Did we just do that?


For reals?

How the fuck did we do that?

We’ll get to that.

I volunteered to DPS in the guild’s non-progression raid since they are short on ranged DPS (and people in general).

We had an OT lined up but it turned out that he had a VERY valid reason for not showing. (And if you read this, you have my condolences.)

My husband has been gearing up a DK to tank in his spare time.

Not a whole lot of experience, he’s tanked a normal UK, OT a Naxx 10, and a chain of normal ToC.

That’s it.

Oh, and his gear is blue (mostly) with hardly any gems or enchants. But he’s def capped! And has about 25k health unbuffed.

He comes in to OT as a rep for the missing OT.

The raid leader and I aren’t expecting a whole lot from the group.

We’re missing the normal OT, we have 2 new healers, and a druid that we’re more or less forcing to go boomkin in the hopes that he can DPS his way out of a paper bag since his tanking and healing aren’t all that and a bag of chips.

One-shot Flame Leviathan.

Purplez get handed out.

Try Razorscale a couple times but something wasn’t meshing right.

The boomkin cannot DPS his way out of a paper bag. He can, however, manage to pull aggro immediately. And then call for heals.

I flat out told him that as DPS, we don’t care. Tanks and healers are the priority, you’ll get yours if they can. He tanks and heals so he knows this.

We were getting better at it, but decided to move on to XT since Razorscale is an optional boss.

One-shot XT and got the Nerf Gravity Bomb achievement for a few people.

Almost got the Scrapbot achievement as well, but funny enough, I can’t take care of all 4 corners by myself, the room is just too big. 1 got through.

Purplez get handed out.

Decide to skip the Iron Council and go to Kologarn.

Took 3 tries, but we got it.

Eye beams are srs bzns.

Purplez get handed out. After I had to ask for people to get out of my box.


I was master looter and someone else opened the cache.

Get out of my box if you want purplez.

My hubby’s DK is now doomed to “lol, noob” comments because of the drop he got there.

They are tanking shoulders. They have defense and dodge and armor and all that good tanking stuff.

They also have block rating.

But they kicked the shit out of what he was wearing before.

Got really lucky with the pull on Aaurriyaa… crazy cat lady and dropped her in 1 shot.

Purplez get handed out.

We start heading down the hallway to Hodir but we have 2 issues.

Our shaman healer has a weird issue where that area of Uld causes him to DC. Every 10 seconds or so.

And our druid healer had to log out. Something about needing sleep.

Pffft… sleep is a crutch. =P

So we called it there.

Much further than I thought we were going to get, honestly.

As the guild’s usual enchanter, it generally falls to me to disenchant any gear that drops that is not usable.

I am happy to say that we only sharded one item, a wand that I already had and no one in the raid could equip.

That means more purplez got put to use, yay!

I am also thrilled that my hubby was able to successfully OT a raid with so little experience.

We all port back to Dal and he has enough emblems to turn in to pick up a piece of gear.

DK OT has earned the Superior achievement.

That’s right folks, our OT didn’t even have all his gear at ilevel 187 yet.

And he did great. /proud

I’m also impressed with our healers for the evening, I believe the shaman may have ventured into Uld a couple of times, but it was Del’s first serious go at it and he adapted very well. He even threw out a clutch entangle on a boombot for me during XT, while he was healing.

Then there was weirdness in guild chat.

The boomkin asks who still needs the heroic daily.

3 people respond that they do.

One response is even fairly explicit about needing the daily and requesting an invite to a party to go do the heroic daily.

Next thing we know the druid is off in a PuG doing not the heroic daily.


He claims he got no responses.

I got snarky and told him to scroll up and read his chat, he had 3 responses and a request for an invite.

I then proceeded to put together a party for the heroic daily.

Snag my hubby to tank on his DK, me for some DPS, my mage/DK buddy on his mage for some more DPS, our ele shaman for even more DPS…

The one healer choice we had is now off doing something else because he fails at reading guild chat.

Guess we have to pug someone.

My husband’s never tanked with a pug and is kind of nervous. Healers can be very judgmental with tanks, and rightly so.

DPS is secondary and trivial compared to the bond between a tank and a healer.

Find a resto shaman that’s willing to go.

Zone in, buff up and take off.

The healer is hot to trot and running ahead of us, pressuring the tank to keep up.

But the guy was good.

Consumption Junction


I’ve been trying for that achievement for a while now, so close and then it doesn’t happen. And then last night, bam!

We keep going, and get to Dred.

I’m nibbling some strudel, getting some mana back and joking with my husband about his healer getting bored.

Next thing I know, “Fuck it, I’m going in.”


He just ran into the dinosaur pen. With all the raptors. And Dred. And I’m not at full mana. Damn you!

Better Off Dred

Did we just do that?

How the fuck did we do that?

I have gone into this instance with the explicit intent of getting this achievement and have never gotten it.

Moving on, the healer managed to pull aggro at the top of the stairs and kissed the ground but the other shaman pulled him back up.

The tank paused, to let him get some mana back, but this guy just threw down his totems and said, “PULL”

So he did.

That was the only death we had on the run, which is absolutely amazing considering we had two mages involved in an electronic pissing contest.

At least it was for me, I’m sure the other mage was just casually pressing his buttons like normal. All cool and calm and collected.

Generally, I’m all about comparing my damage to my previous run. Did I improve compared to last time? Did I make better use of my cooldowns, did I push my rotation hard enough?

Something about him on his mage sends me into ultra-competitive mode. And he still usually thrashes me.

My poor husband, I kept forgetting that he was new to tanking but he pulled through like a champ. Having a pro healer sure helped too.

I won’t say that we never pulled aggro, there was an Ice Block or two, perhaps a Mirror Image for an aggro dump. The reduced threat talents in Arcane are awesome.

Dark is, for better or for worse (for him), my gold standard for magery.

So even though it means absolutely nothing, I was thrilled to top the damage meters against him.

Yeah, I know, it’s just a 5-man heroic, it doesn’t mean anything.

But I think I it might be a first for me and I will treasure that recount screen shot for a long time to come.

I <3 you, Dark. =)



12 comments on “Did we just do that?

  1. thedoctor says:

    Resto shaman that is pro? I bet he reads my blog…



  2. I only recently stopped using my DK Parry trinket. You know, the one that you get for free in the DK starting area? The ilevel 70 one.

    Never had anyone say anything, but I tanked Naxx & parts of Ulduar with a trinket I received at level 55.


  3. Delerius says:

    As much as I hate to admit it I have to be honest, that wasn’t my entangle on the Boombot. Our mostly-fail-can’t-dps-out-of-a-bag-and-must-be-healed-druid must have done it.

    Even though I had a “resto spec” before I transferred, I had never actually healed an instance/raid before I went with you guys. And this was my first time in Ulduar. To quote a fast food chain: “I’m lovin’ it”

    Oh yeah, and being the last one alive on more than half of our Hodir attempts was awesome.


  4. Darraxus says:

    Gear matters to an extent, but if you are in blues with enchants and good gems, you can do just about anything. My Ret Pally finally fot the superior achivement a week ago….he has been 80 for a long time. I am still rocking two green quest items and am always top 5-7 in 25 mans despite being way under the other people’s gear levels.


  5. jong says:

    Nice. I think I’m pretty close to getting the red drake. Except I don’t ever wanna go back to occulus. I also need to kill 100 zombies. I read your guide on it. Except I don’t like anything that involves strategy, finesse, or thinking or nothing like that.


  6. Tebla says:

    It means something, your electronic pissing contest. It means something to have a guildie that you use as a benchmark.

    When I first hit 80 (Feb) on this, my first, toon. My guild hustled me into Naxx 25. My first epic dropped off the Grand Widow. I was amazed and excited and fell in love with raiding and my guildies. The FFB mage (I was, am and probably always will be Arcane) was always ahead of me and not by a little bit, even after we were similarly geared. He told me that is was 10% gear and 90% skill. I thought he was just bragging. I thought about changing my spec, read up on all sorts of sites. Sorted through all 100 or so pages on the Arcane thread at EJ, got used to using Rawr, and subscribed to that thread at EJ. Found you blog and many others.

    Turns out he wasn’t bragging. Not really. My guild has since broken apart, mostly from burn-out, and those golden days of my first raiding guild are over. And, just like every relationship in real life I have is compared to that first one, so is every guild and raiding experience I have from now on. I am sad, but I have moved on. I have switched servers, to one that is served in my city, 10ms ping, ftw. I am applying to one of the top guilds on that server, that just happen to raid on the days I am available to raid, thank you official forums. And I have pugged up some really good gear. Through everything, I catch myself thinking, ‘could I beat Perc now?’. I am pretty sure he went on to Aion, because he hasn’t been seen in a few months in my old guild, but I still check back on other toons.

    So, yeah. It matters. For me, it was carrot that made me really learn this game. I feel like I know my class inside and out. I love being a mage. He is still my benchmark and I would give anything to be able to go head to head against him now on, say Onyxia 25. I bet I could beat him, but maybe not and so I keep reading and tweaking.

    Sorry for he wall of text. This is a subject that I have been thinking a lot about since I transferred. Lonely on a new server and applying to a new guild. Leaves me a lot of time to think. Pretty sure I have a new benchmark in the guild. When I told her her DPS was insane, she replied ‘lol it’s the gear’, I wrote back ‘man, I hope so :)’.

    We’ll see.


  7. Dark/Soth says:

    I was really nervous with Darth tanking. I started off slow with my damage, ramped it up more and more, took a bunch of aggro and backed way off, then slowly ramped up again, etc, etc. I never got completely comfortable. Kudos to you for taking charge and going all out!

    Tebla, your friend is right. DPS is mostly skill, not gear. Most of my gear is crafted, or available through emblems, and I can break 5k on most encounters. Anyone who tells you they can’t break 3k because of their gear is wrong.

    True Story, I grouped with a fresh level 80 enhancement shaman back in February, on the day he dinged 80. We were in OS 10. He linked his level 80 achievement in raid chat to prove it was that day. He had craftables and BoEs ready for when he hit 80. All his gear was gemmed and chanted. He did 3200 dps on Sartharion.

    It just goes to show you that knowing how to play your class is much more important than the purplez on your character sheet.


  8. Shyste Chris says:

    Ari–If you haven’t done it yet, try the Zombiefest! Achievement…that’s a fun one =)


  9. some orc says:

    i can take the room alone on sham! u need to time stuff better!


  10. Raven says:

    Oh look…screenshot. Why didn’t I think of that? /grumble


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