Bludgeoned to death with a nerf bat

Relevant snippets, trust me:

  • Level 1 characters no longer start with food or water in their inventory.
  • Quest Tracking Feature
  • Instant quest text is on by default.
  • Dazed: Creatures attacking a player from behind can no longer cause players level 1-5 to be dazed, and have a reduced chance to cause players level 6-10 to be dazed.
  • Health and Mana Regeneration: These regeneration rates have been increased by up to 200% for low level characters. As a player’s level increases, the regeneration rates gradually reduce, returning to normal rates at level 15.

All can be found somewhere around here:

So I’ve got that nelf DK off on another server, on another battlegroup even.

All by his lonesome.

And rapidly running out of inventory space.


Bank alt!

Roll up a little space goat pally and run her to the Exodar as fast as her dainty little hooves will carry her.

Naked of course, don’t want to take any durability damage along the way.

Park her in the Exodar and make her the AH/Bank bitch.

That was just before the big patch.

Well now that my DK is 70 I’m thinking it’s time to expand my stable to get a little more professional functionality.

Time to get some professions on this bank alt.

That means hitting level 5 to pick up crafting professions.

(Going enchanting and inscription in case you were wondering.)

So run her little hooves back to her bank and pick up her starter gear, healthstone and the food and water that I got before the patch.

Neener, neener on you Blizz! Can’t take away the food you already gave me.

Run all the friggin’ way back to the crash site and start rounding up quests. I’ve done the starting area here a couple times so I have a pretty good idea of what I need to kill and where.

First thing, the new quest tracking/map thing they got going on?

It’s like cheating.

They practically drag you to the spot where the mobs are.

Read quest text?

Pfffft…. fuck that noise.

Just open the map and go to the number. If the mob is found in a range, just go to the shaded area and poke around.


Welcome to WoW for the Illiterate.

You don’t even need to click the Accept button!

As soon as the NPC displays the quest text, boom!

It’s already there being tracked all nice and neat.

Gee, will I still have to click Complete when I bring it back? Or maybe I just need to get in the vicinity of the quest giver and I’ll get credit. Maybe next patch I can just think about returning the quest. Can I mail the NPC the quest items and he mails me my reward?

So I get to the first quest where previously I have had to deal with the introduction of “aggressive” creatures.

You know how it is, the first 2-4 quests are all about beating up “yellow” or neutral mobs and then you move up to the irritable mobs that will attack you for getting too close.

In the wild, you get too close to the bear, it eats your face. Here, you get too close to the mutated plant and it eats your face. Somehow. With lasher root things.

So I’m looking around for these plant things I need to be killing, but all I’m seeing is a sea of yellow names.


All the mobs are neutral now.

Move on to the quest where you have to kill a bunch of blood elves (it’s so weird listening to them die – I’m killing me, the horror!)… and they’re all neutral too!

The whole learning experience of watching patrols, picking your targets with some semblance of reason, maybe even kiting… all out the window.

The moonkin?

All neutral.

Every last fucking creature in the entire starting zone is neutral.

So why the change to getting dazed?

If you stay in your appropriate level area, there is nothing that will chase you down unless you poke it with a large stick first.

And even then, if you can’t beat the shit out of it with auto attack you should consider a move to Hello Kitty Adventure Island.

Mana and health regen?

Out the wazoo.

I might be a little low after combat, start to cast a heal, and I’m full before the heal is done. Then I have all my mana back too.

I can’t see that all these changes were made to ease the leveling of experienced players.

We generally have our BoA care packages ready to go, a little cash, a few green drops, at the very least we bring the experience of how not to be a total noob in the starting area.

I get that to “hook” a new player, there needs to be a series of relatively easy to accomplish goals with tangible rewards very early in the game.

If they get frustrated by dying or if they don’t get a new toy, players that are making the decision to continue playing will lose interest.

But seriously, my mom has made it through the starting areas without dying. Too much. (Love you, mom!)

Death is (usually) an unavoidable thing in the game. Best to learn about it sooner rather than later.

Aggressive mobs sure as hell are an unavoidable thing in the game. Best to learn of their existence and how to calculate best positions sooner rather than later.

The starting areas never felt particularly dangerous, but there was at least some element of almost danger.

Now, it’s a fucking walk in the park with a two-handed mace.

I think for a new player, the pendulum has swung so far on the side of easy that they will be in for a very, very rude awakening and will be more likely to be frustrated by a steeper learning curve later in the game. (Unless everything else gets nerfed by the time they get there.)

I don’t get it, were the starting areas horribly difficult for other people?

Has anyone started up a fresh account to see the changes to the tutorials?

Am I overreacting or is this much simplification just too much?


18 comments on “Bludgeoned to death with a nerf bat

  1. *vlad* says:

    I don’t really care about starter areas, but making things easier just might give someone who is unsure about playing the game a little more time to get hooked. /shrug.

    As far as the quest helper goes, it is still less helpful than the available add-ons, ie the Blizz one shows you a general area to look, whereas downloaded add-ons will show you the exact spot your target is standing/lying on.
    I think it is an acknowledgement by Blizzard that people are going to use a quest helper anyway, so why not give them one, and yes you can turn it off.


  2. rustbeard says:

    This seems to be the standard. Heck, even the Defias are neutral – making the “grab the grapes” quest near Northshire Abby far, far too easy. Not only that, you can aggro one of the buggers at a time, rather than having to learn to stalk your prey and wait until they seperate – a useful skill to have learned once you leave the protected confines of the starter zone.

    Or, maybe we’re all gonna be friends now – at least until heroic deadmines comes out.


    • telanarra says:

      I hated that quest so fricken much. Then i learned not to just run in and get the items but to watch the patrol patterns.


  3. Darraxus says:

    Add the random dungeon system to that and you got yourself a cakewalk.


  4. Raven says:

    I remember listening to Hubby scream at the computer every time the defias ganged up on him. I’ve always been in another starting area so no defias for me. Murlocks on the other hand /shivers

    Yeah, the Blizzard quest helper has nothing on Carbonite and I’ve cheated with that since level 60 or so. I really can’t get annoyed with bliz for nerfing the starting stuff. So few people are ‘just starting’ that it really its nice not to have to go through all of that again. And even if the new guys don’t learn that stuff now…they will learn it eventually.


  5. koalabear21 says:

    Yeah I noticed that for the first time this weekend. I got bored and made a couple brand new toons. Drove me nuts having the quest be accepted immediately until I figured out what the hell was going on. At least that stops as soon as you leave the starter area. It is almost like they don’t want you to miss out on a single quest.

    The quest helper has helped me quite a lot actually. Where I used to have to alt tab and look up the quest in thottbot, now I just look on my map. I don’t even need co-ords anymore. I was able to get rid of cartographer off my list of add-ons.


  6. For The Pie says:

    Cartographer is borked and the note on Curse is they aren’t going to update it. So I dumped it and went with some other map addon. Mostly because the wow version is so big.

    The starter area makes the orc/troll cave area quest so easy, run in, kill one guy, grab the pick and done. Still, Cat better not mess with the best quest of all time…do you hear me…of all time! /end emo Arthas voice

    Lazy Peons…

    FYI, I am also, not that kind of orc.


  7. daemia says:

    Whoa…the mobs are all neutral?! I’m with you; that’s just dumb. They might as well replace all the mobs with training dummies.


  8. Roq says:

    I totally forgot they changed the health/mana regen until you posted this. I rerolled a druid last night and got to lvl 10 in an hour or two (stupid running). Just kept thinking to myself, “man my shaman (I rolled a couple months ago) was so much harder to start!”


  9. theerivs says:

    Hello Kitty is now harder then WoW!


  10. Vordan says:

    I can honestly I think the only time I really died was when I was level 1 trying to get my imp… other then that never died in a starting zone till I got to for example got to goldshire, the kobold cave (damn candles), or horde, the barrens (got to love the barrens).

    I started a shaman the other day, a space goat and I found myself completely bored right away which is unusual. You basically dont have to do anything, no challenge what so ever anymore. Not to mention LESS EXP. You can walk around things and ignore them since they dont aggro to you, inevitably you get less experience. I found myself killing mobs just because I wanted exp.

    The auto accepting of start quests is just annoying to me, what if I didnt want that quest huh blizz?!!?!?! I still use carbonite quest, can get use to the one built in one.

    I think they should just start you at level 10, because I mean there is no challenge until then anyway right?


  11. Aberron says:

    With the new ace LFG I had a few hundred badges to purge so I kitted up a warrior the other day and off I went. Thought I’d try out Darnassus, never been there, should be fun.

    It wasn’t fun if I’m honest; it was, on the whole, a 10 level chore that took only about 2 hours.

    However, the really big satyr cave was fun. I got lost, yay! Even the Quest-Retarder couldn’t drag me through it. Something interesting has happened, woo! Reminded me of delving into the one in Felwood on my first toon.

    Following a winding path for ages ‘just because I found it’, it went eventually to an empty cave that I now call ‘The Darnassus Cave of Mystery’; that was also fun. I intend to make a guild and hold clandestine meetings there.

    Give me 3 epic, 1 hour adventures, in which I die, get lost, die, find somwhere ‘secret’, die again, then win. Give me 3 levels for each.

    But not this. 3 x Fun > 20 x Easy.

    So yup, I’m leveling to 11-80 in BG’s, they (almost) all fight back there.


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