I know it was nerfed, but…


They were nerfed. I know they were nerfed.

But were they really nerfed THAT much?

My god, we stormed Ramps, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens, and Underbog in just over 2 hours.

Including flight time.

OK, last time we were here we couldn’t even fly yet.

And it took us multiple HOURS to clear each one.

There were nights we would get to the Blackstalk guy in Underbog and call it for the night.

My hubby’s pally finally got caught up with the rest of us and started tanking for us.

Here’s how it looks from my end.

/target tank

/cast Power Word: Shield

/cast Renew

/target hunter that forgets he doesn’t have Misdirect yet

/cast Power Word: Shield


/bat at piece of string

/target overeager ret pally

/cast Power Word: Shield


/use wand



My overhealing would make a competent healer cry.

It got to the point where if someone was down 50 HP I would heal them, just to push a button.

Renew is doing over 1700, Flash Heal is rocking 2000+. We won’t even talk about my Greater Heal. It’s ridiculous.

I started tossing out Shadow Word: Pain in just about every fight.

DoT! DoT! DoT!

They suggested I switch to shadow and just toss out ghetto heals when needed.

I haz no dual spec.

The best part was I got turned into a turkey and healed parts of 3 of those instances as a turkey!

I want a permanent turkey shooter or a turkey elixir or something. It was awesome!

They jump when they cast, I was squealing the whole time.

Levitating turkey FTW!

That was last week.

Last night we stormed Mana Tombs, Crypts (2 or 3 times so I could get a helm drop) and then Sethekk Halls.

I dinged up to 66 somewhere in all of that.

We had one death in Seth Halls, the tank died while I was being chased by a ghost thing.

I’z sorry.

The last fight in there was a little more challenging, if only because the hunter failed to get his fat orc ass behind a pillar and I ended up getting sheeped.

But otherwise, it’s been pretty damn easy.

Which has me worried.

For me, the difference between my first trip through the Outlands and this trip has been like night and day.

For other people leveling alts, I’m sure this is a godsend.

We’ve already ground it out once, we don’t really need to again.

But what about the people that haven’t done it all yet?

I know that we’re a tad overgeared (or at least I am, everything is enchanted).

And we might possibly be able to pin some of our success on experience. Maybe we really did get better.

But I can’t believe that we are THAT overgeared and THAT much improved that during a boss fight I *might* have to start casting a Greater Heal, only to cancel it because my Renew already ticked up all the damage and between the two pallies one is judging for health.

Is it this easy for the first timers now?

Is it too easy for them too?

Are we allowing new players (not alts, but brand new to the game never done it before players) to cake walk content?

Might be a problem or few when they get to end game.

All I’ve seen so far in ways of a fight mechanic is the Hydra in Slave Pens.

And that was: tank with your back to the wall so you don’t get thrown around.

Or the last guy in Sethekk Halls.

ZOMG. Get behind a pillar. Wow.

Everything has been so much of a tank and spank that it’s not even funny.

We’ll be trying to remember, “OK, what does this guy do again? No one remembers, OK let’s just do it. Hmmm. Guess he doesn’t have time to do anything.”

Naxx is not hard, per se.

But some of the fights do require a little coordination or a little awareness.

Rogue opens up too fast on Patch, he gets pasted in one shot.

Don’t know where to stand on Four Horseman? Slow death after stressing your healers.

Can’t dance? Well, at least Heigan doesn’t enrage.

But new players aren’t even going to see Naxx.

Oooo, the Keepers in Ulduar are some fun fights.

The ice patches, the waves of random plants, the split teams, all the WTF with Mim…

Lots of fights in Uld require the tanks, the healers, and the DPS to do something other than park their ass in one spot and pewpew (or healheal).

But new players aren’t even going to see Uld.

They’ll run some heroics and get T9 (remember that everything will be dropping Triumph badges in the near future).

And next they’ll be banging on Icecrown’s door.

Which by the way, I hope is disastrously hard. Teeth gnashing, hair pulling, glad-they-limited-the-attempts-so-I-can-go-to-bed hard. But that might just be me.

I think Blizzard may have made the path to the end so easy, that it may foster a sense of entitlement in new players.

The first time they get to a boss that they can’t drop in 1-2 shots with a random group of people, it’s going to be a shock.

But, but, but… why do I have to start working for my victories now?

But fuck the new people.

I’m worried about me.

New people won’t be doing Naxx/Uld/etc.

So experienced people most likely won’t be doing Naxx/Uld/etc.

Where the hell am I going to get my raid healing practice?

Just ding 80, grind 5-man ToC a few times, get some badge gear from a handful of heroics and then waltz right into ICC?

I’m level 66 right now on my priest.

2 more levels and I’ll be in Northrend.

Healing Northrend instances.

We’ve pretty much decided to just instance our way to 80 with the probable exception of the Wrathgate.

Because the 5 of us doing the Wrathgate together would be awesome.

(Tangent! Come Cataclysm… will Thrall still be in there?)


Me. Healing Northrend dungeons.

I’m really worried that the nerfed version of the Outlands is not adequately preparing me.



11 comments on “I know it was nerfed, but…

  1. Tyræl says:

    There is no real way to prepare you for healing level 80 content as you are leveling up to that point. The best experience will be your first level 80 dungeon. Depending on which spec you are (holy or disc) will determine your healing style. Bubble/Penance spam/renew/FH/GH (when needed) for disc or Bubble/Renew/FH/GH (when needed) for holy.

    To answer a question you had in another post about Heal/Lesser Heal and such, those are around based around an old healing model. Back in BC, mana wasn’t as aboundant as it is now for healers. You had to downrank your spells or use lower ranked heals in order to accomplish your task and not overheal your target. Now, overhealing is common place, where even some of the best healers are at 25%+ overhealing.

    Overhealing isn’t really something to be worried about, as long as you aren’t spam healing yourself oom. While leveling through old instances, if your target loses HP and you think you should heal them, then you probably should. Endgame, if your target loses HP and you are thinking about healing him, then he is probably already past the point of saving.

    Don’t worry about gaining experience to heal while leveling up. You will learn the nuisances of it just through trial and error at this point. For now, just have fun with it and go with the flow. Once you get to 80, just play whack-o-mole. If you are a champ at that, then you can be a decent healer. Becoming a God-like healer just takes experience and practice.


  2. Rurjaos says:

    I think, most of the ease comes from the experience you collected ages ago. I recently bought a WII + Need4Speed Carbon, started a career and spend my money as soon as I got it for new parts. Even with that pimped car it was a hard ride. Finally I won the career and decided to do it again with another type of car (tuner -> exotic). Took the base car and won all races in stage 1 without spending ONE credit for upgrades. Don’t think, EA did a silent after-career-nerf…


  3. Dark/Soth says:

    I think its a combination of a lot of things that make it easier this time around.

    You know how to gear.
    You know how to gem your gear.
    The tank gets and keeps aggro.
    Everyone has all the available BoA pieces.
    Everyone has the proper specs.
    Advance knowledge of the trash and boss tactics.
    Very high comfort level with groupmates.

    All of those things I mentioned reduce the difficulty tremendously. We’ve come a long way since our first toons well over a year ago.


  4. rustbeard says:

    All true. Still, there’s hope. Naxx might well be a great place to farm badges, particularly with the weekly runs on bosses (although I disagree about being able to shoot past all 4 quarters direct to the end – downing 2 bosses as a requirement would have been far better.)

    Oh well, there’s still hope for me, I think.


  5. Tyræl says:

    Must be nice to have a group of people to level with. I am going to have to level my priest like the rest of my toons..solo. woot! /sad panda


    • Darkdalamar says:

      Tel, I didn’t mean the trinkets. I don’t have those either. I was thinking more chest, shoulders, weapon BoA items.

      Ty, level your priest faster! We could squeeze you in if someone can’t make it or something. =p


  6. Jess says:

    I’m having the same problem with my newest 80 (my third), my warrior tank. She did everything up to 80 by herself, the last instance I ran before getting to Northrend and dinging was Scarlet Monastery: Cath. >..<

    So yeah, you're not gonna get much practice unless you jump into those PUGs wanting to do achievements or alt-runs or what have you. It'll be frustrating and it'll make you discouraged, but if you're determined to learn, you're gonna have to do it. My 80, ToC25-geared priest has faith in you. :P

    (btw, I've been reading again. My blog is sort of retired, I lost my muse to write, she's on vacation, last I heard.)


    • Tyræl says:


      One of the best warrior centric blogs out there. Also, tanking takes A LOT of practice to get really good at. All you need to know for warrior tanking is this rotation for threat:

      Shield Slam>Revenge>Devastate>Heroic Strike>Concusion Blow


      Always keep Sunder Armor stacked to 5 and Demoralizing Shout up regardless of what you are tanking. After that, it’s just learning to move around and watch other people’s threat, paying attention to healer mana, watching your incoming damage, and how to use cooldowns effectively. Not too difficult, imho. LoL


  7. theerivs says:

    Ah I miss the good ole days of tanking…”Wait until 3 sunders!!!”


  8. gnomeaggedon says:

    BC, even Northrend was easy… Things stepped up at 80 with the heroics, but even so most of them I am earth shielding, riptiding and snoring through….

    Raids scared me as I had none of the Naxx training.

    My 1st was a VoA10 wipe… I lost confidence.

    My pocket tank didn’t give up on me and was telling me last night that he will try anything if I am healing…

    Anyway, since that wipe I have healed VoA10&25, Naxx10 (as MT AND raid healer), bits of Uld10.

    Last night on a Fir the Alliance run I was the only healer in what was otherwise a fail raid. Only did UC, but only lost 3 ppl in the 10 minute battle.

    Don’t worry about experince. Don’t link gear or achievements. If they want a healer they can have you and screw them if they stand in the bad.


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