So much to do all at once!

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you might have missed the start of Hallow’s End.

Thankfully I got my Hallowed title last year so the only thing I have left to do on my main this year is finish collecting all 20 masks. I’m down to 6. (Has anyone seen the goblin or worgen masks? I haven’t.)

Oh, and of course I need to go kill the Headless Horseman a bunch.

He’s been re-tuned to 80 and so have his drops, but the drops seemed more impressive last year. Maybe because I wasn’t raiding yet so my gear sucked.

This year I’m just after his mount, like everyone else.

And who can pass up the easy XP for leveling toons for completing the fire quest each day?

I think I’m putting out fires on 8 characters each day.

Fun facts: It is possible to solo extinguish the flames at Falconwing Squire. It is possible to throw water buckets in both a druid’s travel form (get that speed boost!) and while in a “tricked” form if the inn keeper hates you. I was throwing buckets as a worm.

Talbuk - Now in Orange Flavor!

Talbuk - Now in Orange Flavor!

I’m still working on getting Loremaster.

I wanted to have Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms done by the end of October, but I don’t think that’s happening.

I’m currently at 470/550 for Eastern Kingdoms and 626/685 for Kalimdor.

10 quests a day would do it… but I’m taking up too much time throwing buckets of water.

And that’s assuming I can find all the frigging quests.

My little night elf warrior has been getting a bit of attention too.

Spent a little gold to get some Netherweave Bags. That is an investment that will pay off very quickly.

Less time running back to town and less items dumped equals faster questing and more profit.

It’s kind of funny, watching trade chat and then logging to my Horde characters and seeing those people in Dalaran.

Even stranger when they lick me.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen over the weekend was my priest hitting level 50!

We 4-manned Zul’Farrak with our superflyretpally (he wants to be Jong when he grows up) going all out and ret-tanking for us.

Had our hunter with us, I think he used to be beastmaster, now he’s survival. (Where’s my replenishment?!?!?!!?)

Picked up some random rogue that really didn’t get how you prioritize crowd control.

While we were thrilled that he knew where his sap button was, we just wished he was a little smarter about picking targets.

Hint: If you sap the melee guy in the middle of the casters it makes it REALLY hard for the paladin tank to get the casters away from him and throw down some consecration goodness.

No one died. I’m not sure I remember where the Resurrect button is on my bars. I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

I’m specced holy, but think I’m playing more disc, at least from what I understand the disc playstyle to be. They rely on the shields a bunch, right?

I PW:Shield the tank and then bat at a colorful piece of string on my desk.

When the rogue fucks up, I shield him and maybe toss a hot on him.

After I lose interest in the string, I start wanding.

I would say 90% of my “healing” seems to be in the form of my shields.

The pally says I’m doing good, he’s not been worried about dying yet, but it just feels like there should be more…

Most fights I’m good on mana, we can chain pull pretty well.

The stairway fight in ZF, you know the one, that did leave me popping a mana potion to stay afloat.

Went and trained after hitting 50 and got nothing new.

The pally’s listing off all the cool stuff he got and I just got to update macros with higher ranks.


Hitting 50 also meant that I could open up the next level of jewelcrafting.

Rummage through the bank, pull out some mats…

The 340s are an incredibly awkward section to power through if you have no Outlands reputation or recipes.

I completely skipped cutting the rare-quality gems (Nightseye, Living Ruby, Noble Topaz, etc.) out of Outlands and moved straight into green quality from Northrend – after dropping 70 gold in training to make that jump. Youch.

But I am now 375 JC until hitting level 65 when I can power through again.

Got involved in a 25-man ToCr over the weekend.

The first night rocked, I think we wiped twice to the Magnataur, but one of the tanks had a hard drive failure and was disconnected in the middle so that one doesn’t count.

Once we got the connection issues taken care of, the Northrend Beasts dropped easily.

From a caster that would love to get the snobold off of you, here is a request: If you are BEHIND all the other casters, move up to be in FRONT of them. Or at least up to the side. Running further back in the room helps no one. Don’t make us spin all around trying to find you and the monkey on your back. When moving up, for the love of all you hold dear, do NOT stand right next to another caster. Funny enough, those little snobolds have some reach on them and I cannot help you if I’m being kicked in the face by your little friend.

Icehowl did hit one person on the last charge, but the hunters were already spamming tranq shot just in case. Ended up using a rogue to tank him for the last 3% or so. I was watching the threat meter and terrified I was going to get pasted.

Lord Jaraxxus went down and so did I.


I was spellstealing my little heart out, the words “NETHER POWER – DISPELL NOW” were all over my screen and I sort of failed to see the “LEGION FLAME ON YOU” words.


Before I was an utter idiot, I did have the top DPS. Not surprising since I think I was the only one of 3 mages stealing that shit.

This was after trying to explain to the rogue that he was supposed to be interrupting Fel Fireball, I really can’t spellsteal that. Honestly. No matter how hard you insist, I just can’t do it. But I think in the process he confused the other mages and they weren’t sure what buffs/spells were what.

I won a Crusader Orb off of that kill, 7 more for my chest. Then another 6 for the bracers…

Raid fell apart during the faction champions.

Gathered up again last night and fell apart again after a few stabs at the faction champs.

Got 2 new mounts.

Polar Bear

I never have to visit the scary blue chicks again. Never again do I have to put up with their paltry gifts of salted yeti cheese and mountain water.

You were bitches and I hated you.

Now I have your bear. Neener neener.

I also put forth some effort into doing dailies again over at the Argent Tournament grounds and finally got the second of the 150-Champion Seal mounts.


The poor thing was summoned for this picture and then he’ll never see the light of day again.

Or at least not until Blizzard implements the idea they’re toying with – if you have a 310% mount, the speed will apply to all your fliers.

Otherwise, the rest of a player’s mounts are just going to languish unused and unloved.

Next up is to collect the ground mounts and the pony bridle for the squire.

That was my weekend.

How was yours?

7 comments on “BUSY

  1. Rurjaos says:

    >The pally’s listing off all the cool stuff he got and I just got to update macros with higher ranks.

    Why You have to do that? Is there a reason to take… say 1 rank below max? If not, You can dismiss the rank of your macros and they will always use max-rank.


  2. Fricassee says:

    Thankfully, the bracers only require 4 crusader orbs. Good luck getting the other 11!


  3. repgrind says:

    Nice, grats on the mounts!

    That was cool getting to whisper you for a minute last night. I’ll try to drop by again. Now that I know you’re in the wrong time zone, I know I’ve been coming around waaaaayyyy too early. ^^


  4. smart001 says:

    gratz on that blue chick white mount. I do that daily every friggin day and it has not dropped for me. We will see what happens tonight.


  5. tonedeath says:

    Now I have your bear….haha. I like it.


  6. Raven says:

    Grats!!! Bear dropped for me and I was immediately hated by everyone who knew me. Haha! Don’t think I’ve ever used it.


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