Bully on BoA

Note: A previous version of this post may have shown up in some people’s feed readers back in August, hence the old comments (that don’t entirely make sense with the current rendition of the post). Oops. And in response to those comments: Because I CAN! My main is an enchanter. To not have enchanted gear is like running around naked to me. Just not in a sexy way. So it’s like a naked gnome. /shudder

Note 2: And then I managed to screw up posting this a second time and somehow pre-dated the post. I give up. /sigh

I like my BoA gear, I really do.

Except for one itsy, bitsy, teensy, weensy problem: enchants/enhancements.

The item level on the BoA gear is always level 1, meaning you are restricted to enchants and enhancements that do not have an item level requirements.

As a priest, this means that the best enchants I’m going to be able to get on my Dignified Headmaster’s Charge are (and that I actually have on my enchanter):

  • Mighty Intellect (+22 Int)
  • Mighty Spirit (+20 Spi)
  • Spellpower (+30 SP)

Funny enough – these are 1-handed enchants. The 2-hand enchants are really lame until you get to the later ilevel ranges.

I went with straight spellpower… wondering if I should have gone with Int for the mana pool increase…

And all the mana oils I made for my priest to use starting at level 20 (as required by the tool tip)?

Useless. Looks like not only do I have to be at least level 20, but so does the weapon.

I just hit the point where I was able to make the Aldor/Scryer choice (I went Scryer, not like it matters anymore). All those lovely shoulder inscriptions?

I’m guessing they’ll be useless.

I also have my heirloom chest piece from the Argent Tournament.

I have available:

  • Major Health (+100 HP)
  • Stats (+3 to all stats)
  • Superior Mana (+65 mana)

Seriously? 100 hit points or 65 mana? That’s not even one hit or a single spell.

Went with Stats. Got me 30 HP, 45 mana, and an extra 3 Spirit. Plus Agility and Strength. /flex

Figured if it was going to be a piddly amount of stats, might as well be insulting to all of them at the same time.

I wouldn’t mind getting a Restore Mana Prime on it for some mana regen, but alas, ’tis not to be.

Got a chest piece drop the other day with 3 gem slots on it.

Oooooh, so close. If I gemmed it up right, I could almost make it worth it… and then I remember the XP boost.


But I could enchant that one with something almost useful!

WTB +XP gems.

So you know what Blizzard should do next?

Scaling enchants.

They would only work when applied to a BoA item.

Hell, make them require a special BoA vellum that can only be purchased by a level 80.

(Hello, gold sink?)

Someone puts the vellum in the “Will not be traded” box, just like an item and I enchant it with say, “Chest Enchant of Stats with Scaling Awesomesauce.”

I imagine the mats would be obscene, costing 2-3 times what the top-end “normal” enchant of the same type would cost. Remember, you’ll be getting a lot of mileage out of this enchant.

The level 80 ships the vellum off to their little twink who then applies it to their level 1 heirloom chest piece.

At level 1, they get the same +1 to stats that they could get normally. Around level 10 or so, it bumps up to +2. So on and so forth, never bumping up higher than what would be available to them with a standard enchant.

The tricky part is, it has to be tied to the level of the character wearing the item.

After all, who really bought a separate set of BoA shoulders for all their alts that use the same armor type?

(I even force my shaman to wear cloth shoulders because I’m too cheap to get him the next set up.)

The same could be done for weapons. (And all the damn spellpower oils I made, pl0x.)

Shoulder inscriptions… that’s a little fuzzier. I think I can let Blizzard slide on that enhancement since you don’t really get into shoulder inscriptions until level 70+.

But the important part of this post has nothing to do with BoA gear and enchants.


It’s about hair.

Which color looks better?

Is that the Lich King behind you? Made ya look!

I started with the white blonde and recently switched to the more honey blonde.

I think I prefer his original platinum locks.



11 comments on “Bully on BoA

  1. repgrind says:

    What are you doing that you would need enchants on heirloom pieces?

    I could see it if you’re twinking, but for leveling? For me, the whole point of them IS the xp bonus … get to 80, pass them to the next alt, and enchant your real gear.

    For your priest, if you’re healing instances you’ve got to be getting drops. Your last idea there is a good one, as long as you don’t mind missing the extra xp.

    You could also do buff food with mp5, dunno how good it is, but smoked sagefish starts at what, level 25 I think?


  2. Nagu says:

    We already have Heirloom chests. And I agree with repgrind, it’s not that big of a deal to not have enchants while you’re leveling.


  3. Tirael says:

    The pvp shoulder enchants from WG use to work on the heirloom gear. Not sure if they do any more or not.


  4. Dark/Soth says:

    +4 stats to chest works as well. That’s what I use.


  5. koalabear21 says:

    I prefer the white blonde

    The honey/gold color just doesn’t go well with his skin tone


  6. telanarra says:

    @ rep and nagu

    i agree its not a big deal to have enchants but if you have access to them pretty much for free wouldn’t you chant all your toons. granted even if i could i would only chant items i knew i wouldn’t be replacing in the next level or so.


  7. Tyræl says:

    On a side note…what’s with this obsesstion with Belfs? Do you have a little metrosexual boy as your inner child Arioch?


  8. rustbeard says:

    Are enchants as important in leveling as in raiding, no. Are enchants important when leveling? Yeah, sort of. They do add to survivability and slightly increase speed of play.

    Now, the other option is: should a lower level equip this item, any standard enchantment that requires a higher level would be dropped (even following a confirmation pop-up). If you’re not swapping a set of shoulders back and forth while leveling multiple alts, this won’t be a problem. Otherwise, watch the AH prices rise (a little) on those lower end enchants as demand on them goes up.


  9. repgrind says:

    Sure, leave MY old comment up there when the post isn’t even the same as it was way back when. =P

    I have since seen the difference it makes. Ran around with a buddy on his newly minted .. something or other .. shaman I think it was .. and watched him one-shot Northshire Valley … like the entire zone. He was like .. a freshly minted DK right out of the starting zone. Totally OP.

    That being said, I have not gone out of my way to find the enchants for my boa gear. I have a (lowish level) enchanter who has provided my leveling toons with enchants for their other gear, but I still haven’t bothered with them for the boa’s.

    Oh, and … I agree on the platinum.

    If her inner child is a metrosexual, what is mine? I’m female and all of my toons at the moment are human males.


  10. […] then yesterday, Ty went straight to the hard-hitting question: what’s with this obsesstion with Belfs? Do you have a little metrosexual boy as your inner child […]


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