WTF Search #1

Pants Cast Search




cast with bar in the middle pants

Can anyone shed some light on what this guy was looking for?

Because it led to me and I have no idea why.

Should my pants have a cast bar?

Specifically, in the middle?

I mean, I know I’ve had a lot of problems with my pants, but this is new territory, even for me.

But they didn’t say “cast bar” they said “cast with bar.”

Like, wielding a crow bar while casting?

In the middle?

With or without pants?

Maybe in the middle of the pants.

Which could be about the crotch region…

Is this just a euphemism for sex?

Hey baby, I’ve got a bar I can cast with in the middle of my pants.

That’s sure to be a winner at the Legerdemain Lounge.

Or maybe it’s the middle pair of pants?

We have choices with pants?

I know my bank is full of cast off gear, but I’m not sure I have at least three sets of pants sitting around (which is what it would take to get a “middle”).

I use the crow bar of casting while wearing the pants from the middle of the rack.

If this search was conducted by you or you know what the hell is going on, let me in on it!

10 comments on “WTF Search #1

  1. Slo says:

    thank you

    I was sitting at my desk this morning wishing I had just stayed in bed, and actually laughed out loud at your post.

    Got some strange looks from the coworkers, but what’s new…

    can’t really help ya figure that one out, but thanks for sharing :)


  2. telanarra says:

    so does the title of the post imply there is more forthcoming?


  3. Jaedia says:

    Hahaha, bad English is entirely win sometimes :)


  4. theerivs says:

    Show less pirate pictures the bar in the middle of the pants should be fine :P


  5. Dark/Soth says:

    Are you really devoting a few posts to random things people search your blogs for? Send me a whisper when you get back to the good stuff. =p


  6. Matt says:


    Could be a UI thing, my Mage has his cast bar about the middle of his pants… Maybe they saw a screenie, and don’t know how to word searches?


  7. some orc says:

    umm… what i got outa this was Ari has a “bar” in those pants


  8. Delerius says:

    How can I find these for my blog? Not that anyone has ever found it yet…


  9. Dark/Soth says:

    Aww, don’t /cry Ari. Like I said in my email, I think your writing quality is too good for filler posts, especially a series of filler posts.


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