It’s random, like me

How can I not like the new LFG?

One of these days I’m sure it’s going to drop me into Old Kingdom and I will be sorely tempted to desert, but so far it’s been kind to me.

Yeah, we post recount into guild chat and snicker at the huntards and DKs that aren’t pulling 1k on boss fights.

But I personally have yet to be in a group where we couldn’t get through it.

In fact, I’ve had groups that stayed together and re-queued or just did the whole string of the new 5-mans.

We did have a wipe on the HoR – on wave 9 – so close!

But we picked it up just fine for the second attempt.

(Tangent: anyone else tempted to ask in vent if anyone wants to join them doing a heroic HoR run, pronouncing HoR as whore? Just me?)

There’s still some fine tuning for me to do in the runs, a couple buffs/debuffs that I don’t understand entirely, but I’m doing pretty well in there.

Don’t ask me how we’re doing in ICC.

Moving right along…

There are a few things I really like about this system.

  • Not sitting on my ass because someone got locked.
    You know how it is. Daily dungeon was Violet Hold. Log on a little late that day. Who’s up for the daily? Oh, everyone is locked already. Fuck me. Guess I can sit in LFG/trade for an hour.
  • Not fiddle-fucking around in Dal.
    Waiting for someone in trade to take you up on your offer of leet deeps. And then being rejected for Heroic Nexus because you don’t have a 5k gearscore.
  • Not hemming and hawing about where to go.
    We’re past the point of needing drops in these dungeons. This is all about the badges and the cash. Makes it hard sometimes to pick an instance. Where do you want to go to dinner? I dunno, where do you want to go? Let’s go get pizza. No, I don’t want pizza. Well where do you want to go then? I dunno… BAM! Gun’Drak! You’re going there and you’re going to like it!
  • Not standing around /dancing in the instance waiting for everyone else to get their ass there.
    This is especially bad in lower-level instances. Group gets made. No one moves towards the summoning stone. Everyone keeps fucking around across all the continents waiting for someone else to be the summon bitch. Now, party’s made? Presto! You’re all inside! First pull is happening with 60-90 seconds of the party forming.

So far, my groups have all had some decent folks. Maybe not the best DPS in the world  (it’s probably hard for that fresh DK to squeeze anything out between me and the hunter duking it out for top spot – yes, I did get one functional hunter, a very good one even), but folks that are pleasant and seem to know what is generally going on.

I’ve been very lucky to either be bringing in my own tank or being blessed with a random tank that has a clue. I have yet to get a poor tank or healer.

If I join by my lonesome I do have to wait a minute or two, I’m just lowly, expendable, cheap as dirt DPS. But I’m not waiting long at all.

The only moment of confusion I’ve seen was the time we got into a group for heroic Forge of Souls.

I joined with our Holy pally and Dark/Soth. Soth signed up as both DPS and tank, and was ready in tank gear and spec.

Party forms.

Zone in.

There’s another pally and a hunter (or was it a shaman? meh).

Buff up. Soth has 45Kish HP I think… (he’ll correct me in the comments if I’m wrong)


I die.

OK, that was all my fault. I COMPLETELY forgot about the spell reflection and managed to 2-shot myself.

(In my defense, the buff icon is really tiny and I can’t always tell if the mob I’m targeting is the one with the big bubble around it when they are stacked. But I digress, I fucked up and died. I’m doing much better at remembering it now. I can be taught!)

Pally lays into me for ramping up too quickly and not assisting the tank.


I’m constantly refreshing my assist off the tank… (Not to mention, spell reflect is completely independent of aggro… but I’m digressing again.)


Who’s the tank?

I assisted the guy with the most HP. Your 25k doesn’t look very tank-like to me.

Turns out the pally had also signed up as tank or DPS.

He claimed there was a little shield icon next to his name, indicating he was the tank.

No clue what he was talking about, my interface doesn’t show that.

But we all had a good laugh about it while I was being resurrected.

So, let’s hear it from you out there.

New LFG – good? bad? ugly? meh?

What’s the worst DPS you’ve seen? The best?

Any servers you want to give props to or call out for being lame?


39 comments on “It’s random, like me

  1. magicstrudel says:

    I have yet to find any undergeared or underskilled players in my groups, I think I’ve done 15 so far.

    Plenty of undermannered people of course, one tank in particular was worse than anything I had even seen before the patch. A quick vote-kick and we replaced him in seconds to finish up the Heroic like it was picking flowers from a baby.


  2. Lacoka on Carine realm says:

    As a dps signing up with a tank/heals is awesome! I ran several new lfg dungeons with a pally tank/healer from guild and we got a hell of a kick out of heroic UP. I was top dps and he (the tank in this one) was #2. We both got a little pissed because the blue drake dropped and a 1.2k DK won. But hey, at least we could talk shit in vent and they couldn’t hear us! Over all i’m very satified. I don’t like to dick around. Que up and roll out.


  3. Slo says:

    All in all I totally agree, the tool is awesome. I used in with my freshly 80 DK (and got the achievement for earning a dungeon emblem on my first run ^.^), and even though I was not quite breaking 2k dps and was in mostly questing greens and the pally tanks I grouped with ineveitably did more dps than me, as long as I stayed out of void zones everyone was really nice. Pro heals and tanks for sure, and never a long wait.

    And just as an FYI, on the default interface (and Shadowed Unit Frames) there is a little icon by each person, showing what they were assigned to based on what they can do – tank, heals, or dps. Took me a run or two to notice it, but after that definately helped clear up the confusion


  4. Tyræl says:

    I am 8 away from getting “the Patient” title.


  5. WTFspaghetti says:

    I like it for the sole reason of I can log in and be already in an instance killing mobs with 30 seconds.

    I dislike it for alot of other reasons, but overall…I like and think it was a good addtion.


  6. Frostsmoke says:

    Yeah Old Kingdom can suck as a clothie on last PvP boss–until I found/remembered ArcExplosion. It works like a charm getting those pesky melee 12k mirrors down–ArcExp like 5-6 times, done–can help others get there clones down. :)


  7. Orangeslice says:

    I have to say…the LFG tool has been awesome so far…been very easy to get emblems to upgrade gear very fast. Groups have been very friendly and gets the job done to quiet deadly efficiency. havent had any really bad players yet. (keeps fingers crossed).

    I just have to say….PoS is an annoying 5 main….that freakin giants debuff is annoying….Ick is kinda lol, and the the not so scary dude on the wyvern…..easy. But that walk in the tunnel…..annoying….


  8. scidrew says:

    i don’t play world of war craft


  9. jong says:

    I’m liking this new system too.

    “What’s the worst DPS you’ve seen? The best?”

    I ran into a ele shaman doing 7k on the rhino boss in gundrak.


  10. Darkdalamar says:

    With my Brewfest trinket, the LFG buff, and kings, I sit around 45k HP. Not bad, but I could always use more. I switched out my Brewfest Trinket for the Ony trinket part way through and dipped to around 43k health.

    “Don’t ask me how we’re doing in ICC.”

    We smashed our faces against Lord Marrowgar about 20 times over 5 hours over 2 nights. Got under 40% 5-7 times, under 25% 2-3 of those, and 4% once. Needed stronger healing on a few of those, got unlucky a few times, and could always use more dps. Everyone needs to improve (including me), or we aren’t going to get passed it


  11. rustbeard says:

    Worst DPS – me. Best DPS – anyone else.

    I have to admit, it’s quite fun. Now that I’m on my *new* server, I don’t have the types of problems I used to have in getting groups together, but at 3am this morning local (6am server), it was me, myself, and I. Before, I never would have even thought of broadcasting for a group. Instead, signed up, and within 2 minutes I was running heroic gundrak, everyone is sharding, and I’m getting frost emblems. What’s not to like?


  12. Raven says:

    Love it! Being a healer I have to be ready before I click the random icon. I click, I’m there. Before if I wanted to go do a dungeon and had no one else I just waited in trade for someone to ask. Took forever. And the PuG was pretty much always fail. Weirdly enough these PuG’s are not fail, but then I’ve only run 2. The only bad thing? You can end up in Occulus…twice in a row. That one’s bad because the last fight is dependent on ability, not gear. There are far to many playing WoW that do not the concept of vehicles and evasion.

    The DPS usually isn’t great, but then I’m used to runs where the lowest dps is around 3500 and we are all trying to figure out whats wrong with them. Everything dies which is really all that matters.


  13. Zarigar says:

    (Tangent: anyone else tempted to ask in vent if anyone wants to join them doing a heroic HoR run, pronouncing HoR as whore? Just me?)


    I need HoR.



  14. Darraxus says:

    OMFG I HEART THIS LFG. This is one of the best things they have ever added to the game. You can grab a friend or two and easily get some pugs or just go at it alone. I am clearing 2-3 heroics and hour because there is no wait time. BEST THING EVAR!!!!


  15. scidrew says:

    You thought of a good idea. but the world of war craft is way out of my league. Also I answered your question about world of war craft.


  16. scidrew says:

    I have no idea what your talking about.


  17. scidrew says:



  18. scidrew says:

    Sorry but i just wanted to be serious and i got your comment on my blog and thanks man. You appreciate me. Thanks for giving me an example. Also i commented back


  19. scidrew says:

    but i’m not a fan


  20. scidrew says:

    thanks anyway for giving me information.


  21. StephenD says:

    On the subject of “recount” I’m reading that it can’t be trusted due to the “across servers” aspect of this whole thing. Ranged see all melee as inferior, and to melee, it looks like they are beating the pants off of all the ranged.

    In short, its not accurate anymore, unless the total group is on the same server.

    at least thats the word on the street. IDK…..


  22. scidrew says:

    Dude, Arioch i’m sorry, but something private came up. I’m not supposed to talk with you on my blog. I don’t know what’s up. But I can only chat on your site. That’s the only way I can communicate with you and your blog. Also I thought you were threatening me on my blog until my dad told me what you were trying to say. Thanks for everything. But remember don’ t comment to my site or i’m dead meat.


  23. scidrew says:

    Hey! I’ve been getting messages from twitter. Man it’s frustrating to go on twitter, my blog, this guys blog and going on wizard 101 (which that doesn’t matter) but try out twitter that site is so awesome


  24. scidrew says:

    but do you have a twitter account?


  25. Kendrak says:

    Watch out Arioch, My stalker alert is off the charts right now for this dude.


  26. scidrew says:

    Dude, it’s okay. I’m not a stalker. I’m just a random kid that out of nowhere came to this blog.

    Chears, WoW


  27. Kendrak says:

    “Cheers” good spelling.


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