I Spy With My Little Eye…

Muradin’s Spyglass!

Long story, but my guild took down Lord Marrowgar without me on Wednesday (my choice to not be there).

They tried Lady Deathwhisper a couple times and had to call it.

I am really proud of these guys for actually pulling in some pugs and getting shit killed.

Bummed that I missed the first kill?


But I’m really happy that they took care of it.

Thursday night I joined back up with them to take on Lady Deathwhisper.

So no sooner than I write a post about not liking fights that require me to just stand in one spot and pewpew, I get assigned to burn the shield on her.

OK, so there is a little movement, she does like to cast Death and Decay on me.


Instead of getting bored, this fight has something going for it that Patchwerk does not.

It is a looooooooooooong fight.

Our kill was 4 seconds shy of enrage.

She enrages at 10 minutes.

So as an arcane mage it was a practical exercise in mana management. For 10 minutes.

I managed to maintain about 4.5k for the duration of all the combined attempts. No innervates and mana tide always gets thrown out at the most random times. I’m sure I’ll do even better next time.

Took 8 tries to get Lady down and then we moved on to the Gunship Battle.



After we goofed off for 5 minutes with the jet packs, we got going.

42 internet cookies to you if you got the reference in the goblin’s name that hands out the jet packs.

FYI – If you move your camera while targeting the jet pack, it’s possible for the green circle to end up on the outside of the ship… and the game will do its damnedest to get you to that location… and you will die when you hit the ground even if you use Slow Fall… not that I would know this from personal experience or anything… moving right along…

I did not get to board the enemy ship, so I didn’t even get to use my jet pack during combat.

I did get to use a cannon once. When both cannons were supposed to be frozen, one bugged and didn’t freeze so I hopped into it. I gotz leet hax. We didn’t win on that attempt anyway…

I don’t know how many attempts it took us, maybe 5 at the most.

Open the shiny treasure chest and out comes the spyglass!

There were two others in the party that were interested in it, another mage that is applying to the guild and the boomkin.

The fluffy featherball suggested that I should get it because I made sure all the other guild members got Onyxia’s head before I did.


So I no longer have a stupid fricking ilevel 200 trinket. This little baby replaced my Abyssal Rune. (Back to RAWR and it’s time for the Black Magic enchant again. /sigh)

We took one swipe at Deathbringer Saurfang, but none of us had really expected to get that far so we just had a very hazy idea of what was going on.

We knew we had to kill the beast things, but we just couldn’t get him below 89% or so.

At that point, we were losing three people so we called it for the evening.

So I’m missing Marrowgar on 10 man, but I’ll be able to pick him up next week. With all the nerfs to him I expect a caboodle of kittens could take him down. /sigh

Ran a couple heroics, had to get my daily, and the last one of the evening was H UP with a full guild run.

Holy fuck.


20 comments on “I Spy With My Little Eye…

  1. Rurjaos says:

    Grats for finally getting the draco.


  2. Jaedia says:

    Ooh gz, I got that on my priest… and the Violet drake… my hunter has nuffink :p

    Get some slows and knockbacks and single target nuke on the blood beasts btw, best to avoid anybody being hit by them, I forget why, think it has something to do with marks and healing him or runic power, the important this is I know to do it, not why xD


  3. Tirael says:

    The best thing to do is have two healers. One assigned to the tanks, the other assigned to the raid and Mark of the Fallen Champion targets. The blood beasts give Saurfang Blood Power each time they attack someone. The best thing to do is have two ranged dps at max range to kite them away from the tanks. The tanks need to taunt off each other once one gets the debuff “Blood Rune”.


  4. Delerius says:

    I totally called the title of your post! Ha!

    Yeah the raid was epic, the Gunship battle.. it blinded me from overexposure to pure awesomeness.

    Gratz on the drake, and the trinket, and the awesomeness. Oh wait, you’re not a Tauren… Mooooooo!

    I gotta say, you had me in tears I was laughing so hard when you said in a quiet voice:

    “the tree just mooed at me”


    It’s good to be back!


  5. Fricassee says:

    Once you have the taunting and beast strategies down, there’s a trick to the fight. Our guild bashed our head against him until we figured out this strategy…

    Let the first mark die, and fast.

    Seriously, he gets a ton of blood points from the marked target, and if you let the mark die quickly you should be able to get him down before the second mark. Prolonging the mark with BoP, Bubble, or IB will continue to give him blood points, so they have to die (and cannot be res’d).

    It does suck if it’s a tank or healer (when 2 healing it) gets the mark. Then you just have to keep them up and grit your teeth.


  6. Orangeslice says:

    Grats on the draco! Man missed the jet pack fun.


  7. Are you in 10 or 25s?

    My guild spent our 2 raid nights last week doing Marrowgar & Deathwhisper, finally getting both down. (Actually Marrowgar was pretty easy, Deathwhisper gave us fits for some reason) I’ll be making a glorious return to my blog with pics Monday…been busy winning dance contests…..>.>…let’s just move right along.

    Hoping to cruise through both now that we have the trick of it and get gunship & Saurfang down.

    Grats on the dragon & lewtz.


  8. koalabear21 says:

    Oh sweet!!!

    Grats on the drake!


  9. Delerius says:

    What gets me though, is that after only 1 week (not counting last week’s attempts pre-marrowgar-nerf) we’ve already gotten 3/4 bosses down and will probably get Saurfang down on Monday.

    That’s pretty easy.

    And we have to wait 4 weeks before the next wing comes out? And then before we do that wing.. we have to clear the first wing again every week. It’ll just get too easy.

    There is no Hodir fight, where it takes us 17 tries before we can move on, it took us I think 4 attempts on Deathwhisper trash, 3 attempts on Deathwhisper, 3 attempts on Gunships.

    Case in point: We took a 4k gearscore resto druid into Icecrown, and it wasn’t the heals that was holding us back. Hmm, I could either blame this on it being to easy or just that I’m skilled… yeah never mind Icecrown is ridiculously hard and only the best skilled healers can bring you through it.


  10. theerivs says:

    Pfft Abyssal Rune is Haste, Spyglass is Crit isn’t it? I thought it was. I can’t look it up right now.

    Haste is my master, I’m really close to the soft cap haste of 817, I think I’m at 815.


  11. Fricassee says:

    Saurfang was the only fight we really had trouble with. We 1 shot Marrowgar and Deathwhisper, took a few tries on Gunships, and probably did Saurfang about 13 tries. It’s a much more difficult fight than the other three, and it is a true test of the raid’s ability to follow directions and put out serious damage.

    Besides, Hodir was a ways into Ulduar, so comparing these fights to the ones in ICC now is unfair. Saurfang should be on the same difficulty level as XT when Uld came out, and before they nerfed him, XT was tough.


  12. telanarra says:

    Ari in reference to Hodir we just need to skip the bad days and only fight him on the days we roflstomp him


  13. telanarra says:

    Oh yeah gratz and stuff on the lewtz and the Drake.


  14. Darraxus says:

    Grats on the Drake. I saw the fucker drop for the first time a few days back, but some nub DK won it.


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