Orc girls are easy

I generally avoid the official forums.

They are full of trolls and the temptation to join their ranks is often overwhelming.

But I was watching the forums out of curiosity about the proposed enchanting thing (which I will not be talking about until there is more substantiated information) and another thread happened to catch my eye.

WWF Plate Belts! Oh… yeah! Snap into.

My inner troll seized control and I entered the thread.

There was some general moaning and groaning about the inflation of belt size, which apparently has been brought about since Blizzard is now using models for the belts instead of “painting” a strip around our waists. So the belts have to be bigger to accommodate the art.

I’m actually OK with the new belts. I hear they are retardedly over-sized on gnomes, but what isn’t?

A thread like this just begs to played with.

Belt Forum 1(It’s a pain to read – “If my belt is going to be that huge I want the option to wear it slung over one shoulder a la WWF/WCW.”)

Belt Fourm 2(“But then your pants will fall down.”)

Belt Forum 3(“Can’t see them under my robe anyway. Are you even sure I’m wearing pants right now?”)

(“Soooo whatcha doing later ^_~ lol.”)

I was honestly expecting an attack on my armory – “yeah you’re wearing pants and they suck” or something to that effect.

Instead, I get propositioned.

Lok’tar, my friends.


8 comments on “Orc girls are easy

  1. repgrind says:

    ROFL! If they only knew ….


  2. smart001 says:

    lol, that is pretty funny, but that is what you get for trolling :P


  3. telanarra says:

    I agree with Smart. besides what do expect when you say ” Are you even sure I’m wearing pants right now?”


  4. theerivs says:

    LOL! What the heck your pulling more hoes then me, and your a chick. FML


  5. some orc says:

    Ari cant even troll successfully haha!


  6. jong says:

    amg her name is Loktara.


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