I told you so

First, breaking news!

Loremaster of EK and KalBAM!

(I completed both on 10/29/09 local time but apparently not on server time.)

The sad part is… there are some awesome quests that I want to finish up, so I can’t stop.

Even before the whole achievement thing started I had a personal goal to see every quest conceivable on at least one character.

So I’ll finish up this quest chain that I think will take me through the Dark Portal to hunt demons. And I’ll finish the quest chain that I’m doing for Tirion Fordring out in Eastern Plaguelands. And the quests from Chromie are amusing as I really am (in a way) from the future doing quests in the past for her.

But at least now I feel like some of the pressure has been lifted and I can bounce around as I wish.

Swamp of Sorrows is virtually untouched and there are zones in the Eastern Kingdoms I haven’t even finished exploring yet.

I can’t wait for the next patch where they introduce the functionality of calling up all your completed quest IDs. There will be an add out shortly after that, I’m sure, that will cross-reference it with a list of available quests and tell you what you have left. I’m just hoping someone does it as a standalone and it isn’t only incorporated into the devil incarnate adds like Questhelper.

Back to our public service announcement.

Sometimes I hate being right.

Being able to say, “I told you so” is a bittersweet thing.

The guildmaster of my guild got hacked this week.

Toons stripped, guild bank gutted (and we’re a raiding guild so there were some goodies in there), alts deleted (possibly an attempt to transfer them to a different server).

A guild member was on when it happened and was coincidentally not too far from one of the characters standing naked by the Org mailbox.

He pieced it together real quick and put in a ticket, but by that time the damage had already been done and there probably isn’t too much that Blizzard will do until the account holder submits the ticket.

So we now have a guild message of the day warning people to not put anything in the guild bank.

We have a post up at the guild site reminding people to get an authenticator.

If you’re in a guild with people that you like – do everyone a favor and order the damn thing.

If you’re in a guild with people you hate, well fuck them if your account gets hacked. Matter of fact, just clean out the guild bank yourself.

But seriously, especially if you have access to a bank, you should get an authenticator.

It protects your own characters and the assets of the guild.

The authenticator is linked to your battlenet account (because you’ve all already upgraded to a bnet account so you can keep playing, right?) and is super easy to use.

I log in as normal and get an additional pop up that asks for the authenticator code.

Get this, I push the button on the cute little keychain authenticator and, wait for it… it gives me a 6-digit number.

That number gets entered and I’m into the game.

That’s it.

If you’re into higher-tech gadgets, get the mobile authenticator for your cell phone.

Blizzard store: http://us.blizzard.com/store/details.xml?id=1100000622

Mobile authenticator (not just for the iPhone anymore!): https://us.battle.net/account/support/mobile-auth-download.xml

Best $6.50 I’ve ever spent. The mobile authenticator is free for the iPhone and about a buck for most carriers.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for your guild.

Do it for the orphans of Azeroth.

Because so help me, if anyone else gets hacked and wipes out a guild bank I’m associated with again I will hunt down and slaughter orphans. I will beat them to death with puppies. While punching kittens. And kicking baby unicorns.


9 comments on “I told you so

  1. Delerius says:


    Beating people to death WITH puppies sounds extreme. Maybe just one at a time, but in the same action? Whoa.

    Maybe it’s about time I get an authenticator…


  2. telanarra says:

    Gratz on the achievements. now maybe your poor neglected preist can get some love.

    The GM also submitted a ticket. I know i was on when he did. Ok so i don’t really know since i was standing over his shoulder. But he said he did.

    and is it wrong that in the deep dark recesses of my heart im hoping someone else gets hacked. I wanna watch ari hunt down and slaughter orphans. All While beating them to death with puppies. While punching kittens. While punching kittens. And kicking baby unicorns

    Also remember Ari long tail puppies are better the short tail puppies.


  3. Shyste Chris says:

    You know whats funny? If I saw one of my guildies, naked, running through a major city or standing by a mailbox, I wouldn;t think anything of it. 0.o


    WoW Nekkid!


  4. Tuna says:

    Grats on achievement! I still can’t commit myself to start on that achievement yet- but really want to.

    7 bucks is a very small price to pay for the security of one’s account. Everyone should have one already!


  5. tonedeath says:

    Congrats on the slaughter plans!


  6. Lothwen says:

    Blizz should add an option for the guild leader to only allow access to the bank to those who have an authenticator. No playing around with rank structures, just a global “Only allow bank access to accounts with authenticators?” And the default should be “Hell Yes.”

    Same thing happened to our GL. And he’s in IT, and is very careful, too.


  7. Syrana says:

    Congrats on the loremaster progress! There are a lot of interesting quest lines and I’m having quite a bit of fun going back through them myself.

    Both my hubby and I have authenticators even though we’re both quite careful when it comes to security. I have the keychain one and he has it on his iphone. Can never be too careful, after all.

    And even if someone doesn’t want to pay for them, there are usually different blogs and podcasts that have contests and whatnot to give ’em away – so people can look for those too. (For example, there’s an authenticator in the drawing over at azerothunited.com for the Child’s Play charity drive) :D


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