Of PuGs and Pups

So 3.3 hit like a ton of bricks yesterday.

Server is up!

Server is down!

Server is up!

Server is down!

It was to be expected.

I don’t think I have any real spoilers in here, so don’t worry if you want it to all be fresh and new.

The general consensus is that standard UI is scary.

Most add ons had not been updated by the time I was ready to go, but most worked with just loading out of date adds from the character selection screen.

The big exception to this?


Target frames were *poof* gone.


Head to: http://www.wowace.com/addons/xperl/files/

Download the r346 version. Yes, it’s dated back in October but it works.

Trust me.

Those of you that use an authenticator should have been greeted with this little bundle of joy in your mailbox:

Cute little bugger.

FYI – Breanni in Dalaran also is selling the new Calico Cat and Albino Snake.

Don’t be an idiot and buy them off the AH, they’re only 50g or so at the pet store.

So I log in and get my pets (112 now I think) and have to test the cross-faction mailing of BoA items.

That requires Emblems of Heroism.

Visit the emblem vendors in Dal and notice something.

First, they keep rearranging the vendors. Knock it the fuck off.

Second, Frost emblems are already downgradable to Triumph.

Triumph is not downgradable to Conquest.

Or are they?

Trade chat was actually useful for once. I caught a snippet of a conversation pertaining to a money trader vendor down in the sewers.

Sure enough, over in the Cantrips and Crows area (where you turn in the Sewer Stew cooking daily) there is a goblin money trader where you can exchange Triumph to Conquests, Conquest to Valor, and Valor to Heroism.

Got my BoA gear and mailed it off, not sure if it has actually arrived yet.

This will mean an end to the Victorian Age for my warrior.

Next up, trying out the new Black Magic enchant – now with haste instead of some weird DoT thing that no one liked!

I preferred the graphic on the spellpower enchant. This one is two spinning skulls, just like on the BoA staff. Blah.

Also hit the test dummy and check out my new Arcane Empowered buff that gives my whole raid extra damage just for me being cool

All that crap taken care of, it was time to find the new instances.

Yes, I know that the LFG tool will now teleport me RIGHT there, but I want to see them for myself beforehand. (This really came in handy as I knew where to run back to later when we died.)

My maps are jacked up because I use Cartographer (which was not updated). So my position on the map has nothing to do with the actual image of the map.

Some guildmates talk me through how to find the damn instance entrance (Northishwestish side, second story up) and I poke around.


It’s a fucking sanctuary area at the stone.

There goes my hope for some epic battles.

I eat dinner and watch the fail that is the new LFG system.

Our holy pally got into a group where the top DPS was the tank at 1800.

The low was 650.

(What is up with Nesingwary server, seriously? Please be pulling 1k before signing up for heroics.)

The tank said the only reason they got through the first two bosses is because the healer had more mana than God.

Party sort of broke up after that…

Everyone else was in instances that were freezing, getting booted, etc.

The pally tried again and got “no more instances cannot be launched” which promptly gave him the deserter buff and borked him from joining the tool again for quite some time (on top of the 15 minutes).

Enough guildmates wander on that we can scrape together a 5-man group for the new instances.

(Quest to start it all for the Horde is found outside the North bank in Dal. Anyone else catch the typo?)

I want to do them on normal, get a feel for it before throwing myself in hardcore.

Our tank had already done it on normal and was rush, rush, rush.

It was really frustrating. I actually read quest text and watch what NPCs are doing and saying but I missed 3 quarters of it.

On top of that, we had someone else in vent trying to help explain one of the fights, but an event got started and the pally snapped at the guy to shut up and minor drama ensued.

Rushing through the instances had put us all kind of on edge.

Oh, and I hadn’t figured out how to fix X-Perl yet so I had no target frame. Wheeeee, exciting!

We did fine until the waves of adds in the Halls of Reflection, at which point the game decided we really didn’t wish to be logged in.

Somehow, I was still alive when I was able to get back in. A few others were not so lucky.

Then we had a wipe at the end of the HoR gauntlet, we had a DPS die right off the bat and were effectively 4-manning it. We were very close, but Arthas just strolled up, planted that big-ass sword in the ground and we all fell over dead.

Almost spoiler: Does anyone else feel like they’re in a horror movie in that run? He just keeps walking, and talking, and we’re running and fighting, and he keeps gaining ground, slowly but surely… and you would think that the fucking Banshee Queen would be able to do something to a wall of ice besides shoot wimpy little arrows at it.

But we get through it.

Got X-Perl fixed.

I try out the random dungeon thing, it’s the daily after all.


That shit is FAST! (when it’s working)

Do a quick Halls of Stone with a pro tank (50K+ HP with 5-man buffs).

Small Battlegroup, he had just tanked an instance for two other members of my guild and noticed I was in the same guild.

Hope I did justice to his impressions of the other guys.

The Luck of the Draw buff is insane.

Dark/Soth logs on and we grab the holy pally and join the LFG thing to take on heroic Forge of Souls.

But apparently it puts you into both normal and heroic if you’re not careful.

So we’re blowing through FoS thinking it’s a fucking weak heroic.

And then we figure it out. Oops.

We did almost have a wipe on the last guy, the Devourer of Souls.

Healer gets hit with Mirror and purple crap on the floor.

Hunter and shaman follow.

Then the tank.

Fuck, it’s just me and he still has something like 50k life left.


He mirrors me and I Ice Block. Not sure if that actually helps after looking at the tooltip since no one was alive to damage him…

But I came out of that Ice Block just blazing Arcane fury and took the bitch down.


Then we rejoined LFG to get into the heroic version.

A death here and there, but we get to the Devourer again.

New trick!

Eye beam thing that reminded me of the missiles on Mimiron.

The rogue and shaman pugs were already dead.

I figured out the eye beam thing a second too late.

Tank and healer are up and duo him down from 25% or something ridiculous.

Way to steal my thunder, guys. No one’s going to be impressed with me saving the day on normal when you go and do it on heroic.


For the size of this release, I’m impressed by how many things didn’t go wrong.

I think I like the new instances, I’ll have to actually take some time in them and read up on the mechanics, but so far everything seemed pretty cool.


10 comments on “Of PuGs and Pups

  1. Raven says:

    It wasn’t AS bad as the first day of Ulduar. I spent 3 hours or something like that locked in Ulduar. This time I spent a combined total of an hour I think. I only managed to see the first boss in ICC because some guildies pulled me in at that boss. For everything I else it was errors and lockouts. I didn’t even get to do the heroic daily (Noth the Plague Bringer on our server). And the LFG function? Non existant in my UI. I feel slighted. I’m all happy about the 30min cool down on reincarnation…vs. an hour. I’m hoping tonight I’ll actually see the new 5 man instances.


  2. Stop says:

    Re – Triumph to Conquest: this has been in the game prior to 3.3. I’m a little surprised they didn’t move it upstairs to the actual vendor, but whatever.

    In the Underbelly inn there’s a goblin named Usuri Brightcoin; she is the only NPC, apparently, who can convert Emblems of Triumph to Emblems of Conquest.


  3. magicstrudel says:

    I had the same X-perl issues as everyone else it seems. I finally just disabled the “target” feature of x-perl, went back to wow’s original target frame. It was awkward, but it worked.

    Until I figured out how to do that I was relying on quartz to show me enemy cast bars so I could counterspell… and I was hovering my mouse over the mobs to see their hp on the tooltip /facepalm

    I don’t even use nameplates, that’s strictly for pvp for me. If it’s an enemy player, I want to KNOW that’s an enemy player immediately. Yay for PvP world.

    I cleared the first 2 5-mans, still need to do the 3rd. Gratz on yours.


  4. Tyræl says:

    Reading comprehension fail

    lol || Stop
    lol || ^
    lol || ( )
    lol || -|-
    lol || /\


  5. Frostblood says:

    I love the Arcane Empowerd buff. We mages are awesome.

    Lol, five of us from our guild were doing the gauntlet and we all made the same Michael Myers joke about it. After we finished it we were unable to get on the ship. It kept disconnecting us from the server when we took a step on the bridge.

    All in all very fun dungeon. Looking for to doing some ten man stuff on our raid night.


  6. Jess says:

    Yeah, I spent most of today on my mage and the buff is amazing. :)

    My boyfriend, a IRL friend, and myself decided to hit up LFG for the three new dungeons on heroic… *facedesk* It was alright, just frustrating because we didn’t know ANYTHING and it was on heroic. The Arthas gauntlet ate us alive. We went through three healers before we just called it. I guess our DPS was too low… which was probably my fault. *hides*

    All in all, I am enjoying this new content.


  7. Jaedia says:

    I actually commented to the bf about how Arthas seemed kinda like a figure from a nightmare, slowly walking over to kill you and you know if you stop, you die, so you keep moving.

    However, wasn’t too impressed with the new dungeons, but some gear for my alts I guess, few more achievement points. In love with the random dungeon finder, disenchant button and.. something else I seem to have forgotten!

    All in all, decentish patch. How long until ICC gets boring? Just like Ulduar.


  8. Tyræl says:

    Let us not forget characters being locked out for 8 hours because crap keeps crashing. >.<


  9. gnomeaggedon says:

    My feelings so far are pretty mixed about the patch. There are enough small annoyances to suck the fun out of it


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