Heroic at last


So fucking close… and I have no idea where the last 7 on Kalimdor are. I’m hoping that somewhere in Eastern Kingdoms I’ll get sent to the other continent to finish up a quest chain or 5.

My goal was to get both of these done before the end of the month. I was thinking for a while it wasn’t going to happen, but it just might. Just shy of 9 quests a day will get it done.

I was in Arathi last night working on the Myzreal quest chain and had to spend some time in a cave killing kobolds for some shards. Of course, with the shitty drop rate there aren’t enough kobolds to provide for a single person doing the quest. Add in the level 40 human paladin on the same quest and there really aren’t enough to go around.

I was in a good mood so I refrained from 1-shotting the pally. I did, however, make liberal use of snowballs and baby spice every time I came across her in the cave.

Now I’ve got to wonder, what was the player’s reaction? I made no threatening moves towards them, but had them targeted whenever they were in range and kept pelting them with harmless things.

Were they relieved that I was just screwing around? Angry that I was toying with them? Paranoid and just wishing I would hurry up and kill them already?

I came across another lower-level character out in the open and pelted him with snowballs too.

Seriously, PvP server. Keep an eye out around you, people!

I happened to end up in a heroic daily dungeon run with a PuG resto shammy Thursday or Friday night. I’ve run with the guy before, several times back when heroic dungeons were challenging.

He mentioned that he wanted a mage for a Heroic Trial of the Crusader 10-man on Saturday morning. And he actually tossed me an invite. Eek!

(It might have had something to do with the 6k I pulled on Cyanigosa in that H VH. I don’t know how I did that.)

So I show up Saturday morning (9:00 AM my time – I had to set an alarm to go to a raid >.<) and the server is on it’s 3rd restart of the day.

I log out and log back in a few minutes later.


ZOMG WTF?!?!?!

Where’s my staff? I am not heading to heroic ToCr with a two-toned Rubik’s cube!

Thankfully, my weapon is just fine after I got into the game.

It’s a group of people from 6-7 different guilds, but it’s obvious that they’ve all run together before.

I’m nervous as hell going in.

I know that the Northrend Beasts encounter has timers built in for each encounter.

If you don’t finish Gormok before the worms are ready to come out, well, sucks to be you.

Gormok went down easy, the whole group was really good about calling out snobolds and moving into position to allow the rest of the raid an opportunity to kill them.

I think there was more fire being tossed around and I heard Gormok hits a lot harder.

Somehow, we were 2-healing this. I think we haven’t even 2-healed normal in the guild yet. But this resto shammy is PRO.

We finished off the magnataur just before the worms. Not enough time to rest, but enough time to call out instructions and get into position.

The poison is ruthless on heroic. In normal, if I’m hit with the poison I can easily blink across the room to the person (usually the Dreadscale tank) with the fire debuff. Not so much on heroic. I immediately stopped casting, blinked, kept running, started slowing down… stopped like 10 feet away from the AoE off the tank. And he moved away from me. Took him a few seconds to maneuver back.

Pro-tip: When you’ve got someone in the party that you’ve never grouped with before, don’t say “me” in important instructions. Like if you are frozen from the poison and expect the new guy to get to you. Use your character name and flipping ping the map, you’re not doing anything else anyway. But, “Hey, bring the fire to me” will not serve you well.

Got Acidmaw down and started working on Dreadscale.

Things got weird at this point.

Dreadscale periodically does a frontal cone fire spray. So most tanks face him away from the raid, usually towards a wall. The raid was mostly in the middle of the room and I was on the edge of the group. The tank left Dreadscale positioned parallel to the wall instead of turning him 90 degrees. I think in normal mode, the position I was in would have been safe. In heroic, it proved not so safe.

So I’m down and they decide to save the battle rez, can’t blame them.

Dreadscale drops seconds after I do.

Icehowl comes out right after and all I can do is watch.

On heroic, you don’t get the speed boost to avoid his charge so it’s imperative that you look around yourself at all times.

Do not position yourself in such a manner that you will get thrown into a door frame or funky section of the wall. You will die.

They 9-manned him and killed him 20 seconds or so before the enrage.

I *almost* won another Crusader Orb.

It took us a few tries to get Lord Jaraxxus.

It is so depressing on heroic mode to watch the counter of attempts count down every time you zone back in after a wipe. So sad.

The big difference in this fight from normal is dealing with the portals and volcanoes.

In normal, each portal and volcano summons a set number of adds.

In heroic, each portal or volcano will continually summon adds until destroyed. Failure to make a hard switch to the portal/volcano will result in a wipe. Fast.

The mistresses gain a kiss ability that locks you out of the school of spell you cast for the next 6+ seconds.

For the infernals from the volcano, they cannot be stunned and have virtually no aggro table.

So for a mage, this is what it looks like:

Attack Lord J, Spellsteal, attack Lord J, shit portal is open on the other fucking side of the room, blink, oh shit Lord J has Nether Power again, fuck kill portal first, spam Spellsteal on Lord J, where did the Mistress go?, over there, shit didn’t notice I got kissed (need to set up a better warning for that – note to self), where’s frostbolt mapped?, kill mistress, Spellsteal Lord J, attack Lord J, shit volcano on other side of room, kill volcano, fuck elementals are on me, Spellsteal Lord J, leave me alone!, Legion Flames on me, run to wall and back, Infernals dead yet?, kill infernals, Spellsteal Lord J, attack Lord J, shit another portal is over there… rinse and repeat.

The fight is pretty hectic, there is ALWAYS something going on and there is a lot of movement.

His chain fel lighting thing rips through the party so you need to try to stay spaced out, but everyone is moving all the time. The infernals have an AoE that hits so much harder than on normal. On normal you can heal through lazy DPS that doesn’t get out. In heroic? Forget it.

Took a few tries, but we got him down.

Moved on to the Faction Champions… and eventually gave up.

Bastards have trinkets.

It was crazy.

My damage was good, up with the warlock that was topping the charts most attempts. There were a few attempts that my damage wasn’t as good.  But I noticed it was like that with everyone. Each fight was a total toss up as to who would be leading the charts. I don’t think I embarrassed myself though and that’s the important thing.

And I must have done alright because they invited me back next weekend!

My guild has been thinking about trying it, and if they do I’m going to get locked with them. But I don’t know if we’re trying or not this week… I hate having a blinking ? on my calendar.


9 comments on “Heroic at last

  1. Delerius says:

    One of these days I’ll go for Loremaster… right after I have my brain removed probably.

    Gratz on the almost Crusader Orb! How far has our guild gotten on ToGC? I can’t wait until I’m ready for it.


  2. jong says:

    Hope you get the loremaster soon honeybear. I gave up trying after one weekend.

    and have fun withe the hard mode group!


  3. telanarra says:


    Also check the capitol cities is easy to miss a quest in there if its in a part you don’t frequent or forget to turn on low level quests.

    and i agree the blink ? is the 2nd most annoying thing in the game.

    1st is of course gnomes :)


  4. WTFspaghetti says:

    That rubic cube screenshot cracked me up. Faction Champs on Heroic is NO JOKE! Hope you get it down next weekend.


  5. telanarra says:

    “I’m hoping that somewhere in Eastern Kingdoms I’ll get sent to the other continent to finish up a quest chain”

    im fairly certain that chains count for the continent they started on. I could be wrong.

    Also pelting lowbies with snowballs if the non hunter version of hunters marking lowbies.


  6. theerivs says:

    I’d rather pull my teeth out then try for loremaster. Especially since I never did any quests from 1-70


  7. Fish says:

    As someone on a PvP server who hates PvP, a mage pelting me with snowballs would be a relief, they’re not one-shotting me. Normall, if I’m completely outclassed, I just hit X, sit down indian style and prepare for the corpse run. If they’re gonna kill me, they’re gonna kill me, why give any pleasure in resisting. But hey, thats just me. . .


  8. Dark/Soth says:

    Congrats on almost Loremaster Ari! I’m sure you’ll get it soon.


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