In the groove

I think we’re starting to get our progression group coming along rather nicely.

Last night we took down ToCr 10 with only one wipe. I’m not even entirely certain what happened, I think the poison and fire people did not meet up like they were supposed to and we ended up with a tank rooted in place.

But other than that, we destroyed the place in under an hour including the wipe.

It is amazing how much faster shit goes down when people don’t afk and stay focused.

People got purplez, I had to shard a couple items.

Rolled over to Onyxia.

I am pleased to report that the hunter did not pursue his previous fascination with the whelp cave and was content to stand with the other casters to go pewpew.

However, 50 DKP minus for the holy pally in the whelp cave.

(There might have been a fear-tail-whip to blame but I’m still docking him 50 DKP.)

Group scattered as people had real life issues to deal with and some of us headed off to the heroic daily – where I gave a PuG DK tank a bit of a workout.

Mobs are really sensitive about that whole counterspelling thing. Sheesh.

Reformed and steamrolled VoA where a whole bunch of useless gear dropped.

Priest gloves. AGAIN. Do we have a priest with us? Of course not.

PvP stuff for the classes we had present that don’t really PvP.

I think pants that someone already had.

Koralon did NOT drop MY pants.

I am not pleased with him.

As a tangent: my pants graphic issue appears to be fixed!

Thankfully, the policy was "no shoulders, no pants, no service" so I was just fine.

Thankfully, the policy was "no shoulders, no shoes, no service" so I was just fine.

Those are what the T8 pants are really supposed to look like.

That last raid was enough to put me up to 100 Emblems of Triumph.

Now I’m in a sticky situation.

I currently have my T8.5 helm and T8 pants. The 2-piece set bonus is kind of nice, with a fairly consistent spell power proc.

I also have my T9 chest, shoulders and gloves. The 2-piece bonus is meh (extra spirit converted to Molten Armor).

The T9 4-piece is even more meh (extra crit for my main nuke – I’m back to arcane and that is totally a fire thing).


I have the pattern for Merlin’s Robe!

It was *reasonably* priced on the AH so I snagged it.

After playing around with RAWR it looks like my best option is to get the T9 pants and helm and Merlin’s Robe.

I have just enough emblems to get the T9 pieces.

But there is also a sweet ring I want for 35 I think.

The pattern for the robe takes 8 Crusader’s Orbs.

I’ve never even seen one drop yet, which means I’ll be getting those off the AH for about 6k… unless I want to spend 120 emblems on buying orbs… which will take me a couple weeks to get up to…

With the cost of regemming, it’s not worth equipping the new pieces of T9 until I can also equip the robe at the same time. I’ll also have to do some talent point juggling to get back up to hit cap.

(As Dark pointed out to me, I need to be careful what I wish for. First I couldn’t get rid of hit fast enough and now I’m going to be scrounging around for it again.)

I really just need Koralon to drop my pants so I can get the ring and a couple orbs so I only have to spend about 4k in the AH.

And so I’m sitting on my emblems.

Hoping against hope that I can get into a non-fail VoA 25 and get PANTS!!! or that someone accidentally posts orbs at a ridiculously low price and I happen to be staring at the AH when it happens.

While I’m at it, I’m also hoping Ghostcrawler sends me a pony.

14 comments on “In the groove

  1. thedoctor says:

    Ponies are overrated and don’t forget when patch 3.3 drops. There is going to be a TON of new gear that is much higher lever then T9.

    Before spending all that gold on the mats for your robe, which I admit…super f’n sexy, you might want to throw that around and think about it.


  2. Melanthor says:

    First thanks for you blog. love to read it.
    I am in the same position like you, sligthly differnece is t8 is in my head and robe.
    T9 is shoulder and glooves. Pants are some random ilvl245.
    I already crafted Merlins robe. But mats are really deep into the 8000g at the moment so I sold on AH for small profit. 1500g.
    I am not even able to craft more of tham due to rediculous fluctuating prices.
    I think i will craft another one if prices are about 7000g and try to sell. If this wont work I will equip it to myself.
    Aragon may drop the pants but in random raid the option is so incredible small. But I will give it another try. At least the instance is quick work.
    What do you think about the trinket 50 emblems?


  3. theerivs says:

    I was in your Bizzaro World last night, almost did same thing, but it went all wrong.


  4. repgrind says:

    Whoa, sexy. I think he looks just fine only wearing what he has on there. Who needs a robe? ^^

    I think it’s about time I get started on that DK … Naxx tonight though, maybe tomorrow …. =P


  5. jong says:

    We got zombiefest yo! I linked your guide to guildies, but they were too lazy to read so I had to explain to them.


  6. Shyste Chris says:

    Well, first raid boss hits the PTR today…still no loot on it. My best guess, is that 3.3 is probably 2-3 weeks away. Will probably drop week after Hallow’s End, ends =)


  7. theerivs says:

    @Arioch I wanted to stalk you and move to your server, but there’s too much competition. :P


  8. Zarigar says:

    Do it! Stalking Arioch and moving to her server is the new black.


  9. repgrind says:

    I have 3 Horde 80’s standing around doing nothing …. although Alliance is keeping me very occupied. Still … I’m definitely coming to visit.


  10. Melanthor says:

    Trinket on use:

    I am very lazy two. But popping the trinket is by the way super easy. I have it inclueded here:

    #showtooltip Icy Vain
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast Arcane Power
    /cast Icy Vain

    I am missing the ignore error line here. But I do not remember the exact code for the makro. Use 13und use 14 are the trinket slots. This way all trinket will try to activate in addition to Arcane Power and Icy Vain (which ever is ready, even both if they are)

    Happy DPS:


  11. repgrind says:

    Ariiiii! I did something crazy last night. >.>


  12. repgrind says:

    Well, he’s not exactly a *new* DK .. really. The Alliance one is though, he’s still in the starting zone. >.>


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