Murphy’s Law

To get an upgrade to gear, regem and enchant something.

Easiest, most reliable way to get a new piece.

I got Onyxia’s head the other week and ran off back to Orgrimmar to get my ring.

There was not the same feeling of grandness this time around as there was last time.

Even though it was just two of us roflstomping Ony last time and dragging her head back, I got to present it to Thrall.

He sends you out to the entrance to talk to someone and there’s a whole announcement and head on a spike and much coolness.

Thrall is my BFF.

This time around you take it to the guy down in the Cleft of Shadow who I’m pretty sure is a bad guy in disguise and it all just seems sort of anti-climatic.

I didn’t even stick around to see if the head still goes on a pike.

So I had the ring in my inventory and trotted off to RAWR.

(RAWR is my gearing tool. If you go to the Elitist Jerk forums and ask a gear question they will yell at you and tell you to use RAWR. If you question RAWR they beat you with big words and huge formulas. I’m scared of the EJ forums. I just made my first response post there yesterday and I’m waiting for it to get torn to pieces.)

Plug it into RAWR and sure enough, it’s a slight upgrade, but will require that I regem a bunch of stuff.


ICC was just around the corner so I held off.

ICC hits.

Spent 2 nights slamming our faces into ICC. I’m not even ready to talk about it yet.

Pugged a TOCr 25 last week and I fucking won a trophy!


I have used up my good raid roll for the rest of the year.

Thought process:

I have the Merlin’s Robe chest and 4-piece T9 with my gloves being 9.5 off of Koralon.

The new VoA pinata should be out soon and he will most likely drop gloves, chest and pants.

My chest is pretty good (tee hee) and the T10 gloves and pants will hopefully drop for me.

That leaves helm and shoulders as my best upgrade options that I won’t have the opportunity to replace as soon as the others.

Off to RAWR.

Magic RAWR Ball says: upgrade helm with trophy.

Switching the ring and the helm at the same time will still require that I do some regemming, even switching to an older pair of boots and using the new Black Magic enchant.

Looks like a couple new purple gems to keep my meta up and running and I have to switch out 4 spellpower/haste gems for spellpower/hit – can’t drop below hit cap!

Get my gems (thank god badges are falling from the sky) and my hubby cuts them.

Get new gems in and good to go with new ring and helm.

Spend a third night in ICC.

By our 33rd attempt at Lord Marrowgar (for the week, not for the night, I really don’t want to talk about it), we’ve managed to accumulate enough rep from the trash to fucking get our Ashen Verdict – Friendly rings.

Fuck me.

No boss down and I’m waltzing out with a shiny new ring.

OK, maybe not waltzing.

Limping, crawling, dragging my broken, bleeding, bruised body back to Dalaran.

Off to RAWR with my cheaply-won prize.

Three things.

First, I realize that for all my panic about getting the right gems and enchants in the right places I totally forgot to get a fucking new head arcanum for my new helm. I did the whole raid arcanum-less for the evening. I might as well have had a fishing pole equipped.


Second, the new ring replaces the ring from Onyxia that I had just equipped mere hours earlier.


Third, with the swap in the rings, I now have too much hit. All 4 fucking gems that I went from haste to hit now have to go back to haste. And one extra spellpower/hit to spellpower/haste. So 5 gems.


Getting my haste out of gems means that the Black Magic enchant has dropped in value and RAWR wants me back on Mighty Spellpower. Which, to be honest, I’m ok with.  I prefer the graphic on the spellpower enchant. (812 haste, woot!)

The haste enchant did not screw me up as badly as I feared. I had to watch my latency on the cast bar a little closer, but I needed to be improving on that anyway.

But wait, there’s more!

We were talking about the Kirin Tor upgrade rings the other day and it was mentioned that there was not a Kirin Tor ring this time, that it was all Ashen Verdict.

Not so!

I noticed an upgrade on RAWR to my Kirin Tor ring… 1000g later and that replaced my Band of the Invoker I was so happy to get a while back. That I scrimped and saved badges for. Badges that I’m now swimming in.

Did the first half of ToGCr 10 and got the belt off of Icehowl – it’s the heroic version of the belt I already have equipped, so thankfully will not require a mass of gems to be swapped, but with a belt buckle it will require three new gems.

So back to the badge vendor for more gems…


22 comments on “Murphy’s Law

  1. magicstrudel says:

    I tried to use Rawr, but since I’m not even geared from ToC there are so many upgrades it overwhelmed me too quickly. I need to farm the new ICC 5 mans to upgrade like 6 slots from level 200 to 219, then I might try that scary RAWR program.


  2. ambient says:

    I hate RAWR. The only value I see in it is that pretty often it tells the warlock in my 10 man to pass on gear, which then goes to me. And if I’m doing a real big remapping of gear, I’ll model it out in RAWR to make sure I haven’t borked my hit cap, but I’m sure there are other tools I *could* use for that purpose. It will consistently tell you to regem in weird ways, and will nearly always overvalue regen (ESPECIALLY on healers…I’m ending T9 fights with 90% mana and you think I need more Int????). I can see value in the whole “contextal” modeling idea, but I don’t like the instability it induces, where your priorities change every day. I decide what stats I personally want to stack, maintain awareness of which have soft caps, make a custom Loot Rank for times I need to do nitty gritty comparisons, and give RAWR the finger. : )


    • ambient says:

      No, I’ve checked that panel dozens of times; it’s accurate. Without a shammy in our raids, half the options don’t even apply. (And why would it tell a mage to get spirit for regen anyway??)

      Can’t tell you how seriously tempted I am to check them ALL off, even the ones that won’t stack with each other, just to make it stop suggesting moar regen. : )


  3. repgrind says:

    I use this fantastic program to figure out what I should be …. no, wait …. I look at what other mages that are putting out more dps than I am are doing as far as gemming and whatnot, and adjust accordingly. I know there are a couple things I need to regem, and I could stand to have a bit more haste and a bit less spellpower …. but at the same time …. well, I’m not Jong, I’m more of a winwaxer like Megan, so …. screw it, I’ma go get 4pc T9 for my DK instead. :p


  4. theerivs says:

    See I’m not huge on RAWR either. Then again, I’m not loot crazy. I make things work for me. I’m with Gevlon, I think I could beat half the DPS in our guild with Blues, and Greens on.

    Then again I’m egotistic.


  5. Dark/Soth says:

    RAWR is not for everyone. It requires input to be successful. Also, sometimes the resource cost outweighs the benefits or regemming and re-enchanting your gear. There have been a few times in the past (before the 3.3 badge explosion) where I didn’t bother to replace 5-6 gems with each gear upgrade simply because the overall benefit was only 50 dps, at the most.

    However, if you are a min/maxer and want to squeeze out every potential dps out of your gear, RAWR is the best tool there is.


    • magicstrudel says:

      I’m not a min-maxer, I’m a win-waxer (hi megan) but I like the tool just because it can show me gear upgrades. I don’t need all the gems/enchants and have the perfect ratio of crit/haste, I couldn’t care less. Well maybe a little less. Are there any other good tools like RAWR but different?


  6. Tyræl says:

    /take RAWR out to big, secluded field

    /pull out Colt .45

    /empty Colt .45 into RAWR

    /reload Colt .45

    /empty Colt .45 into RAWR

    /reload Colt .45

    /empty Colt .45 into RAWR

    /reload Colt .45

    /empty Colt .45 into RAWR

    /clean Colt .45 of finger prints

    /Place Colt .45 in RAWR’s hand

    /reload Colt .45


  7. Tyræl says:

    and I guess we get the idea of how I feel about RAWR


  8. Tyræl says:

    I actually do that for a lot of people…or did you forget that I am a WoW number cruncher?


  9. Tyræl says:

    Just send me an email. I am pretty good at responding to them, lol.


  10. Orangeslice says:

    cap, hit cap, haste cap….argh numbers….seems like we cant escape them even in a game lol. Guess I will have to walk on over to rawr and check it out. Almost done with gear i can get with emblems….time to regem etc…../goodbye pile of gold…..back to the mines with me!


  11. Orangeslice says:


    but i like being in the farm league.

    raiders are scary people.

    checklist.for wed and thursday
    lots of candles.
    flasks of frostwyrm


  12. Shystechris says:

    Eh–I’m not a big fan of spreadsheets either. Maybe its just easier as a DK. Know hit/expertise caps, shoot for highest stat-weight.



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