Killing a big meanie raid boss

In the name of Christ.

(I wish I could link you all back to the original post that the Christ line is from but Megs seems to have shut off her archives. /pout)

Just an average weekend for us in Shadow Rising.

Run a few heroics.

Do some dailies.

Kill a mother fucking dragon.

Phot op!

Note the snazzy new title?

I know, I know, we took forever to get around to doing it.

What’s hilarious is it looks like I’ve missed every other Sarth-with-drakes-up run with the guild.

Now that’s efficiency.

Screw getting each individual achievement one at a time and work my way up to 3 drakes.


So how did it go down?

Egads, painfully.

The new guy (and I’m going to have to come up with something else to call him) volunteered to lead the raid.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been getting a little burnt out on organizing and leading just about every raid we do so I was more than happy to let someone else call the shots for an evening.

Not to mention, he’s done this on other toons and knows all the ins and outs to this achievement.

We were short having enough people logged in so grabbed a shaman out of LFG so we could have Bloodlust.

(That’s BLOODLUST, not heroism or whatever it’s called on the other side. BLOODLUST. RAWR.)

Grabbed a pally tank out of guild and plunked him down in front of the dragon.

The guy did great, for what he could do. Someone will be speaking with him shortly and walking him through why it’s best not to have all 71 points in the protection tree.

So after about an hour, the pally gives up.

We swap him out and have one of the DPS switch to his warrior tank and replaced the DPS spot with a guildmate that logged on.

Another hour goes by.

We’re swapping people around as they log in, but just can’t get a decent composition together and we’re stuck with this lame shaman.

The shaman wasn’t pulling in any DPS to be writing home about and *he* was the one complaining the DPS wasn’t high enough…


Two guildmates log in.

Both have shamans.

Um, pug shaman guy?

Yeah, so we’ve been here two hours… think it’s just time to call it. But it was great of you to come out and fail with us.


/reform group with all SR members

Took another hour to get the tweaks in the method down pat and to get lucky breaks on the flame walls.

We were running a caster/melee split which was not making anything easier so it required even more effort to get the planets to align with the flame walls and void zones.

Oh, and we had to talk the holy pally into actually moving out of the way of flame walls so his bubble would be available to use in the bubble/divine sacrifice combo after the tank’s cooldowns were blown. L2 dodge flame walls. =P

Now, we’ve dropped bosses in the past.

And I’m sure that collectively, we’ve spent more than 3 hours on some bosses. (Hodir comes to mind…)

And when they die there is always the rush of “Yay! Dead boss! Lootz? What’s next?”

And then we just move on. No one lingers at the corpse. No one cheers.

But this one was different.

I’m hoping Icecrown is like this. That when we finally get a boss down we are so elated about it that the loot is forgotten until we’ve all gathered around for a photo. I hope our guild forums get filled with these.

Just in case anyone was curious, here’s the damage for the kill:

4 piece Tier 9 for DKs. Nerf it nao. kkthxbai

(Army of the dead was cheating, too.)

Loot is being handed out and it’s time for the drake roll.

One of the guys said when we started that he didn’t care about the drake.

I was a little surprised that he rolled on it.

He beat my 3.

(God my raid rolls suck, this is why I’m glad we are on loot council or I would NEVER get a drop.)

We asked him to show us the drake in Dal but he just logged off.

Then the next time he was on, he was saying how ugly it was.

If you win something that you know half the raid was drooling over after you state that you could care less about the item, don’t make disparaging remarks about said item. It takes that knife and twists it so slowly… “I have something that you wanted and I don’t even like it. Neener neener. I’m banging a supermodel but going to complain that her left tit is slightly larger than her right. Neener neener.”

I would have loved it and hugged it and called it George.


16 comments on “Killing a big meanie raid boss

  1. thedoctor says:

    eh…i hate people that do that…

    Hopefully you do it again and give one to someone that likes it.



  2. Tyræl says:

    Ya know Ari…I have a name instead of “The new guy”.


  3. Tyræl says:


    I, alias Tyræl, do hereby give alias Arioch my explicit consent to use my name in her blog, as long as it refers to events based upon fact, something I told you, and was not explicitly denied reposting by me. Void where prohibited by law.



  4. pallynoob says:


    what did you warlock? Thats not much dps.
    How long did the fight last?
    You have to kill him right before the first add comes or do you have some additional seconds?

    So you had one healer, or did the shamys help healing?


  5. Tyræl says:

    Here is how it went down. We will start with comp.

    Warrior Tank
    Blood DK
    Blood DK
    Combat Rogue
    Combat Rogue
    Enh Shammy
    Elemental Shammy
    Arcane Mage
    Destro Lock
    Holy Paladin

    Paladin Solo healed. If you want I can make the “How to Kill Sarth 3D redux” for my blog post today and give you raid comps and such.


  6. Fish says:

    71 points in prot!?!?!? :-O I couldn’t even think of doing that. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever thought of putting that many points in a single tree for any class. I couldn’t even tell you the prot build my pally uses anymore. Good going on the 3 Drakes. While I’m not an achievement chaser, that one is rough. . .


  7. […] and mount in the process).   My guild (Shadow Rising) took this down this weekend (reference Arioch’s post) and some people were asking questions about it in the comments, so I wanted to share my […]


  8. Dark/Soth says:

    Pff, Ty, one of the rogues was Assassinaton. Other than that, you were correct. =p

    Our dps wasn’t the best it could of been, but it was enough. I think you just need 45kish raid dps IIRC. More dps is obviously better, as there is less time for adds to beat on you and less void zones/firewalls to dodge. Firewalls and void zone spawns are a huge factor. RNG definitely plays a role in this fight. Grats to Shadow Rising. I know I cheered over vent.


  9. Tyræl says:

    Yeah..I realized that now..eff my ell for not being able to edit comments user side. Looks like comment #8 shows my post on how to do this. Feel free to read up on it. Coming to a Shadow Rising raid near you…Twilight Vanquisher.


  10. Jaedia says:

    Ooh gz, did you guys zerg or do it properly? (can’t be offended by that, we zerged)
    Also, probably one of my favourite titles :D


  11. Orangeslice says:



  12. rustbeard says:

    Super Gratz! And, I herefore make 2 promises:

    – If I ever find myself sleeping with a supermodel, I shall never complain about anything regarding her looks nor will “neener neener” ever pass my lips.

    – If by some miracle, I ever find myself in riding on said drake, I shall refer to her as Arioch II in your honor. Actually, I usually think of my mounts by the first thing that pops into my head when I get them, hence my Green Proto-Drake will forever go by the name of “Holy Shit”


  13. Euripedes says:

    I initially didn’t want to roll on the Drake, figuring my nether drake to be more than adequate.
    I think on our third, maybe fourth kill, I rolled a perfect 100, got the mount… and damn, that is a good looking drake.
    I ride it everywhere, and I lurv it so <3

    Best of luck with the rolls next time!


  14. telanarra says:

    I swear the Flame wall moved >.<


  15. […] to put your feet up and relax and bullshit with a friends…a group of friends that could also KILL MOTHER FUCKING DRAGONS!! When it is all said and done, I would rather fail with friends, than to triumph […]


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