Tales of a Warrior – BFD

No, not big fucking deal – Black Fathom Depths.

I have run BFD on my mage. Back when we had 3 pallies in the party and two mages. Yeesh, that was bad.

I have healed BFD on my priest. A few times actually as the poor druid was trying to get the staff to drop. It never did drop for us. It dropped for my warrior, of course.

And now I have run it as a melee DPS on my warrior.

I use the term DPS loosely… I hadn’t come across a 2-hander worth equipping yet and was in the LFG on a lark (there’s never anyone else in LFG for low instances) so ended up going in with sword and board.

Two pallies, a mage, a hunter, and me on my warrior.

Early 20’s.

Party up and one of the pallies asks if I’m prot spec.

At level 23?

Um, no.

“Oh well, then I guess that means I have to tank it.”

It does? OK…

I’ve noticed that for the first 30+ levels it doesn’t really seem to matter. A ret pally can tank with Righteous Frickin’ Fury, an arms/fury warrior can pop defensive stance, a druid does the bear thing and… I really don’t know what bears do, sorry.

But if he wants to tank, OK.

The mage was posting recount every few battles.

We’re fucking level 21-24 and you’re posting recount?

Bet you’re going to be a gem in the raiding community.

Yes, I was bottom of the damage meter.

(I did get a very nice 2-handed sword in that run and equipped it as soon as I dinged up to 24 after the run. Then I went and irritated some bears to work on my weapon skill.)

The mage was at the top.

The mage was also at the top of the threat meter unless he was dead.

Recount posted was for overall DPS and sometimes damage, which wasn’t cleared before entering the instance unless those other 6 people are invisible and standing right here with us. If they are, I don’t want to be splitting loot with them.

I mention that I’m watching Omen more than I’m watching recount.

“wuts that?”


It’s a threat meter.

“o can u post that?”

No, it doesn’t work that way.

“whos at the top of the threat?”

The tank when everything is going right, otherwise it’s you.


I really suggest you look into getting Omen. It will be a lot less deathy for you.


There was one tricky area where we wanted to get a mob to come to us, but the range was awkward for the pally.

The mage volunteers to pull and before anyone can type a response, a pyroblast is heading right at the mob.

A caster mob.

A mob that doesn’t budge an inch but is merrily pounding the mage into oblivion because the mage failed to duck back into the hallway to break line of sight.

That isn’t a “pull.” That’s “ranged aggro.”


There was the crazy mage back when I was healing Ramps for the first time.

Then this mage.

Several other mages I’ve encountered while leveling.

I remember a conversation I had waaaaay back in the day with another mage and he mentioned pulling aggro was “fun.”

He’s since rolled a tank and realized that maybe, just maybe, he was the only one that was having fun.

The conversation after his first tanking job was something along the lines of, “fucking ret pally just kept pulling aggro off me.”

Oh, you mean like you did all the time?


Not so much fun?



I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something inherent in the mage class that draws the most unstable people.

(I probably can’t even try to make a claim to stability so I won’t bother.)

Now when I’m in a group and a mage joins, I cringe. (This does not apply to raiding, just to leveling.)

I look at their spec and figure out which brand of crazy they’re going to be:

  • Heavy frost – I’ll just run into combat and frost nova everything. Then I will stand there and nuke it. When I die I will blame the tank.
  • Heavy fire with PvP talents – I’ll just run into combat and blow shit up. In its face. When I die I will blame the healer.
  • Heavy fire PvE build – I’ll just stand back here and blow shit up until the combat comes to me and then I’ll blow it up some more. When I die I will blame the tank.

No one seems to spec arcane before end game (except me). Maybe those would be the more “normal” of the crazies.

The one lesson that young mages seem to miss, is that you play differently in a group than you play solo.

The rotation is different, the skills used are different, the positioning, the synergy, it’s all different.

And it will change with your next tank who will pull completely differently.

So please, budding masters of magic, L2notbecrazy, mkay?

Remember, dead DPS does no DPS and you don’t want to be blacklisted by tanks and healers early on in the game.


Big peeve of mine.

Remove Curse.

Chances are, you’re the only one in the party that can do it.

Set up your party frames to show when people are afflicted with curses. I think this can even be done in the standard UI. If not, learn to watch people’s debuffs. Curses have pretty purple borders.

Because funny enough, when the tank is hit with a curse that removes most of his armor, the healer tends to go OOM faster.

No mana for the healer means no heals for you. Or for me, and I’m doing my job.

Remove the goddamn curses!

So back to being a warrior, and I’ll even tie in the bit about playing differently between solo and grouping.

I’m leveling arms/fury. At 40 I will most likely dual for a DPS and prot build.

When solo, I’m able to Charge into battle at my leisure, assuming I didn’t startle a bear around the corner while mining.

I’ve watched DPS warriors for a while now in raids and it seems like they can always get a charge in to start the fight.

I’m not entirely certain if it’s just a normal charge, or an intercept, or something else.

But they start way over there, the tank makes contact, whoosh!, the warrior is there.

The only thing I have at the moment to mimic that is plain old Charge.

Here’s the question:

How the fuck do you time that?!?!!?

If I hit it too early, I end up stunning the mob before the tank has it squarely positioned. And I feel bad, I really do.

But if I wait just a hair too long, I’m in combat by virtue of everyone else being in combat and I can no longer charge. So I’m way over there, running late into the battle, and have no rage.

I feel guilty using Bloodrage. I know it’s not much health, but I try to be sympathetic to my healers, especially when there’s also a bat-shit crazy mage in the party.

With my new 2-hander I’m hoping that my rage generation will be better (it certainly is while soloing).

I’m also looking for a little direction on a shield bash macro that works before I get pummel.

Is it possible to get a macro that will equip my sword and board, cast shield bash, then re-equip my two-hander? Nice, simple, 3 clicks?

I’ve got one that sort of works, but it takes several pushes of the button to get things properly equipped. I think since there is no way to unequip a weapon/shield in a macro it’s getting hung up on trying to equip the 2-hander while it still thinks the shield is in place. So it kind of works, but it generally takes it so long to get sorted out that I’ve missed the window of opportunity to bash the spell.

I was making pretty heavy use of shield bash in that last run, lots of casters and either the pally tank doesn’t have a way to deal with it or just didn’t bother.

Before I get pummel should I even worry about it?

Any other hints and tips to pass along to my little guy would be greatly appreciated. He doesn’t like being a wisp.


23 comments on “Tales of a Warrior – BFD

  1. Dakiros says:

    “Is it possible to get a macro that will equip my sword and board, cast shield bash, then re-equip my two-hander? Nice, simple, 3 clicks?”

    Not any good way to do that really. Your best bet til you get pummel is to live through the casts, its a real weakness of warrior leveling. Only other thing you could do if you are in berserker stance is to run out a couple yards and then intercept the caster to stun it.


  2. Tyræl says:

    End game, you can get a talent called Juggernaught (Arms Tree) that allows you to use Charge while in combat. If it’s a fury warrior they are either A) Waiting to see the tank start to run toward the mob and hitting charge as they run in or B) Using intercept.

    Minor glyph for Bloodrage removes the health cost. Get it asap.

    #showtooltip Shield Bash
    /cast [worn:shields] Shield Bash
    /equip [mod:alt]

    This should work out just fine. Holding down alt and clicking will re-equip your two hander.


  3. Tyræl says:

    /equip (name of 1hander)
    /equip (name of shield)


    /equip [mod:alt] (name of 2hander)

    Used the wrong syntax and the post went awry..sorry.


  4. D says:

    No pally interrupts until pretty late (60’s somewhere, I believe), unless it’s a blood elf. :-(

    True story, I once came across a mage that learned she could remove curses for the first time … in an Obsidian Sanctum pug. She had Naxx gear on, too.

    Sorry no comment about warriors, I still have no idea what spec it is that has the big whirlwindy move. My highest level warrior is 15, and that was only through RAF. All I know is that I feel useless without a heal – I’ve started leveling an herbing Draenei mage, and I’ll probably do the same race should I choose to start another warrior.


  5. Fricassee says:

    Try this.

    /equipslot 16 [noequipped:shields] Sword Name
    /equipslot 17 [noequipped:shields] Shield Name
    /cast [equipped:shields] Shield Bash
    /equipslot 16 [equipped:shields] Two-Hander Name


  6. Tebla says:

    Nice. I also leveled arcane. And, I am also leveling a warrior. He is 37 at the moment and I am really enjoying it. I find it is much more of a button dance, DOT juggle and that is a nice change of pace. Retaliation and Sweeping Strikes, with Gift of the Naru and I can take out any set of mobs so far.

    Anyway, it is neat to read another arcane mage leveling a warrior. And I have saved the macro for when I get to 40 and do a duel spec and add prot.


  7. telanarra says:

    levels of crazy for leveling mages

    frost/fire/some wierd combo of the both = dogs and cats living together crazy
    arcane = pants on head crazy. +50 dkp if the pants are occupied by someone else. +100 dkp is said pants are occupied by a member of the opposite sex.

    Arioch = beating 9 people to death with a steel dildo while wearing a bugs bunny costume crazy


  8. Tyræl says:

    ^^^ I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this..hilarious


  9. Euripedes says:

    On my warrior, my stances and weapon swapping are macrod together, and shield bash is simply keybound.
    Alt+2 activates the following macro:

    /cast Defensive Stance
    /equip Random Sword of the Bear
    /equip Shiny Shield of Stamina

    At which point I hit the Shield Bash button. Note that dominos will automatically change your main keybind bar when you change stances, so you can have completely different keybinds in each stance.
    Alt+1 puts me back in Battle Stance, with the following macro:

    /cast Battle Stance
    /equip Massive Two Handed Axe of High DPS


  10. Darraxus says:

    I love my Warrior, but mainly as a tank. Warbringer is the best ability ever. Charging in combat is the hotness. In defensive stance even. I havent done a gun pull in months.


  11. gnomeaggedon says:

    Who you calling unstable?


  12. Tracey says:

    At level 50 (about that, anyway), Prot Warriors can pick up the Warbringer talent (reffed above by Darraxus) — lets you use Charge/Intercept and something else (Intervene? I don’t have the other one, I think) in combat AND from any stance. I got it last night and am loving it already.

    (Noob warrior won’t even try to fake additional knowledge…but maybe my two cents was helpful.)


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