Six Thousand


I’ve pretty well secured my place at the top of the Achievement Whore list in the guild.

One of the benefits of working on Loremaster is that it gives me an excuse to get into some of the older dungeons and raids.

The other night, my husband and I tore up Lower Blackrock Spire to take care of some quests.

I was able to get Mother’s Milk, but after letting a spider beat on him for about 30 minutes, he finally just killed her with that quest undone.


A couple nights later we planned on hitting Upper Blackrock Spire and, lo and behold, a guildy comes on and randomly asks if anyone is interested in getting the Jenkins title.

Um, OK!

So we take 4 of us into UBRS and thankfully, someone knows where we’re going.

Got a couple more quests out of the way. I think I am now attuned to Blackwing Lair, as if that mattered anymore. I also found a poor, little injured blue whelping and he started a new quest line. And what dungeon is complete without bringing someone’s head back to Orgrimmar?

UBRS and Leroy

And of course, I now have a new title entered into the rotation.

This quest text is full of win:


Bringing somebody’s head back to Thrall got me officially started on the quest line to go kill Onyxia (again). I’ve taken it out to the Plaguelands and now need to go back into UBRS and kill some more dragonkin things and collect eyeballs. Because I need a disguise. So obviously I need eyeballs. Duh. (Meanwhile, I’ll pay Ony a visit and kill her without the disguise. She dropped my helm. Again.)

The quest line from the little blue whelping took me back out to Winterspring.

I’m poking around the cave, looking for some blue rune I’m supposed to be standing on.

And I see 2 big blue dragons.

I can take them, easy.

Cast, cast, cast, cast.



Oh yeah.

Old school blue dragons are actually resistant to arcane magic.


Invis FTW…

Run over to the blue rune, which I can thankfully still see while invisible, and poof! I am now on a mountain top in Winterspring with some chick.

We have a little talk and she offers to ship me to the Plaguelands to talk to the next person.

So I’m expecting a portal, a swirly light, a cut to the loading screen and done.


Bitch sends me flying backwards through the air!

It’s always awesome for me when I do a quest for the first time and it does something unexpected.

That quest line unfortunately ended in the Plaguelands. Unless I want to grind chromatic dragon scales to get gear I can’t equip. Meh.

This brings our Loremaster count up to:

LoremasterCountdown2Only 29 left to go…

(And I actually got more done after that screen shot – I’m down to 12 left!)


6 comments on “Six Thousand

  1. Delerius says:

    Wow, only 12 left? That’s incredible!

    Btw, how many titles do you have? And what is that addon called again?


  2. repgrind says:

    Holy crap! I can’t believe you’re that close to Loremaster. If I could just stick with one toon long enough .. but but but .. my DK is so hawt now, and my pally pwns face … …..

    Hm. My former main has 5010 achievement points. Guess she’s done alright! Karius is sitting at 2995 .. not bad considering he’s only been 80 since Oct. 2. He’s got some work to do yet to catch the ones ahead of him though.


  3. repgrind says:

    Yeah, but .. the Old World ones are the ones I have the hardest time getting finished.


  4. Syrana says:

    Wow, awesome progress on the Loremaster achievement. I still have a couple hundred left for each Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Outland is almost done and a good chunk of Northrend. Keep it up! :)


  5. Jaedia says:

    I still have a long way to go on Loremaster, but I was fairly close on my priest, only needed about 100 in Kalimdor. Sadly I’ve completely rerolled, a while back so, not much use to me now, stupid priest :p


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