And it shall be mine

Talking red protodrakes here.

Have a group willing to tackle some of our remaining achievements aggressively to finish out Glory of the Hero and get our drakes.

A certain Holy pally was nice enough to chart out what we needed:


The X fields are ones that are done, the blue fields are the ones that need to be done.

He even found a guide that covers all of them in detail.

It looks like we’ll be spending a lot of time in Occulus and Old Kingdom.


I don’t particularly have a problem with Occ, it’s OK that I loathe.

With Hallow’s End still running I think this plan will be put into place next week, right after we all get our Day of the Dead achievements.

I know that The Party’s Over is supposed to be removed soon, I still want to get it to have as a feat of strength.

The hardest one may actually be Dehydration – if only because we have no way of controlling if we even get the correct boss.

I’m hoping to have this done by the end of November.

Anyone out there already have their red protodrake?


8 comments on “And it shall be mine

  1. thedoctor says:

    GL on getting Dehydration. He is by far the easiest achivement out of that list.

    Just pull the levels when the adds come.


  2. Lippie says:

    Les Rabi is such a pain in the bum!


  3. koalabear21 says:

    I got split personality 2 days ago. Was kinda cool :D

    Assuming you get the boss, Dehydration is super easy.

    Every time we have 3 people who can stun in a group we go for Less Rabi, and it never fails, the person on the 3rd interrupt can never pull it off.

    From what I understand, that person needs to not do anything but have their finger poised over that interrupt to hit it the moment he starts transforming. There is a very small window there.

    Also, has a whole guide for doing these too.


  4. Groendell says:

    Good luck with the achievements. Some of my guildies and I started tackling these last weekend. We were going smooth until Occulus and decided to use all Ambers (yeah I know we brought that on ourselves)..Well it took us a bunch of tries to get our timing and sequences right- but we downed him! Man I haven’t felt that excited about downing a boss in a long time- it was almost endgame boss excitement- it felt so good!

    We will be going back to Occ for Make it Count and Amber Void (plus 1 more for me to get Experienced Drake Rider- my Amber Drake died just as we killed Eregos…)

    No red protdrake yet but only 9 achievements away.

    Most of the Old Kingdom achievements aren’t that hard. The toughest is probably “Respect your Elders.” From what I’ve read Less Rabi is one of the more difficult.

    Again- good luck!


  5. Shyste Chris says:

    Still stuck on my last 2 Occ achieves and less rabi. Mostly because I’ve neglected to push the issue (my guildies hate Occ).

    Less Rabi is the bane of my existence…the lower his health, the faster the 3rd one comes–even anticipating it and prematurely casting arcane torrent didnt work. Bastard was still too fast. GL though Ari! I expect Red proto pics soon =)


  6. Kaziel says:

    I got mine about 3 weeks ago. The ones that crushed our souls were the time specific ones or the really high damage ones, like Watch Him Die or Volzaj’s Quick Demise, but more than any other one, the one that made me want to kick a puppy was Less-rabi.

    It’s a crap shoot. My group ran it every week for months and it was the last one we got. The problem is that as his health goes down, the cast time for him to turn into a mammoth shrinks. At 50% health his cast time is maybe 1.5 seconds. Under 30% health his cast time is under a second. So basically you either need a player who can see the future (ha!) or you just need to get lucky because even if you burn him down really quickly, most people can’t pump out 40-50% of his health between casts.


  7. theerivs says:

    I just want my green protodrake, I’m sick of waiting for eggs. Please dear lord!!


  8. rustbeard says:

    Manged to acquire my green protodrake last week. :) And I have fond memories of Dehydration, I believe it was the first VH achievement I managed – only because I was with a group who knew what they were doing.

    Someday, I’ll get Occ whipped, but not today.


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