Late post is late

I’m going to blame it on the new guy in the guild.

That’s what the new guy is for, right?

Actually, I was just up a little later than I expected trying to get my husband’s pally caught up with our alts that are already kicking it in the Outlands.

We tried running a couple instances the other night but the XP gain wasn’t anything exciting so now I’m just boosting him through quests.

Cleared Un’goro what seemed like a dozen times last night and took revenge on the Devilsaur about 15 times. It’s amazing how far away he’ll aggro to a level-appropriate character.

The Matriarch spawned and I got the pet drop. I already have one so I’ll be selling this one.

Hubby reminded me to pull out my venomsaur hatchling so I could get another tooth towards my mount.

I’ve had the bugger for well over a month now and only have 5 teeth – including the one from last night.

This mount quest is taking up 2 bag slots and I am being a total slackass about getting it done.

15 days to go now.

A certain druid got some boost love from my hubby’s rogue a while back and I sure would appreciate it being repaid.

All my readers know I don’t like getting my toons boosted and have only done so on my paladin because he’s my scribe (needed moar glyphs!). All the boosts I got for him were people already running another instance anyway for rep or achievements. I’ve paid back hubby and now only owe Dark/Soth a couple runs.

But this druid was run through WC MANY times getting gear drops and boosting via rogue is not the easiest thing in the world.

And you know, I seem to recall running WC a time or 4 for him as well.

The only thing we’re missing in our Outlands alt group is a tank.

Guess what this little paladin wants to be when she grows up?

That’s right, a tank.

So I’m feverishly trying to get hubby caught up to us before we move on to the next zone.

The more time we spend on those alts, the further he gets behind.

So druid, I know you’re reading.

Yes, I’m calling you out.

I’ve boosted him like 3 levels.

Your turn.



8 comments on “Late post is late

  1. telanarra says:



  2. Tyræl says:

    Hey don’t blame me. You could easily said, “Tyræl, stfu. I know what I am doing.” and I would have quietly shut up and replied “Yes, master…I’ll get you a brain master….”


  3. smart001 says:

    Arioch, I hope you know, when your post was not in my reader this morning I DID miss it. Which is interesting because I get about 300 posts/blogs/news/etc in my reader every day. When I cleaned it out this morning, I actually went back and double checked, thinking maybe I had missed it. But no, it just wasn’t there. You were missed, but now you are not, and that, I am happy about.


  4. telanarra says:

    yeah yeah yeah. Ima start helping him out just not tonight unless i log on after the basketball game :)


  5. smart001 says:

    yeah it is at least 300, but i am looking for specific things, it is easy for me to read and discard what I dont need in a matter of seconds. I only stop every time at a few blogs. Most of which are in my WoW folder.

    So 300 is how many come in, i would say, 50ish is what gets read.


  6. Jaedia says:

    Know the feeling on the raptor dailies, I took a little break because I couldn’t be arsed, I’m only a few days off now but should have finished ages ago!


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