Dear Blizzard

You nerfed Marrowgar only a week after the encounter went live.

To quote you, “Lord Marrowgar will now do significantly less melee damage in both the 10 player normal and 10 player heroic difficulty.”

What the fuck was that shit?

One fucking week in?

Guilds on my server were clearing it, it obviously wasn’t impossible.

You know what we wanted?

We wanted the known tanking bug to be fixed – where mobs were repositioning themselves for the hell of it.

Or, as Dark/Soth said, we “wanted an adjustment to the Saber Lash mechanic, to improve the detection of the tanks to spread the damage evenly, or a larger range (10 yards), so he could be moved easier.”

Maybe even “an internal cooldown on Saber after Bonestorm ended. No more than 3 seconds or so.”

We did not want a nerf to the damage.

We wanted the encounter to work correctly.

After our first night of excruciating pain in there (we did get him to 4%), our tanks scoured the interwebz for solutions.

This is how we found the tanking bug and an apparent issue with Lord Marrowgar not always “seeing” the second tank, even if he’s within range.

We tried stacking the tanks, we tried them side by side, they were best fucking buddies all night. Believe me – our tanks were lockstepped together. They could have won dance awards for the moves they were putting out. Koralon has a similar mechanic and we have no problems there.

But almost every Bonestorm ended with one tank eating the entirety of a Saber Lash and his co-tank was left standing right there next to him/on him, completely untouched.

I’ll admit, our heals probably weren’t up to par, especially not when the mechanic isn’t working properly.

But we could have done it. We needed to tweak our comp a little. Get everyone to use cooldowns a little more effctively. Focus.

We could have done it.

The only reason I can see that a nerf to the damage would have been necessary if it was completely disproportional to the damage in the 25-man version. Unfortunately, I did not see any hard numbers up on WoWWiki or Tankspot. If he was hitting as hard on 10 man as he was hititng on 25, OK, that would be a problem.

But it was still an obstacle that could be overcome.

It was an obstacle that had been overcome.

It wasn’t impossible.

My guild got Marrowgar down the day after the nerf.

They weren’t nearly as excited about it as we would have been had the nerf not occurred.

Now he’s even tauntable.

Will he hand out balloons and candy this Tuesday?

/end elitist rant


5 comments on “Dear Blizzard

  1. jong says:

    “We did not want a nerf to the damage.
    We wanted the encounter to work correctly.”

    That is an astute observation and well-constructed comment.


  2. Fricassee says:

    The issue was that the damage in 10-man was comparable to the damage in 25-man. A lot of times, you would have to get lucky on the spikes lest tank healers get spiked while survival CDs are down.

    I do believe they tuned his damage back a bit too much though.


  3. Tirael says:

    The damage in 25 man is about 4-5k across 3 tanks. In 10 man pre-nerf it was 14-15k 2 tanks. Now in 10 man I believe it is about 5-7k, which is a little meh to me. Look at it this way, at least saber lash works correctly and he is tauntable now. ;)


  4. shystechris says:

    Wanna hear something funny? I don’t even think our healers noticed a difference from pre-nerf to after. The only mechanic we noticed, was that pre-nerf, right after bonestorm, one tank was one-shotted, from full health, even w/ heals on him.

    Post-nerf, everything played out alright.

    Oh well.


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