What’s up with all the belfs?

So it’s been noticed that I have a few blood elves in my character selection screen.

A friend asked the other day if I had a stable of them.

(Duh, where else do you keep studs?)

And then yesterday, Ty went straight to the hard-hitting question:

what’s with this obsesstion with Belfs? Do you have a little metrosexual boy as your inner child Arioch?


I do have the heart of a 13-year-old boy, we’ve covered that before.

It started with Arioch.

I won’t babble about the details again.

Synopsis: wanted to play caster, saw Nyhm’s M.A.G.E. video on YouTube and said, “That’s my character!”


Next up, I rolled a paladin.

Horde choices were, let’s see… blood elf, blood elf, oh, and blood elf.

Just to be different, I went with blood elf.

As discussed in the post linked above, I’m not fond of the female blood elf voices or animations (MY GOD HER ARMS ARE GOING TO SNAP OFF!!!!).

He originally started with the hairstyle that has a headband kinda Conan the Barbarian look thing going on.

Looked good on the character creation screen, but I eventually hated it – to the point where I couldn’t play the character anymore.

Was about to delete and reroll when I found out that we could change hairstyles in Wrath.

Wrath was released.

Gave my pally the foxtail and started playing him once in a blue moon again.

But, I had to roll a DK.

Arcane Torrent giving back runic power seemed like a good racial and I wanted a blue ponytail.

(OK, so it’s entirely possible that the hair selection had more to do with the choice…)

He actually started with a different ponytail but I eventually switched it to the foxtail.

(And total tangent… but with blood elves getting warriors in Cataclysm… Arcane Torrent currently gives mana/energy/runic power… does that mean belf warriors will get rage? That would be SWEET!)

Then came the decision to roll a healer.

I decided on priest, I think Nyhm’s Holy video had something to do with it…

My choices were troll, blood elf, and forsaken.

Forsaken was out. I have a Forsaken warrior sitting in a corner, all alone.

I try to get him nice gear and what does he do? He immediately rips the shit out of it. This is why you can’t have nice things!

Troll was a strong contender.

But either at the time the Berserking Racial was still based on a percentage of health or it had already changed and I just wasn’t aware of it.

Arcane Torrent I was already comfortable with and could reliably hit just about every cool down.

Since I was terrified bad enough about rolling a healer I opted for the comfort and familiarity of blood elf.

I’ve done the starting quests a gabillion times by now (all my characters head out to Eversong, the rewards are so much better) so I can burn through the first 15 or so levels pretty efficiently.

And I decided to just go for the foxtail right from the beginning since I was sure I would end up with it anyway.

So that’s the story about how I ended up with my own Sin’dorei militia.

(Death to all who oppose us!)

I do have a little troll shaman that hasn’t gotten much love lately. But I can’t wait to be able to cast FROST SHOCK!!

My Forsaken warrior will probably be deleted at some point. I’m not enjoying him as much as my *cough* night elf *cough* warrior.

(I have no shame in admitting I like the pointy ears.)

I do have a tauren druid sitting around that needs some attention. His gear right now is craptastic. It’s hard for me to play a character that looks so poorly geared. Although it doesn’t bother me on the troll. Weird. I should just get him the BoA gear. Someday. Maybe.

I was thinking of tanking with him. I don’t like the combo point system so kitty is out. If I’m a decent healer I might go resto, but the tree form is sooooo boring. Maybe boomkin… Why did they make the bear’s ass so fucking huge?

Not knowing where I want to go with him is making it hard for me to put any effort into him.

I love the way orcs look at end game, at least in plate or mail. But that would mean another warrior, DK, shaman or learn how to play a hunter.

And it means I would have to suffer through 50+ levels of looking like I geared up at the Salvation Army. Tier gear really spoiled me.

When Cataclysm is released I am rolling a Worgen. I was so bummed when they announced Worgen would be Alliance and Horde would get Goblins. Blech. And I will never, ever be in human form if it can at all be avoided. /rawr

I also need more character slots…


18 comments on “What’s up with all the belfs?

  1. Tyræl says:

    Ok, to comment on the post…it’s the Sunwell bleached skin that turns you on…imo. On a side note, I was just told that I have to be at work at 8 pm tonight, so no raiding until probably 10 pmish +…/sad panda


  2. Troutwort says:

    I find it amazing that they all have the same hair! When I roll a new toon, which I can’t anymore, I’m out of slots on my server, I make it a point to make sure they look different than the others, otherwise they all feel like the same person.

    But that hair choice isn’t a bad one, so I’ll give you the thumbs up. :P


  3. Fish says:

    LOL I do love that hair, however, I have to say, I much prefer the look of humans. Belfs just don’t have very many viable facial hair options for me. Multiple variations of soul patch just don’t do it for me. I have the same exact face as your mage on my priest and warlock, and the hair with the lil wings on my mage. My paladin always wears his helm because I think the titansteel tanking helm looks pretty awesome.

    I have to say I much prefer the way alliance character models look.


  4. smart001 says:

    I have at least one of each Race on the horde. I will tell you playing my druid, I have become rather fond of the Tauren. And my DK is Forsaken, just because I love the undead/DK/cannibalize, plus in full plated regalia the Forsaken just look cool imo, but it is more for the anorexic/lithe features of the undead I guess, as I always keep my helm on.


  5. repgrind says:

    Haha, you’re right, he does look like the mage from Nyhm’s M.A.G.E. That’s awesome. Now I feel like less of a dork for making my DK look like the one in Cranius’ Get My Main video. =P


  6. Interestingly enough, I tried to play a belf hunter and deleted him for a Troll. Troll & Tauren are pretty much the only Horde races I can stand. I have one of every Alliance race though. :D


  7. Tyræl says:

    FWIW, I my warrior is a femtaur. I happen to think she looks cool in her gear…./hide in corner


  8. Dark/Soth says:


    Femtaur? really?




  9. Tyræl says:



  10. koalabear21 says:

    Ari, your orc should be a warlock

    warlocks are awesome :D


  11. Dark/Soth says:


    You gotta a lot of nerve coming to a mage centric blog saying that warlocks are awesome. Haha

    Mages > Warlocks always and forever.


  12. koalabear21 says:

    Dark are you really Christian Belt from WoW.com? O_o


  13. Orangeslice says:

    Great site btw. Just found out about this site a few days ago. I admit I chuckled quite a bit while reading your posts. Keep to the awesome work.

    and belt > all. *nods sagely*


  14. koalabear21 says:

    No warlocks don’t wear plate :(

    but they are still awesome!!!

    Christian Belt is the mage columnist and has warlock hating/bashing down to a science. He is absolutely hilarious too. Which is why I still read his mage articles even though my mage is only 63 and my favorite toon is a warlock. :D


  15. Tyræl says:

    You people and your pewpew. When are you going to learn this:



  16. repgrind says:

    Agree with koala … at least as far as Chris Belt is concerned. He’s absolutely 100% worth reading.


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