Short post is short.

Next couple days will be light on content – I’m on vacation and my battlegroup is down.

I have rolled a DK on another server and I’ll say, it’s kinda weird the second time around.

First off, I practically had the zone to myself.

Soth also rolled a DK on the same server. He choose an obvious name while I choose, well, a name.

I waved at him. He waved back.

He poked me. I poked back.

He whispers if it’s who he thinks it is. I whisper back if it’s got pointy ears you know it’s got to be me.


Next year's Halloween costume?



We steamroll the starting area. It’s just the two of us as well as Lilslutt and Lickkmyass of the guild “My other server is down.”

It was odd being able to actually see the NPCs instead of clicking blindly through a sea of brother death knights.

Noth was there, and Patchwerk and Gothik and Instructor Raz. It’s like a happy little pre-reunion. I know you! You dropped some phatty loot for me back in the day!

Except that wasn’t me, it was the other me… damn this is like talking to Chromie.

Now that I’ve cleared Naxx umpteen times I got the little jokes in what they were saying.

So Noth, where's Heigan?

So Noth, where is Heigan?

And with the information about Icecrown that’s available it was like I could look ahead and say, “Yeah, I’ll be killing you in a few months. Just you wait.”


All your lootz will belong to us.



On my first DK I was so amused with the starting quests that my husband had to ask if I was OK. Apparently maniacal cackling could be interpreted as having an issue of some sort.


This time through the amusement was tempered with the frustration from being in the middle of something on my priest when my normal server went down, AGAIN.

I still enjoyed myself, but was able to keep much of my mirth from slaughtering villagers contained at a manageable level.

The epic battle at Light’s Hope was more epic and less epic at the same time, resulting in a neutral amount of epicness as compared to my first time there.

There was just the 4 of us so I could actually read all the text that was going on instead of my chat pane being spammed with a thousand people whining about “zomg too much story, let’s just go now.”

But this also meant that I had more of a clue as to what was going on and was a little confused about our surrender.

According to my display, we still had over a thousand combatants to their 200. Why the fuck are we giving up? CRUSH THEM!!!!

Well, we got sent off to Stormwind (/gasp! Alliance DKs!) to go talk to King Douche, er, Varian.

I’m following Soth who obviously has not spent much time in Stormwind. I suppose I can forgive him for not knowing the layout, it’s hard to get your bearings when you’re aggroing every guard and player in the whole city.

But this time our mission was one of peace and love.

Stroll into the King’s chambers, the guards are having a field day using Soth as target practice with produce and ignoring me.


There’s the kid.

There’s the throne.

When we’ve been here to kill him, he’s always standing right there…

God dammit.

A For the Horde must have just gone through here.

Guess we should have rolled Horde.

Fuck it.



One comment on “Blah

  1. Dark/Soth says:

    In my defense, both of my previous visits to Stormwind were with the sole intention of smashing King Emo’s face in. I can’t say I was exactly checking out landmarks and conversating with the locals. So yeah, I was a little off when I get sent to swear allegiance to King Poutface and may have ran in circles a little bit.


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