up one of those high-quality, glossy-paged comic books in the store?

This is what it’s like to read one online. (Although you can purchase paper copies to drool on as well.)

Succubi (boobies!), werewolves, creepy spider demons, warlocks, and maybe the devil himself grace these pages as a poor unwitting human falls into the nefarious plans of a necromancer. Follow Isaac as he discovers that the world is a lot creepier and scarier than he always believed. And just to think, he was only trying to get to work on time…

Locus is in its sixth issue and follows a classic comic book-style layout. Adam also includes the cover and inside cover art at the beginning of each issue; it really is like reading a “real” comic book. Do yourself a favor and start from the beginning to get the full story.

If you’re into secret languages or cryptography you’ll get an extra kick out of his work. The forums spend some time deciphering the goodies he has tucked away in there.

I found Locus by clicking on a random add off another web comic I was reading. Normally, I end up disappointed with the fare, but this one has delivered consistently and entertainingly.


3 comments on “Locus

  1. smart001 says:

    Wow, Great shout out, spent the morning reading the whole thing, will definitely be adding this to my normal reading rotation. Thanks.

    Wasn’t expecting so much boobage though…not complaining, just NSFW. :)


  2. Adam Black says:

    Locus (as well as all spinoffs) can be found here now:

    Thanks for the kind write-up!


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