Pilgrim’s Bounty: The Guide

Sorry about that.

I’ve been staying up far too late in the nights past.

Anyhooo, on with the show!

As with every holiday, I produce my own guide even though everyone under the sun has also written one.

This is a completely optional holiday. For those of you after the violet proto-drake, this is NOT part of the meta.

Rewards are the title of Pilgrim and an awesome turkey pet. (Summon, build campfire, laugh – it’s hilarious.)

This holiday has two main parts – the bountiful tables and the cooking. Everyone can get the achievements for the tables, but you’ll need to level your cooking up to complete all the cooking bits. You will also need to be at least level 55 to get the instance kill.

Start the event by looking for commoners in any city, they will send you to Undercity. (In case you couldn’t guess, this will be a Horde-centric guide.)

Note on bountiful tables: The chairs at the table are labeled according to the food that is available from that spot on the table and function like vehicles. Your action bar will be possessed, just like when jousting. Button 1 will be your pass/throw button and the remaining buttons indicate the different foods. Any food available to you will be lit up.

Here’s the breakdown, achievement by achievement:

Easy as pie. Or throwing pie.

Sit in any chair at a bountiful table, target a player, press 1.

Interestingly, you cannot throw food at players of the opposing faction. I was rather disappointed about that.

Now move to each chair and do the same. If there are no players close enough to pelt with cranberries, you can target another chair at the table and pass the food to that space.

The next person to sit at that chair will have a serving of that food available as an option to eat as well as whatever the chair is for.

While at the table, eat 5 servings from each chair.

So get in a chair, throw something at someone or another chair, then eat 5 of whatever’s available.

Move to next chair, stuff your face.

Continue through all 5 chairs.

5 servings of each of the 5 foods gives you the Spirit of Sharing buff.

Rinse and repeat at all 4 capitals. Note – this is the only reason to visit Silvermoon during this event.

Whereas normally we get XP buffs form events (Midsummer pole dance), this one is a reputation gain buff.

Quick, go farm Lower City rep! Or am I the only one still working on those?

And just how many is “enough?”

40 fucking turkeys.

Actually, this really wasn’t that bad.

Wild turkeys are found in Tirisfal Glade (or Elwynn Forest if you want to go kill the Alliance turkeys) and are neutral critter types with 2 hit points.

When you kill one, there is a hilarious animation to turn it into a little roast turkey carcass and you loot a turkey from it. This is important, as you’ll need those turkeys for later – loot your turkeys!

You also get a buff upon the turkey’s demise that lasts for 30 seconds and is refreshed when the next wild turkey is slain. (This buff is NOT extended by killing Lonely Turkeys, more on that later.)

So you have to kill a turkey, then another turkey within 30 seconds. Until you have slain 40 turkeys.

At every 10 turkeys you get a new turkey killing “title” that does nothing.

Hints: Tracker snacks last an hour, but require level 70 to use. Or roll a hunter and use track beasts. Turkey population is denser the closer to Brill and UC you are, but there is more competition there as well. The area north of the eastern lake is completely devoid of turkeys, don’t end up there!

Go at low population times if you can, lots of “kill stealing” accusations around this one.

Ranged classes obviously have an advantage here. But… I was able to get 84 turkeys before the buff ran out on my priest who had to resort to running up to them and beating them with a stick. I got lots of skill points for staves.

Pretty self-explanatory.

When you visit any of the cities, there will be a vendor selling a cook book. Purchase the book and open it to get all the recipes you need.

The recipes range in cooking level from 1 to 280. Done properly, you can level your cooking from 1 to 300+ using just these recipes.

And get this, the vendors even have all the ingredients you’ll need with the exception of the turkeys.

Every vendor has the mats for Spice Bread (which you should have learned at cooking level 1 from the trainer and is the base for the stuffing), the Autumnal Spices, and the Honey.

The vendor in Orgrimmar has the berries for the Cranberry Chutney, in UC you get the pumpkins for the pie, and the cows in TB have the Sweet Potatoes.

As you visit each city, stock up on the unique ingredient from that city.

There are two quest series involved with the cooking.

The first is started when you turn in the quest from the commoner.You will be sent back and forth between the cities delivering 5 of each item to whichever city is running low on that item. This quest has two parts – you must cook the food and turn it in, so no purchasing cooked food from other players. The catch? It glitches sometimes. So if I’m in UC and cook the food that I turn in at Org, when I get to Org it would have “forgotten” that I cooked that food. To be safe, just get the mats and take them to the appropriate city and cook them there.

Completing the quest chain gives you a Turkey Caller. This is an item that summons a Lonely Turkey with a 2-minute cool down. The Lonely Turkey can be killed and looted for a wild turkey carcass to use for cooking, but does not count towards the Turkey Terminator kills. It can only be used outside.

The second set of quests is the dailies. Those will require 20 of each dish but does not require that you have been the one to cook them.

Note: Most of the items are considered to be conjured items and cannot be mailed or sold on the AH. They can be traded to other players.

Speaking of the dailies…

Bring 20 of the requested dish to different cities.

I didn’t really pay attention to what went where, terribly sorry.

But of course, the city that wants Cranberry Chutney will not be the city that has the berries. This is why you stock up on the unique ingredient every time you visit a city.

Being a mage rocked for this holiday. I was given 25 gold for a port from Org to TB. Cha-ching! (Hell yes I took it.)

The dailies give one of the following rewards every time they are completed:

  • Chest piece: robe, attire or dress (these are all interchangeable as far as achievements are concerned, you will need one of them)
  • Hat (you will need)
  • Boots (useless)
  • Turkey Shooter (you will need at least 8)

Oh the joys of a PvP server.

I happened to be on right when the servers rolled over and started the event so I was at a bit of an advantage in terms of server population and awareness. There was also a server crash in the middle and I was one of the first ones back on.

You have to be wearing one of the chest pieces from the dailies, so either the robe, attire or dress.

I also stripped off my shoulders, gloves and belt as they just looked silly.


So wear one of the chest pieces, visit each city and sit at the table. You don’t even need to eat or throw food, just sit.

Unfortunately, you must be out of combat to sit. This gets a little tricky. You also cannot be mounted, be sure to dismount quickly.

If you die, try to res standing on a table. It makes it a little harder for people to get to you and you will be within range of 5 chairs.

  • Darnassus – get to Rut’theran and ride through the pink portal. Keep going straight, around the tree bank and up the marble ramp. Just on the other side, to your left will be the tables. If you die, you will end up at the graveyard all the way out in Dolonaar, it’s a bit of a jog back.
  • The Exodar – located by the main entrance. If you’ve ever done For the Horde, you probably went through the door closest to the docks. This is NOT where the tables are. The GY is at the northern end of the zone.
  • Ironforge – all the way up the dirt road leading to the city, in a clearing to the right at the top. Didn’t die here, no clue where the GY is.
  • Stormwind – Outside the city gates, on the north side of the road. GY is no longer out at the Eastvale Logging Camp, thank god. It’s now somewhere middle-ish of the zone.

This one is in Sethekk Halls (I think) out in Terokkar. It’s the one on the East side.

It can be done on normal or heroic. Normal requires level 55 to enter, heroic requires a key or rep or some stuff like that.

If you have a druid available, do it on Heroic and take a stab at getting Anzu.

You must be wearing the hat and your choice of chest piece from the dailies.

This one is probably the hardest of them all.

It will take you 2 days of dailies to get enough turkey shooters – they are one use items.

The turkey shooter has a cast time, so make sure your target isn’t rapidly fleeing from you.

The target is turned into a turkey, but loses no abilities. Turkeys casting fan of knives is pretty darn amusing.

Dwarf rogue was the tricky one on my server, rumor has it there are all of two of them.

To get that one, we resorted to some fancy mind vision tricks. I didn’t even know that mind vision could be chain cast like this, it was awesome.

I stood in the doorway of the Alliance inn in Dalaran. A friend cast Mind Vision on me, getting the bar keeper across the room in line of sight. He jumped the vision to that NPC and looked around the room.

Tucked in the corner where I couldn’t see him, was a dwarf rogue. He jumped the vision to him and I was able to assist target and nailed the sucker with the Turkey Shooter. I’m guessing true LoS isn’t very important with this one.

Then we promptly informed the local chat channel of the name and location of said dwarf rogue. Tee hee.

If a rogue is already under the effects of the turkey buff, hitting them with it will not give you credit. And the buff lasts for an hour unless they click it off.

So that’s how to get the Pilgrim’s Bounty done. I’ll leave you with silly turkey pictures.

That’s my hubby’s rogue driving the bike. We think the passenger glitch may be related to the fact that the machine is being operated by poultry.


9 comments on “Pilgrim’s Bounty: The Guide

  1. Tyræl says:

    Ahh..you mentioned the fun holiday…but no mention of the other more important title we got this weekend…./sad face


  2. Tyræl says:

    Long post is not long as long as reading level > 5th grade, imo…WANNA SEE PICKS OF DEAD BOSSES PLOX KAI THKS BAI


  3. Groendell says:

    Great guide! I guess my LF39M! wouldn’t have worked after all…. now for Pilgrims Peril : )


  4. Johnny says:

    &*^@#% TURKEYS!


  5. Dark/Soth says:

    WTB Post of us killing a big meanie raid boss (In the name of Christ).


  6. jong says:

    Poor rogues. I feel bad for them :(


  7. Darraxus says:

    For the Pilgrim Perril quest, I heard from someone that you can sit in the chair as a ghost and then rez.

    For the Turkinator, I made a macro to /target them. You still have to look for them, but it makes it much easier.

    I also wasted two fucking turkey shooters. One on shooting a stupid Troll Rogue twice when he vanished and then reappeared as a Turkey and the other when I shot an already Turkified Undead Rogue. I only need the undead and dwarf rogues for my achievement.


  8. anonymous says:

    I was paid 50g to make two alli toons so someone could finish the quest LOL easiest money I ever made :)
    Although my toons are too low to finish all the quests it’s great to be able to jump them from lvl 20 to 300 in cooking.


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